POE6 – Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 2

Got to love this beautiful gown from Allie Munro of Grumble.  I feel like I should be singing on stage somewhere when I wear it.

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 1

Normally I don’t require a stage.  I just perform everywhere … like when the farmer says, “Wanna see my cows?” and you go out to the field … I just do my best Julie Andrews and run across the hills.
And when the farmer and his hired men run after me swearing because I have scattered all the milk cows and now they won’t be any good for the evening milking … I just pretend their unruly children and I tie them into the trees and make them “start at the very beginning.”

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 3
It’s all kinda magical really … I mean it is tough getting those farmers into lederhosen but once those puppies are on … ya .. completely magical!


 DRESS:  Grumble for POE 6



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