POE6 – TOPAZIA, Dulce Secrets, Silken Moon, Kunglers, *TuttiFrutti*, ChiChickie! Hair Salon, LavandaChic, AFI Designs

Mixed Bag At POE6

POSTED by Trinity Aironaut

There are so many styles to suit so many tastes at the Peace on Earth Hunt, but with over 200 Designers participating, is that so surprising?  Today I have a mixed bag for you, everything from hair to make up to casual to edge and fantasy. So, sit back and enjoy. You’ll find the designers under the images.

An Early Thaw for POE 6

TOPAZIA-live me in dandelion Dress POE6 Hunt
Dulce Secrets Snowee.Blue Ice.Frozen Skin POE6 Hunt
Silken Moon POE Ice Angel And Djagg Makeup POE6 Hunt

Snapshot_004Kunglers Extra Bambu – POE6 – Exclusive edition Necklace
TuttiFrutti* Sweet December Mesh Jeans – Flowers POE6
ChiChickie! Shane Hair Unisex POE6
LavandaChic Kokeshi Peace & Love POE6
AFI Designs Butterfly Tank POE6 hunt



POE6 – MIAMAI, Dulce Skins, PRIME, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography, *IW* Inga Wind Clothing


The Peace On Earth Hunt has started!!!! The Hunt will run until January 6th.

I am honored to be asked to blog for Peace on Earth for the 2nd time.   Thank you everyone behind the scenes, bloggers and designers for participating in this very important event.

Special thanks to Sequoia Nightfire for putting together the POE hunt and working so hard behind the scenes.

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is my gift back to Second Life. The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talented designers, across the grid with the hope to reach all SL communities. Not only will it showcase the many talented designers, but will allow them to also give back to the entire community of Second Life during the festive holiday season.

Check out what you can find…………


MIAMAI_AllThatGlitter Stockings 6 pairs (comes with HUDs for slink mesh feet)

PRIME – 2 Christmas Chairs – Red and White

SPECIAL JEWEL – Holiday Peace Lily Original art

*IW* Angel of Peace dress, wings and globe

DULCE SECRETS – snowee blue ice frozen skin

POE Gridwide Hunt


POE6 – Dulce Secrets, Sterling Artistry, Ever An’ Angel

POE 6 Post 2 Dulce Secrets, Sterling Ever An’ Angel

POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 2

I thought I was pretty safe. I figured the penguins would either try to eat the Elf or peck him to death.

 POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 1

How the heck was I supposed to know the Elf was a “penguin whisperer?”

AnneAlyce Maertens of Dulce Secrets has gifted POE participants this year with a beautiful Ice Avatar complete with delicate white snowflakes etched into the skin – a great addition for those photos where you want to keep with the theme of Christmas. Silverr Andel of Sterling Artistry Eyes has provided a gift box of beautiful prim and mesh eyes and Ever Courtois of Ever an’ Angel shares this beautiful, dreamy white gown that emulates the serenity we feel after a snowfall. She also includes a couple of make-ups in her package just to let you know she is thinking of you!

POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 3

I made an effort to be serene and honour the elegance of these three gifts but that damn elf kept showing off screaming “Look at me!” while he was doing triple leaps around on the ice. I tried to bribe the penguins to adopt him and take him with them on their next big march, you know he could “accidentally” fall off a cliff or get eaten by a whale or something but they told me if I did not take him with me they would hunt me down.

Penguins are scary when they get mad.

They said they were sick of his whiney whispering, telling them to “sit” and “roll over.”

sigh . . . the Christmas that is never going to end . . .

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets for POE 6
DRESS: Ever An’ Angel Siochain for POE 6
POSES: aDORKable  Poses
LOCATION:  Bonne Chance

POE5 – Dulce Secrets, Dressed by Lexi, Mimi Noire, Amacci

Ok I am going to have to digress momentarily from your regular show of Christmas (hunt) tips and hints and share something in the realm of “OMG, I cannot believe he just said that!” Think of it kind of like when the news interrupts your favourite show to tell you something a politician just did only don’t swear at the computer because it is still ME … you still get ME … it is just I am another favourite show interrupting this favourite show.
I was doing this picture and my hubby stops by the computer, coffee in hand, resting the other one on the back of my chair, watching me and he says that Bliss is looking a little pale, she should probably get a bit more sun. So I asked him what he wanted me to do … put a sun lamp on the computer?
He then leaned closer to the computer screen and said, “Oh I see the problem,” and pointed at her white shoes and said, “Hasn’t it already been Labour Day in the States?”
And he “tsked” me.
What man doesn’t know that he NEVER quotes fashion rules back to his wife … EVER?
So I parroted him and said, “Ya well … you do understand that SL is not REAL right?”

POE5 - 8  Dulce Secrets, Amacci, Dressed by Lexi, Mimi Noire 2

And he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes but good fashion rules should be honoured even in make believe. It’s part of the code.”
He’s not allowed to have snappy comebacks. I don’t know who told him that role reversal was allowed but that person should be shot.

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets for POE5 HAIR:  Amacci Skin & Hair – Oleana Peace – POE5

JEWELLERY:  Dressed by Lexi  Radiance for POE5 DRESS:  MIMI NOIRE::Collar lace dress for POE5

POE5 – Dulce Secrets, Beloved Jewelry, Paisley Daisy, Stonewood Christmas, Stonewood Interiors



SKIN by Dulce Secrets

POE Paisley Daisy Winter GownGifts Shown…

Prize # 003 – skin by Dulce Secrets ~ Gio. Malibu. Winter Glitter (comes in multiple tones). Also shown, Gio in Sangria.

Prize #055 – Beloved Jewelry ~ Chantelle Gold/Ruby Earrings and Necklace. Also comes in Silver/Emerald (resize options available).

Prize #079 – Paisley Daisy ~ Joeys mesh “Cavalli Inspired” Winter Gown, Comes with tiara & multiple size options + flexi

Prize #112 – Stonewood Interiors ~ Let it Snow Cuddles Sofa, Beautiful holiday set. Comes with couch, two chairs, coffee table, rug and table decorations!! Each piece is its own so you can place any of the objects separately or together!

Stonewood actually has two gifts in this hunt:

SW Inter. WS


Prize #013 – Stonewood Christmas ~ Faithful Friends, Great for decorating.

Remember ALL prizes are absolutely, positively FREE (0L!). There’s nearly 200 stores and you’ll be looking for 1 of these 3 globes:


For more on the Peace On Earth hunt visit their blog.

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POE5 – BoHo HoBo, Eclectica, Meena, je suis, Dulce Secrets, KaTink


Estoy asustada porque así sin enterarme ya estamos en las Navidades, y con ellas,¡Cómo no! las cazas llenitas de regalos navideños y entrañables.

Y una de ellas, de las más importantes por sus regalos, por la cantidad de firmas que colaboran y por la de años (5 ya) es la Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt, POE para los amigos.

Hoy os traigo unos cuantos regalos de ellos y también novedades a tener en cuenta a la hora de nuestras compras de Navidad.



Porque hay una cantidad extraordinaria de regalos para la caza, unos 200 mas o menos, y son de todo tipo.

Poses, ropa, joyas, cabellos, escenarios… en fín. De todo que puedas imaginarte y para ambos sexos.

Bienvenidos de nuevo a las … FELICES NAVIDADES!


POE5 – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Dulce Secrets, The Strawberry Box, Ruth’s Creations, Baboom, Meena, Beloved Jewelry, Wintersuperwonderland,


Tranquility Island by The Strawberry Box, is a large piece of winter land decorated with benches, lights and a snowman.  A cool winter breeze caresses you as you relax on your snowy winter wonderland.


Stonewood Interiors – Faithful Friends is a little section of snow with children playing on a sled and caroling.

Ruth’s Creations Tree is decorated with lights.

WINTERSUPERWONDERLAND  Half globe birdbath with animated doves that fly over head.


Lindy gifts you a pair of black heels “Khloe

Baboom Pants, top and bangles


Meena Afghanistani mesh shoulder bag

Dolce Secrets  Glo.Brandy.Winter Glitter


Beloved Jewelry  Chantelle Silver/Emerald Necklace and matching earrings.

For more information on the POE Hunt please visit the web site


POE5 – artMEfashion, Ear Candy, Dulce Secrets, Neiva Kumasi Couture

Dress:  artMEfashion – Vintage Formal 2012 Gold (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Shoes & Earrings:  Ear Candy (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Skin:  Dulce Secrets – Glo.Malibu.Winter Glitter (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Poses:  Neiva Kumasi Couture (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Fireplace:  con Charisma Gifts (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Clock:  The Starhelm Trading Company (POE HUNT PRIZE)

POE5 – Dulce Secrets, Paris Metro, Beloved Jewelry

We Could Use More Peace On Earth

December 13, 2012 by Love Trill


Before I begin my usual spiel , I just wanted to express my deep personal condolences and warm virtual hugs to anyone touched by today’s very sad tragedy in Connecticut.  I have little ones (well semi-little, mostly bigger than me…) myself and I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma and pain involved.

The fifth annual Peace on Earth Hunt is proving to be a fantastic hunt filled with plenty of absolutely free prizes! The hunt icon to seek is a globe and this hunt runs until January 6th.  Paris Metro‘s Peace On Earth Hunt prize this year is the stunning Let it Snow Gown in a deep shade of emerald green.  In the photo below, I have taken off the long satin cape to showcase the Beloved Jewelry Set that includes the Chantelle Earrings and Necklace in both Emerald and Ruby jewels.  This is also a POEH5 gift! Snapshot_004

The skin I am in today that features glittered eyes and luscious mauve lips is Glo – Winter Glitter by Dulce Secrets.  This skin is available in several skin tones with cleavage options as Dulce Secret’s POEH5 gift.


Love is wearing…

Skin – Dulce Secrets Glo – Winter Glitter (free / 0L / POEH5) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angels/70/40/22

Gown – Paris Metro Let it Snow Gown (free / 0L / POEH5) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Couture/104/52/23

Jewelry – Beloved Jewelry Chantelle (free / 0L / POEH5) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seyfert/21/31/30

Pose by Adorkable (free / 0L / advent) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/134/192/22