POE6 – Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina’s Creations, Potpourri Designs

POE 6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina’s Creations, Potpourri Designs

POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 3
The Schmelf and I got grounded to my bedroom today.  I don’t really wanna talk about it except to say for someone who is supposed to be recording those who are naughty or nice he has a penchant for the naughty and I think the pressure they can inflict on the unsuspecting goes way beyond peer power and borders on subhuman super duper magical mystical power.
Just sayin ….
POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 2
Kira Paderborn of Styles by Kira offers POE 2 skin tones with 2 options.  Stylish as always!!  ShuShu Congerjo of ShuShu came up with this entire outfit, complete as you see it here with lots of options so that it should work on almost any avatar except maybe a dragon . . . I am not guaranteeing dragons.
Alexandra Lara of Potpourri Designs offers 3 pictures with animated snow.  Dina Bade of Dina’s Creations came up with this cute little tree which I kind of ended up sticking up the Shmelf’s butt after a whole afternoon in the bedroom together and because well frankly, I have anger management issues.
POE6 Post 11 Style by Kira, ShuShu, An Lema, Dina's Creations, Potpourri Designs 1
AelkennyR Rhiano of An Lema came up with a whole room of furniture that has so many options and poses that you can play for hours.  You can change textures and turn things on and off and even make and unmake the bed.  If she had an iron to flatten out a small lump under the covers it would have been perfect.
SKIN:  Style by Kira – Elena Skin 2 Tones for  POE 6
FURNITURE:  An Lema for  POE 6
TREE:  dina’s creations little tree for  POE 6
PICTURES:  Potpourri Designs Winter Morning Animated Snow Picture for  POE 6

POE6 – Style by Kira

Blog post #126 Style by Kira

Quality skins in Second Life are expensive to buy. But what if i told you about a place that is offering TWO premium skins for free? Sounds crazy, right? Well the owner of Style by Kira made the decision to offer TWO of her skins as a prize for the Peace On Earth Hunt. Let me entice you into going on this hunt, or at least grab these gifts!

(See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs.https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

POE5 – Special Jewell’s Photography, Fire GOOD!!! , IW* Inga Wind, Dot-Be, KaTink, CERO STYLE, ChiChickie!, SAS Sascha’s Designs,Stars!, Style by Kira

Happy New Year!!!
Back to work, well, never stopped lol, but almost routine again.
If you not hunted in the amazing stores that are joined POE5,
you still have time until Jan. 6th,
take a look of what you miss if you not went yet:
Style by Kira
ChiChickie! Holidays 2012 – Serafina – Hair
Stars! Ruby stud (gold)
SAS – Special POE Gown
Style by Kira – Amber Skin 01POE1 opt.1
Special Jewell
Holiday Bears ~ Original Art by Special Jewell ~S Framed 2 prim
Dot-BE Peace cardigan Female
Fire GOOD!!!
KaTink – Christmas Scene
*IW* Isa in Red complete outfit
Info, start point and hints

POE5 – Style by Kira


The Ghost of Christmas Presents may have caught up with Serena (reference here), but it looks like The Ghost of Christmas Past caught up with me!

The skin I am in today is called Amber, and she can be found with several options at Style by Kira after you locate the Peace On Earth Hunt icon (globe).


Love is wearing…

Skin – Style by Kira Amber (free / 0L / POEH5) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flawless/68/129/22


POE5 – Cilian’gel, Style by Kira, ChiChickie, and caLLie cLine

Gown:  Cilian’gel – Got Red Lace (PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PRIZE)
Hair:  ChiChickie – Holidays 2012 – Serafina – All Colors (PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PRIZE)
Skin:  Style by Kira – Amber Skin 01POE1 opt.2  (PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PRIZE)
Earrings:  Stars! – Ruby Studs  (PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PRIZE)
Ring:  caLLie cLine – Eternal Peace Ring – Stone Changing (PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PRIZE)

Style by Kira, TuttiFrutti, Dragon Charm Designs, CIRCA

POE5 - 4  Style by Kira, TuttiFrutti, Dragon Charm Designs, CIRCA 1

People underestimate blue as being a great colour for Christmas.

It can be really handy for those outdoor moments when you are freezing your butt off and your skin starts to turn blue.

POE5 - 4  Style by Kira, TuttiFrutti, Dragon Charm Designs, CIRCA 2

People always overlook skin tone in the outfit, shoes, purse combo …
I think that is a fashion crime.

POE5 - 4  Style by Kira, TuttiFrutti, Dragon Charm Designs, CIRCA 3


SKIN:  POE5 – Style by Kira Amber Skins
OUTFIT:  *TuttiFrutti* for POE5
JEWELLERY:   DCD Malala for Poe5
BOOTS:  [:ME:] Jen’s Ankle Shoes Blue