POE5 – Dressed by Lexi, MEB, KittyCatS!, EMO-tions, Empyreal Dreams, Meghindo’s, Mohna Lisa Couture, Amacci, The Muse Poses, Beloved Jewelry

::DBL:: Radiance Champagne & White Diamond  Earrings & Necklace
MEB : Sandra outfit, shoes included
KittyCatS! – Shoulder Kitty Pet

.:EMO-tions:. * HEAVEN*/black
{Meghindo’s} Passion outfit
~Empyreal Dreams~ Book Lovers Holiday Tree

*MLC* Love is Dotty : by Mohna Lisa Couture
Amacci Skin – Oleana (Pale) – Peace – Cleavage Skin
Amacci Hair Nena ~ Snow
The Muse Poses – Peace 02
Beloved Jewelry : Chantelle Jewelry Set

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POE5 – Prime Furniture, Dina’s Creations, RnB, Luxus, Empyreal Dreams, Domus, con Charisma, STONEWOOD Christmas, STONEWOOD INTERIORS, [LoveFactory], Lustre Designs

  • Chair: POE5 box #024 – LUXus  Attic Armchair
  • Desk: POE5 box #004 – PRIME- FURNITURE  – Making a wish: Desk, Chair & Decors
  • Christmas Three: *006 Dina’s Creations POES gift – CHRISTMAS TREE
  • POE5 box #039 – *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*Christmas Library Bench
  • POE5 box #192 – Empyreal Dreams – Book Lovers Holiday Tree
  • POE5*box#176 – [domus] Christmas Table
  • Living room set:POE5 box #112 – STONEWOOD INTERIORS – Let it Snow Living set
  • Fireplace: POE5 box #111 – Christmas @ con Charisma_ Christmas Fireplace with stocking
  • POE5 box #013 – STONEWOOD CHRISTMAS – SCENE –  Faithful Friends
  • POE5 box #062 – -[LoveFactory]- Merry Xmas Owl

POE5 – BoHo HoBo, Hatpins, Shattered by Aluinn, Pelletteria Morrisey, Empyreal Dreams

POE5 12 BoHo HoBo, Hatpins, Aluinn, Pelletteria Morrisey, Empyreal Dreams 1

People will tell you that homemade Christmas gifts are the best. They will point to shows like Little House on the Prairie and say “Look how happy Laura and Mary were just to get an orange and some hair ribbons in their stockings!”

POE5 12 BoHo HoBo, Hatpins, Aluinn, Pelletteria Morrisey, Empyreal Dreams 2

They do that right before they hand you the coasters they made for you which are basically some hunks of wood painted and with some stickers on them. I didn’t mind so much except that I was only 4 at the time and really not that big of a drinker. I mean my bottle never left my hand, I certainly wasn’t going to leave it on a coffee table somewhere.
Other people like to do up service booklets with things like, “I promise to make your bed for you,” and there will be like 12 coupons and so you get your bed made 12 times. Which I suppose is a swell gift unless it is from your mom and she always makes everyone’s bed.
I had to speak up about that one though. I told my mom that I really felt that was a cop out and then she shared with me that it was hard for her to get her wheel chair through the snow and make it all the way over from the nursing home every day and that she thought maybe she could just wean me off gently …

POE5 12 BoHo HoBo, Hatpins, Aluinn, Pelletteria Morrisey, Empyreal Dreams 4

Am I the only one who is feeling like Christmas is not just what it used to be?

SCARF:  POE5Hatpins
PANTS AND BOOTS:  POE5  – Shattered By Aluinn
HAT AND HAIR:  POE5PelletteriaMorrisey
BOOK TREE:  POE5  – Empyreal Dreams