POE6 – Sascha’s Designs, Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture

POE6 Post 57 Sascha’s Designs, Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture

POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 2
 Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Designs gifts us with this very pretty blue dress which is an awesome bright spot for the holiday party season and beyond.
POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 1
Alexa Sideways of Absolutely Sideways offers this sort of iridescent  pink gold gown and the shimmering pink purple halter dress is from RFP Morpork of Paris Metro.
POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 3

This is just one of my regular nights out with my best friends … me, myself and I.  We all get on like a house on fire except for that one time when we all liked the same guy … we just had to remind ourselves that it is bras before bros … always.

GOWN:  SAS  (Sascha’s Designs) for POE 6
DRESS:  Paris METRO Couture: danse avec moi for POE 6

POE6 – Sascha’s Designs

Blog post #133 Sascha’s Designs for POE6

Many women love to shop for apparel. I am one of them. But shopping for quality clothing can get expensive. Hunts and collecting nice freebies can help ease the stress on one’s purse. Please allow me to show you one such gown from Sascha’s Designs that you can collect as a gift from Peace On Earth Hunt.

If you’re curious on where all of the prizes for the Peace On Earth Hunt are, please visit  https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, The Greenwood: Homes, Furnishing & Curiosities, Vendome, New York Couture, FuLo,Ooh-la-licious Skins,Orquidea,Hasi’s

POE5 or the Peace On Earth hunt is halfway over. Many of the gifts will never be offered again on the grid, so if you haven’t checked it out, then there’s still some time, but not a lot! Below are gifts I’ve picked up along the way. I must add that there are so many great gifts (for men and women alike) that there is no way to choose which to show either first nor last, but to just show what I can for now!

Whether it’s gowns, fur or sequins.. whatever you love the POE 5 hunt has something for you…



~Prize #002, Sascha’s Designs – gown w/flexi skirt

~Prize #064, The Greenwood: Homes, Furnishing & Curiosities, gift comes for full-sized avatars, petites, and tinies: Xmas bed, shroom, stump & poinsetta rug

~Necklace by Vendome, Prize #unknown


~Prize #129 – New York Couture, black dress

~Prize #184 – FuLo, earrings (also comes with necklace, not shown)

~Prize #122, Ooh-la-licious Skins, “cranberry panached” comes in 3 tones; Honey tone shown

Now for something more casual and ready to go out and about..

poe5 gifts post3.casualparty-001


~Prize #174, Orquidea, blue coat and leggings


~Prize #063, Hasi’s, Mesh Mini & Leggings – pink sequin

~Prize #139, Diamond Style, Misha skin

If you’re just joining this hunt, then make sure to begin at the starting point at Sequoia Style.

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POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, Dulce Secrets, Rockberry, KRB Skins, Amacci, Beloved Jewelry, Sassy, Zibska, Glitterati, Dragon Charm Designs, Paisley Daisy

Skin:  KRB Skins – Astrid – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown:  Sascha Designs – Peace on Earth 2012 – POE Hunt (0L)
Jewelry: Beloved Jewelry – Chantalle Gold/Ruby Set – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: [Rockberry] – Skylar – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown: ~Sassy!~ – MESH Whitney – POE Hunt (0L)
Collar: Zibska – Ouida collar – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: Amacci – Oleana Winter – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown:  ! Glittertari ! – Peace Angel – POE Hunt (0L)
Necklace: Dragon Charm Designs – Malala – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: Dulce Secrets – Glo Malibu Winter Glitter – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown: Paisley Daisy – Joey’s Mesh Cavalli Inspired Winter Gown – POE Hunt (0L)

POE5 – KittyCatS!, SEQUOIASTYLE, Dina´s Creations, Sascha’s Designs, ::Dulce Secrets::

So as you all know i been doing alot of hunt in SL, and right now im doing the The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt. Been haveing alot of fun finding the items and it takes you around on some amazing decorated store and sims in SL. All items in the hunt are free yay and the gifts offered by the creators are of the highest quality. One of the beautiful places it took me to was  Dina’s Creation,where theres x-mas trees all around,and when i saw these trees i felt very home sick,this year i moved to germany to live with my hubby. And i do love it here. But i very much miss the Danish Christmas traditions,trees are decorated with Braided hearts,that we ourself braid in the days up to Christmas eve. So lucky Dina put in a little xtra gift in the Poe hunt. A mini danish Christmastree so i had to feature it in my blog. So that really gave me some Peace and a bit off home Inworld…thanks Dina and POE 🙂 The skin I am wearing is the hunt gift from Dulce Secrets.  It is actually a fat pack and come with 6 different tones. The gown im wearing is from SAS a lovely Christmas dress. you really get some great stuff in the hunt. So get going if you want to get all the amazing stuff !!!!!

Wearing :
Dress – SAS – Peace On Earth 2012 Hunt
Skin – ::DS:: POE5 Gift Winter Glitter 
Necklace and Earrings – SEQUOIASTYLE  – *Gift for POE5* Holiday Snowbird set

Cat – KittyCatS!POE5– Kitten shoulder pet

Dina´s Creations – Christmas Tree braided hearts mesh – POE Gift Dina´s Creations – Tumling snowboy – POE Gift
Aphrodite – Peace on Earth Hunt gift – Earth day basket

POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, Dulce Secrets

Are you in the hunt yet?  It’s day 3.  If you want to get all the 200 hunt gifts in 37 days, you should hunt 5 items average daily.  Check the hunter’s guide here for hints.  Or take this SLurl to go to the starting point.
Here are two of my hunt gifts to begin with.  I will try to blog the hunt gifts in ascending order and hope that I can cover as much as I can so that we will move forward together, a few at a time.

I am wearing …. POE (Peace On Earth) Hunt Gifts at L$0 : Dress:  Sascha’s Designs  Skin:  Dulce Secrets ~ Glo.Sangria.

Visit my blog:  http://sldelights.blogspot.com

POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, Zibska, Emo-tions, Rockberry

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Today I bring you another preview of some of the amazing gifts you can do for the 5th annual Peace on Earth hunt. There really are some new gifts and it is wonderful of all the designers to put up such nice things for us to get for free :)

This beautiful dress is from Sascha’s Designs and this hair is the black version of the Heaven gift you get from Emo-tions. I added this amazing collar from Zibska with it and you get an amazing skin gift from Rockberry with several different options in it.

Up close view of the skin and collar

POE5 – Prime, Sascha’s Designs, and Dina’s Creations


Coming very soon and I am very very EXCITED for the fifth amazing year…. drum roll please…..the annual PEACE ON EARTH GRID WIDE HUNT!!!! The hunt will take place from December 1st to January 6th. There are soo many designers this year, 200 in all! I am so stoked as this is my very first hunt to blog and my very first Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! The designers really outdid themselves, as the hunt gifts range from clothng to furnture and many things in between! Get those gumshoes out and your detective glasses ready for ths phenomenal hunt!



Here’s a sneak peak of some of the POE5 Hunt Gifts

From Prime we have the Making a Wish Desk, with chair and 2 pictures frames.This is just perfect for looking at your loved ones pictures while making out that all important wish list and you can set out the milk and cookies for Santa and yourself too! Next, we have this amazing dress from Sascha’s. Ladies you will be ready for all the holiday parties and beyond in this gorgeous dress! if you look on the floor by the piano…you will see the cutest Tumblng Snowboy ad Braided Heart Mesh Chrstmas Tree. These are absolutely adorable. You can put them indoors where you want a bit of holday cheer…or as decoraton outside your home, both from Dina’s Creations. The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt   starts December 1st…happy huntng!!!!!