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POE 6 2013 Post 6 Mix and Match

by Genevieve Kamala

Merry Christmas, this is the time to rejoice and share the bounty of life, however small it seems to us, with all our loved ones, close by and far away.

Today I feel merry and mischievious, so I am giving you the best impersonation of a Christmas elf….

I created 2 mix and match outfits in a very xmasy environment, all the items are from the fantastic POE6 gifts, have fun and, if you like, thank the designers who put a lot of thinking and attention into these amazing presents.

MIX AND MATCH  1 with ARIS ARIS Stars Mini Coat

MIX AND MATCH 2 with DANIELLE Nara Sweater

MIX AND MATCH  clothes:
HEAD: CHICHIKIE Shane unisex hat and hair
MIAMAI all that Glitter Stockings

SKIN Blush Rae pale


HUE ARE YOU Merryberry crystal curtain (from a full set with table and stools)

LOVE FACTORY Teddy on Candy cane cup
GENIWIAN rocking chair
PARK PLACE Home and Hearth fireplace, here only the garland and candles are shown
IDC Vintage Holiday Home decor old style radio (the rest of the set is now shown)
ART DECO Christmas glasses
CAT AND DRAGON winter candle small and large
AN LEMA Rug with changeable texture, from a complete bedroom set, not shown here
DINA’S CREATIONS Small xmas tree
LUXUS Moving Train Lego
PP Cottage dinette for two
FS Christmas recipe book


POE6 – Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina’s Creations, Potpourri Designs

POE 6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina’s Creations, Potpourri Designs

POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 3
The Schmelf and I got grounded to my bedroom today.  I don’t really wanna talk about it except to say for someone who is supposed to be recording those who are naughty or nice he has a penchant for the naughty and I think the pressure they can inflict on the unsuspecting goes way beyond peer power and borders on subhuman super duper magical mystical power.
Just sayin ….
POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 2
Kira Paderborn of Styles by Kira offers POE 2 skin tones with 2 options.  Stylish as always!!  ShuShu Congerjo of ShuShu came up with this entire outfit, complete as you see it here with lots of options so that it should work on almost any avatar except maybe a dragon . . . I am not guaranteeing dragons.
Alexandra Lara of Potpourri Designs offers 3 pictures with animated snow.  Dina Bade of Dina’s Creations came up with this cute little tree which I kind of ended up sticking up the Shmelf’s butt after a whole afternoon in the bedroom together and because well frankly, I have anger management issues.
POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 1
AelkennyR Rhiano of An Lema came up with a whole room of furniture that has so many options and poses that you can play for hours.  You can change textures and turn things on and off and even make and unmake the bed.  If she had an iron to flatten out a small lump under the covers it would have been perfect.
SKIN:  Style by Kira – Elena Skin 2 Tones for  POE 6
FURNITURE:  An Lema for  POE 6
TREE:  dina’s creations little tree for  POE 6
PICTURES:  Potpourri Designs Winter Morning Animated Snow Picture for  POE 6

POE5 – VENDOME Jewelry, AlaFolie, Ear Candy, [PP], Ear Candy , :: PurpleMoon ::, Dina’s Creations, PRISM, The Muse Poses

Ear Candy
[PP] Amesbury
[PP] Amesbury Mesh Living Room
VENDOME Jewelry Peace Necklace
Ear Candy ~ Gold Mesh Heel with Chained Belt
Ear Candy
:: PM ::
Dina’s Creations
:: PM :: Dita Dress in Purple [MESH]
Ear Candy Necklace and Earrings
Dina’s Creations-Snowman & Tree
The Muse Poses
PRISM Lucia by Journey
Pose by The use Poses
Info about the hunt, hints and start store

POE5 – Prime Furniture, Dina’s Creations, RnB, Luxus, Empyreal Dreams, Domus, con Charisma, STONEWOOD Christmas, STONEWOOD INTERIORS, [LoveFactory], Lustre Designs

  • Chair: POE5 box #024 – LUXus  Attic Armchair
  • Desk: POE5 box #004 – PRIME- FURNITURE  – Making a wish: Desk, Chair & Decors
  • Christmas Three: *006 Dina’s Creations POES gift – CHRISTMAS TREE
  • POE5 box #039 – *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*Christmas Library Bench
  • POE5 box #192 – Empyreal Dreams – Book Lovers Holiday Tree
  • POE5*box#176 – [domus] Christmas Table
  • Living room set:POE5 box #112 – STONEWOOD INTERIORS – Let it Snow Living set
  • Fireplace: POE5 box #111 – Christmas @ con Charisma_ Christmas Fireplace with stocking
  • POE5 box #013 – STONEWOOD CHRISTMAS – SCENE –  Faithful Friends
  • POE5 box #062 – -[LoveFactory]- Merry Xmas Owl

POE5 – DCD, Tres Beau, Dina’s Creations, Dulce Secrets, Domus, Bliensen + Maitai

From domus you get get this table, chairs and place setting set.   The chairs are animated and you get wine glasses, silverware, and plates.  You’ll have to find this one and click to find out all the fun you can have with this Christmas kitchen table set.


I’m all dressed up wearing Tres Beau “Rudolph” Sweater Set which includes boots, mixed and matched with DC Savannah Glitchpants Blue Snowflakes


Bliensen + MaiTai – Corazon – Necklace

*DCD* ‘Malala’ Earrings

.:DC:. Savannah Glitchpants Blue Snowflakes

::DS:: Glo.Riesling.Winter Glitter


POE5 – KittyCatS!, SEQUOIASTYLE, Dina´s Creations, Sascha’s Designs, ::Dulce Secrets::

So as you all know i been doing alot of hunt in SL, and right now im doing the The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt. Been haveing alot of fun finding the items and it takes you around on some amazing decorated store and sims in SL. All items in the hunt are free yay and the gifts offered by the creators are of the highest quality. One of the beautiful places it took me to was  Dina’s Creation,where theres x-mas trees all around,and when i saw these trees i felt very home sick,this year i moved to germany to live with my hubby. And i do love it here. But i very much miss the Danish Christmas traditions,trees are decorated with Braided hearts,that we ourself braid in the days up to Christmas eve. So lucky Dina put in a little xtra gift in the Poe hunt. A mini danish Christmastree so i had to feature it in my blog. So that really gave me some Peace and a bit off home Inworld…thanks Dina and POE 🙂 The skin I am wearing is the hunt gift from Dulce Secrets.  It is actually a fat pack and come with 6 different tones. The gown im wearing is from SAS a lovely Christmas dress. you really get some great stuff in the hunt. So get going if you want to get all the amazing stuff !!!!!

Wearing :
Dress – SAS – Peace On Earth 2012 Hunt
Skin – ::DS:: POE5 Gift Winter Glitter 
Necklace and Earrings – SEQUOIASTYLE  – *Gift for POE5* Holiday Snowbird set

Cat – KittyCatS!POE5– Kitten shoulder pet

Dina´s Creations – Christmas Tree braided hearts mesh – POE Gift Dina´s Creations – Tumling snowboy – POE Gift
Aphrodite – Peace on Earth Hunt gift – Earth day basket

POE5 – [domus], SL Imports, con Charisma, Dina’s Creations, Aluinn & Violator


Among the gifts donated by our generous designer for the fifth edition of Peace on Earth, there is everything you could need to make a perfect Christmas table . In fact [domus] has prepared a Christmas table for you ! In this hunt pack there are the table , the chairs , the decoration, glasses , cutlery and plates .
So in this soft festive atmosphere a decoration box from SL Imports, another gift from the hunt,  is here . Click on it and lots of lovely decorations are ready to help you to warm up your house while a joyful fire burns in the fireplace donated to the hunt by  con Charisma .
A lovely little Christmas three with a snowman by  Dina’s Creations complete the picture.
For the occasion i am wearing other 2 items included In Peace on Earth hunt , the Shattered outfit  complete with boots from Aluinn and the wonderful Jewelry set from Violator called Peace unisex_blood .
Furnitures and decorations
[domus ]  – Christmas table (POE5 gift) Dina’s Creations –  Tumling snowboy (POE5 gift) con Charisma – Christmas fireplace with stockings(POE5 gift) SL imports – Ornament Box (POE5 gift)
I am wearing :
 Aluinn – Shattered  outfit (POE5 gift)  Violator – Peace _unisex Jewelry set -blood (POE5 gift)  hair Emotions Lora  skin Glam Affair -leah natural
Photographer and model Arialee Miles
More information about the event can be found on the Peace on Earth official blog at https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com

POE5 – Inga Wind, [ROCKBERRY], PRIME, Dina’s Creations, KaTink, & MEB

Inga Wind – 4 casual outfits includes shoes [ROCKBERRY] Skyler Skin (4 Tones)
#004 PRIME – Make a Wish Desk and Chair
#006 Dina’s Creations – Xmas Tree and Snowboy
#135 KaTink – Christmas Scene
#036 MEB : Sandra Outfit
 #003 – Dulce Secrets Skins (6 Tones)

POE5 – Dina’s Creations, Crystal Line, & BLUSH Skin

Posted by in Peace on Earth Hunt, Second Life

Here is an adorable Snowman and Christmas tree gift you get from Dina’s Creations. I paired it with the dress from Crystal Line so you could get more looks at it with the skin from Rockberry. Poses are from SLL Poses and I used my Katink Photo Studio for the pictures.

The adorable necklace is from Designs by Sebastian and there is a male and female gift for each :) 


POE5 – Prime, Sascha’s Designs, and Dina’s Creations


Coming very soon and I am very very EXCITED for the fifth amazing year…. drum roll please…..the annual PEACE ON EARTH GRID WIDE HUNT!!!! The hunt will take place from December 1st to January 6th. There are soo many designers this year, 200 in all! I am so stoked as this is my very first hunt to blog and my very first Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! The designers really outdid themselves, as the hunt gifts range from clothng to furnture and many things in between! Get those gumshoes out and your detective glasses ready for ths phenomenal hunt!



Here’s a sneak peak of some of the POE5 Hunt Gifts

From Prime we have the Making a Wish Desk, with chair and 2 pictures frames.This is just perfect for looking at your loved ones pictures while making out that all important wish list and you can set out the milk and cookies for Santa and yourself too! Next, we have this amazing dress from Sascha’s. Ladies you will be ready for all the holiday parties and beyond in this gorgeous dress! if you look on the floor by the piano…you will see the cutest Tumblng Snowboy ad Braided Heart Mesh Chrstmas Tree. These are absolutely adorable. You can put them indoors where you want a bit of holday cheer…or as decoraton outside your home, both from Dina’s Creations. The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt   starts December 1st…happy huntng!!!!!