POE6 – MASH Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 1

Jiovi Michigan of Mash created the perfect dress for Christmas in Australia and who does not love a luxurious bed all done up with linens?  Ramzi Xofan from eXplicite Designs does a smashing green and brown ensemble.

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 2

You just kinda want to lie around a pretend that you have handmaidens tp brush your hair and hunky guys in loin cloths with palm leaves to fan you and feed you grapes.

I think imaginary games are important to a healthy life.  You need to do something to fill in those long pauses between birth and death … the tricky part is getting your family to play along ….

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 3

Not sure why hubby is such a baby about putting on a loin cloth … I mean come on … walking around in his underwear is not the same thing at all ….although the problem might be the kind of underwear he has.  It is hard to get romantic when someone is wearing jocks with dancing muffins and airplanes flying with the word “stud” written on the banners they are pulling.

DRESS:  MASH Paige  for POE 6
BED:  eXplicite Designs for POE 6

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