Globe Filling Instructions

If you have trouble understanding any of these instructions leave a comment below in the “Leave a Reply” section with your avatar name.

Please also be sure you click on POE6 Hunt Globe Ready Form below when you have followed all the instructions.

Please make sure your poster and hunt paths are directing to the area of where the hunters should search. After completing this list you may delete the sample globe with hovertext that was sent in the designer set-up kit.

Here are instructions, Please follow them carefully!

  • 1. Fill your gift box with whatever you choose including the gift, landmark, notecards, etc., but please no scripts. We have found in heavy traffic of the hunt that scripts can fail.
  • 2. DO NOT RENAME THE GLOBE! Place the gift box into the globe so that only your gift and the landmark to the next store can be seen in contents.
  • 3. Check to be sure that the globe is set for sale of contents for $0 lindens and that permissions are set properly. Please do NOT add other scripts or items to the globe other than the landmark to the next store and your gift box.
  • 4. Make sure the globe is placed within 40 meters of the hunt poster.

  • 5. Congratulations you are almost done! Do you have your hint ready?
    When you do, please go fill in this form: POE6 Hunt Globe Ready Form
  • 6. You may now delete the sample globe with hovertext that was sent in the vendor set-up kits. Set down the dove path from the landing point or store entrance in the direction of the globe, especially in a large store. This is optional based upon the difficulty of the clue. Remember this should be fun, not frustrating, and we will have people of many languages hunting.

Yay you are ready. Thanks again for helping to make this event so amazing!


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