POE6 – [ROCKBERRY], Ear Candy, {{BSD Design studio}}

What I’m wearing…
Bailey Skin : ROCKBERRY (POE6 Hunt #77, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : Ear Candy (POE6 Hunt #160, Free)
It Girl Shoes : BSD Design (POE6 Hunt #40, Free)



POE6 – 69 Park Ave, [ROCKBERRY], Ear Candy, DG Designs

Peace on Earth for Women and Men

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Gavin and I have been doing a little hunting in the Peace on Earth Hunt (POE6). Gavin is wearing the POE6 gift from 69 Park Avenue, which includes the jacket, pants, and scarf. The outfit is mesh, and I should caution you that only one size is included in the box. If you are a very muscular guy, you might need to adjust your shape a bit to make it fit.

Blogging soon

As for me, I’m wearing a lovely fur-trimmed coat from DG Designs, which is part of their gift for POE6. The gift also includes a pair of stockings and ankle boots. (not worn here)

Blogging soon

My pretty skin is the POE6 gift from [ROCKBERRY]. It comes in 4 different tones, with and without cleavage. My jewelry is the POE6 gift from Ear Candy.

* * * * *

Gavin is wearing…

Jacket/Pants/Scarf – 69 Park Ave POE 2013 Outfit (0L / POE6)

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – [ROCKBERRY] Bailey Light (0L / POE6)

Coat – DG Designs Snow Princess Coat (0L / POE6)

Jewelry – Ear Candy Women’s Gift (0L / POE6)


* * * * *

Location – Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest

POE6 – Dreamscapes Art Gallery , PixelCat Textures, Ear Candy, *TuttiFrutti,* Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Legal Insanity

POE 6 Post 5 Legal Insanity, Ear Candy, TuttiFruitti, PixelCat Textures, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Lindy

POE 6 Post 5 Legal Insanity, Ear Candy, TuttiFruitti, PixelCat Textures, Dreamscapes Art Gallery 1

Schmelf has decided to “provide helpful hints and subtle prompts” to help me be a better person. So he sits on my shoulder and keeps whispering all these “motivational” little words to help me “choose the right.” Evidently just thinking “what would Bindi Irwin Do?” is not a high enough standard to aspire to despite the commercial success of her doll and underwear line.

POE 6 Post 5 Legal Insanity, Ear Candy, TuttiFruitti, PixelCat Textures, Dreamscapes Art Gallery 3

I think he got the idea from Carlotta Ceawlin of Dreamscapes Art Gallery and her cute arrangement of children’s blocks into the word “Believe.”  I contacted her right away to tell her she should file a complaint with LL, the Schmelf is clearly heading towards a life of copybotting.

I am in love with the textures (yes I was actually kissing the wall – hey some of us get our love life where we can – stop judging or I will tell the Schmelf to put a black mark next to YOUR name) from Reghan Straaf of PixelCat.  I realize they are probably meant for talented people who make clothes and furniture and such but I love them as background colours for my pics – beautiful rich jewel tones!  I was thinking maybe I could stick the Schmelf on it and he might disappear.
Maeve Mortlock whom I adore, even though she took out the restraining order against me, has provided such a pretty delicate silver Christmas set for your jewellery box.  It is nice to have some jewellery to be able to wear with some of the more casual things you wear for the season.  Kind of hard to carry of dripping diamonds in your flannel nightgown but hey … if you want to go for it – do.  I am not judging.  (I just wrote that for the Schmelf to read and be impressed – I actually do judge you, harshly.)
Bela Tolsen from *TuttiFrutti*  designed these jeans and she gives you two pair in her pack – in case you have a twin or a friend or an annoying sister who invites her lame friends home from college because they have nowhere to go for Christmas and then your mom says, “Oh YOU have so many presents Blissy, why don’t you share one of your gifts so your lame sister’s friend has at least something to open.”   This is one of the reasons I think women make the decision to either be hugely overweight or incredibly skinny  .. . so no-one else can fit their clothes and they don’t have to share.  I mean we women CHOOSE to be the size we are right?  We get that option and therefore we all are really happy and empowered with our bodies???  Ok Schmelf says I should lose the bitterness, “Santa doesn’t like bitter girls.”

Delinda Abott of Lindy has also provided 2 pairs of shoes in her gift this year.  Same thing.  It is a great idea but I would definitely hide one right away in case a miracle happens and your sister has 2 friends willing to follow her home.

POE 6 Post 5 Legal Insanity, Ear Candy, TuttiFruitti, PixelCat Textures, Dreamscapes Art Gallery 2

And finally Datrip Blackbart of  Legal Insanity (I think I wanna marry him – I think he would sooo get me) has come up with this awesome inkblob/cloud-like Sweater/Shirt.  It can provide hours of fun on cold winter nights with either the family or your date, depending on whether hands are allowed to explore.  What do you see?  I see a side view of a Snowman who had a terrible accident involving a skier who poked him in the face with one of his poles and it knocked him over on his butt and he almost had a heart attack because his heart turned sideways.

SHIRT:  Legal Insanity Peace On Earth Sweater for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Ear Candy POE6 Womens Gift for POE 6
PANTS: *TuttiFrutti*  Sweet December Mesh jeans  for POE 6
SHOES:  Lindy MJ Flats  and Lindy  Meshell for POE 6
TEXTURE:  PixelCat Textures – PoE6 Fabric for POE 6
TABLE:  *Holiday* Console Table – Dreamscapes Art Gallery for POE 6


POE5 – VENDOME Jewelry, AlaFolie, Ear Candy, [PP], Ear Candy , :: PurpleMoon ::, Dina’s Creations, PRISM, The Muse Poses

Ear Candy
[PP] Amesbury
[PP] Amesbury Mesh Living Room
VENDOME Jewelry Peace Necklace
Ear Candy ~ Gold Mesh Heel with Chained Belt
Ear Candy
:: PM ::
Dina’s Creations
:: PM :: Dita Dress in Purple [MESH]
Ear Candy Necklace and Earrings
Dina’s Creations-Snowman & Tree
The Muse Poses
PRISM Lucia by Journey
Pose by The use Poses
Info about the hunt, hints and start store

POE5 – Snowpaws, Amacci, Ear Candy


So have been going POE Hunt crazy,really it has been the only thing i spent my time on in SL the last couple of days,hehe i simply love everything that generous and creative designers put in this hunt. This amazing Skin from Amacci called Oleana Peace,comes in 2 colors. When i got back from an hour of hunting,and unpacked the gift from Snowpaw a stunning snow white Ballet outfit. I paired it with this gorgeous necklace and earring set from Ear Candy also a POE gift, i love it.

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.


Wearing :

Dress – Snowpaws – Peace on earth – Serenity Ballet Outfit  Skin – Amacci Skin -Oleana Peace – POE
Necklace and Earrings – Ear Candy- POE  

POE5 – AlaFolie, The Muse Poses, Ear Candy

I’m wearing (and posing with) some more of the fab gifts you’ll find. This lovely vintage style dress from AlaFolie is beautifully textured like black and gold lace or crochet, and hits just the right chord between smart and sexy. It’s complimented perfectly by the earrings, necklace bangles and gold high heeled pumps from Ear Candy.  The poses are from a set of five called “Peace” from The Muse Poses.

POE5 – artMEfashion, Ear Candy, Dulce Secrets, Neiva Kumasi Couture

Dress:  artMEfashion – Vintage Formal 2012 Gold (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Shoes & Earrings:  Ear Candy (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Skin:  Dulce Secrets – Glo.Malibu.Winter Glitter (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Poses:  Neiva Kumasi Couture (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Fireplace:  con Charisma Gifts (POE HUNT PRIZE)

Clock:  The Starhelm Trading Company (POE HUNT PRIZE)

POE5 – Ear Candy, DCNY

POE5 11 Ear Candy, DCNY 2

You will note that there are no men, no children, and no mother-in-law wagging her finger at you in this picture. That is because this is a fantasy picture.
It is make believe.
Just like Santa and “let’s have a quiet sensible Christmas this year.”
Don’t do it. DO NOT take your eyes off the computer and glance over at your tree. You know it is either:
a) still in the box next to the broken ornaments your husband said he carefully packed away for you last year … OR b) standing there missing 3 branches and looking like someone vomitted tinsel and cheap ornaments all over it .
You looked anyway didn’t you?
You need to put all the pretty magazines away, turn off those Christmas shows and tell the Avon lady to shove it. People will tell you there will be lots of time for beautiful perfect trees when you are older and your husband has progressed in his schooling of how to obey the wifey and not try to be creative on his own without supervision. They will tell you once your children are older it will all be better. Well I am here to tell you the truth.
When you are older you will be too tired to spend hours making pretty crafts and putting up a tree.   Your husband gets worse not better and your kids get older and they move away and you will cry about it.
I know … it may seem inconceivable right now while they are out on Christmas holidays, have decked the house with bowls of cheerios, have managed to shove cookie dough up the neighbour kids nose, and are re-enacting the little drummer boy with all your pots and pans …

*Editors note*… Yay Second Life !!! Merry Christmas!

POE5  11 Ear Candy, DCNY 3

OUTFIT:   DCNY   POE Sparkle Dresses & Fur Stoles

POE5 – Blush, Ample Avi, Sassy, Timelines Vintage Couture, Ear Candy, Winter Super Wonderland, Kismet, Muse Poses

Original post by Harper Beresford

Gifts to Make You Smile

Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Teresa

Gifts to Make You Smile

The Peace on Earth hunt begins tomorrow at over 200 stores and the gifts that I have seen are incredible. Take, for example, this glittering ball gown from Ivy Burner. I mean, this is a gift???  Are you kidding? I would pay good money for this! With its beautifully texture bodice and swirling iridescent skirts, it’s worth far more than the time it will take to find it hidden at Sassy. Add the jewelry I show from Maeve Mortlock and Geeb Snowpaw, and you have beautiful pieces for the cost of what? A few minutes of time doing the fun of hunting.

Gifts to Make You Smile

The hunt also has several skins. This skin by Marie Whitfield is a wonderful example of the generosity of skin makers. With three tones, each with two cleavage options, it’s quite a score. I am wearing the skin on a shape from Xme Xue, who makes my favorite plus-sized avatar shapes. They always have beautiful faces, sexy curves, and proportionate silhouettes.

Several creators are giving out décor rather than avatar items. I show a birdbath from Ittibitti Monday and a gorgeous fountain from Cierra Anatine. The fountain itself is worth quite a bit with Cierra’s beautful textures and would be lovely in any décor.

Gifts to Make You Smile

“I don’t know what’s in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.” ~ Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible


Skin: [BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (Enhanced Cleavage) by Marie Whitfield for [BLUSH], available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Shape: !  Ample Avi – TRYSTE – POE5 Gift by Xme Xue for Ample Avi, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Gown:  ~Sassy!~ Whitney gown – sky by Ivy Burner for ~Sassy!~, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Necklace: Timelines vintage necklace – Peace On Earth 2012 by Geeb Snowpaw for Timelines Vintage Couture, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ POE 2012 Earring by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Birdbath: Half globe birdbath with animated doves by Ittibitti Monday for ! Winter Super Wonderland, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Fountain: *K* Florentine Dove Fountain by Cierra Anatine for Kismet, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Poses by Audrey Cresci for The Muse Poses, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *