POE6 Hunter Guide

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is my gift back to Second Life. The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talented designers, across the grid with the hope to reach all SL communities. Not only will it showcase the many talented designers, but will allow them to also give back to the entire community of Second Life during the festive holiday season.

There are no fees charged to any designers or participants and our sponsors have generously donated their advertising. We have never have and will never ask for lindens from anyone.

When you hunt, what you will find yourself collecting are “gifts” from some very generous and creative people. This global event has participants from all parts of the world (last year we received visits on our website from 112 countries). Designers are requested to share the best representation of their respective talents and some gifts may represent customs of how they celebrate their own traditions. Please take the time to remember that there are personal feelings involved and that these gifts took time to make and are special to us.

I want to thank you all for your participation and hope you pass along good cheer with all those you meet on the path, by thanking the designers who have given so generously and offering help to other hunters. Angels are watching over you … Have a safe and happy holiday season and enjoy the hunt!

Sequoia Nightfire
Founder of POE [Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt]

Peace On Earth begins here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire06/172/223/24

For a complete list of Hunt Instructions please refer below

POE6 Globe Store Locations & Hints

  • There are a couple ways to get to each store. First use the landmark in each globe as you do them in order or if the landmark in the globe to the next store is not working properly you can Click on the globe number in this list to get a map slurl to the next globe’s store location. Also if there are sim resets or other problems it will allow you to skip and come back at a later time. Don’t worry if you accidently close this page, you can get to it easily by clicking on the POE6 Poster in any location and then click on the POE6 Hunter Guide tab at the top of the page.
  • We do not publish the names of the stores in this list , it is a hunt. Hunts are meant to be a fun event to provide entertainment and elements of surprise. Each year we seek out new and unusual and stores which aren’t well known to the mainstream of SL. We want you to discover and enjoy new sims, stores, and designers, as well as gifts from your favorites. Let the fun begin!

POE6 Hunt Guide Instructions

  • 1. The object you are searching for is a Globe with three doves on it. The POE6 globe you are searching for will always doves. The globe will vary in sizes from orange sized to massive,and might be really huge, should the designer wish to fool you by hiding in plain sight 🙂
  • 2. How do you know what the next point is? There should only be one landmark in each globe it is the limo to the next store. If the globe is not working properly then click on the POE6 poster to load the POE blog easily. There you can click on “POE6 Hunter Guide” at the top of the page to return to this page that contains the POE6 Globe Store Locations.
  • 3. You may join the Hunters group in world by clicking on the POE6 poster in any store and it will load the group url. You do not need to join the hunters group to participate in this hunt. The Hunters group is for socializing and and to get additional help from each other, it is entirely optional. The same click of the sign will direct you to this blog and the list of landmarks and hints.
  • 5. Another two ways to get the slurl are to right click on the number and “Copy link address” then paste in local, or right click and choose “Open link in new window”
  • 6. Area search is discouraged because it can take away from the fun of trying to solve the clues provided on this page. Because of the widespread use of Area Search, designers may have reduced the size of the globe and they may have put decoys in their store named the same as the globe.You will have to find the globe visually to capture in many cases.


1 So many of the POE gifts, have to really screen out where to find POE6 1st globe!
2 Birds of a feather flock together.
3 With it Buffalo Bill was never out of ammo!
4 Let the stars lead the way.
5 Come right on in and head to the holiday pottery
Look up in a corner and there you will find the globe!
6 The POE globe is round like an apple.
7 Angels show you the right way to the spiral stair…
8 The glow of candles brings warmth to the world, Happy Holidays from Tres Beau Designs
9 Rawr… Rawr… Rawr… Don’t be afraid… we are cuddly and love hunters! We hope you love our stripes! 🙂
10 “Dashing thru the snow, looking for a globe, look very carefully, at a tree so bold!”
11 Come sit down on the splash of colors in the Hair room
12 Look up, for there is a flock of doves ascending the Peace On Earth Globe.
13 — some rest we need all 😉 —
14 Really SL??? Only 42???
15 Old Grandad Dench has dropped the gift
and he hopes the hunters won’t be miffed
you’ll have to bend down to get it off the floor
but he promises it will be gifts galore!
16 The glove in in the lights same as the earth in star-lights.
17 As Gaïa, she protects the world
18 Humanity left nature
and all that is left
is a weeping forest
and a lone, weeping nymph.By DrudgeRaven,
19 Open, Sesame!
20 Swimming birds will take you to the place you wish to find.
21 Follow the path to Neko gear. There you should look for some holiday cheer.
22 PEACE on EARTH is in the arms of our protectors
23 Look for the bouquet of Calla Peace Lilies and you will find the Globe of Peace
24 The lady who holds it wears the finest lace and feathers.
25 Meet me for a drink!
26 Be patient even if you are getting colder you must grin and bear it.
27 Search for Santa Claus, he will have a gift for you
28 Have a seat beneath the feet and finding the globe will be a feat
29 RELEASE ! me
30 Turn right and find Wildfire’s bed.. he’s a canny cat!
31 If you get too close it will gatcha!
32 Even in it’s rustic form Peace will light the world.
33 Where are the men in black when you need them?
34 the animals protect the planet
35 Found EVE ! :p
36 “Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.
Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh; “my name means the
shape I am – and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours,
you might be any shape, almost.”
37 “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”
38 Look for living green and pink things
39 Ever since I got the list for this sale group, I’ve been spending 60L here and there all weekend!
40 It is the prime time for supermodels to party , yay!
41 Hiding in a Winter Wonderland.
42 This is a fairly sizeable store,
Don’t fret, the gift’s not far.
Just find the gray and purple set,
and look beneath the star.
43 A lazy Sunday is the best kind of Sunday.
44 They take you up, they take you down… but nobody really cares about them!
45 Peace is Timeless
46 I sent a dove .. To help you ❤
47 Wear these on your feet when you are globe trotting looking for globes!
48 The reflection of swanly beauty!
49 Where ON earth did I hide that globe?
50 Do not wake the beauty.
51 How grand is the view but the globe will elevate you more than a sonata.
52 Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men
The POE Hunt comes around again!What you seek is easily found
But mind you, take care and not drown.
53 It’s a work of art
54 I know I am being cagey, but there are red roses inside
55 Take a seat and light a candle for peace.
56 It is very warm here on this shelf!
57 Where treasures lie
and monsters hide
Down below but still up high
Hidden behind gifts of the past
Seekers find the globe at last
58 Look for the Power of the Pyramid!(the globe is located under the point of the pyramid on the second floor. The SLurl will land you on the roof.)
59 peaceful water run near peace trees… a floating earth is free indeed.
60 I wore this on my body, I lived in North America before it had it’s current name.
61 Angels of Peace will show you the way
62 Use store hint giver, located near the hunt boards
63 Earth looks so small in a giant hand
64 You know where you want to go if you want to get lucky!
65 If you apply yourself you may be able to shed some light on the location of the globe.
66 Here comes the Bride , sit down and play the “Wedding March” !
67 Two globes: Male at male department : Black & White
Female at female department : Black & White
68 Ask the kitten to disclose its hiding place.
69 I love cheaper things
70 There’s a Lady who knows all that Glitters is Gold
And she’s buying a Stairway to Heaven.
71 Girls in ragged jeans are playing with the globe.
72 Stay healthy! Remember to eat your greens!
73 The little horses spin and spin…run with them, smile at the sky!
74 Behind the wall, sitting pretty!
75 Up and Down…
76 Christmas is love, where else would it be hidden
but near the french love of *SoliDea FoliEs* ?
77 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
78 it is easy to find the Globe, look for bags, but in the right corner 🙂
79 May your LIFE be filled with health, joy, LOVE and happiness!
80 Free Kittens, Free Mittens, Holiday Cheer,
The Jolly Old man and his favorite Reindeer,
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Says he..
But whats in his sack? Look closely and see.
81 As winters arms embrace the land
And clothe the earth in snowy silence.
A globe lies hidden, seek a stripped sweater
for the woolen warmth of hidden treasure.
82 Clock is ticking for xmas
83 I am the centerpiece of light.
84 Very beautiful’ is the meaning of this flower.
85 If you were the royal family you might be here.
86 First Shop on the right, climb the stairs to your delight.((Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.))
((Vince Gill))
87 In the minds eye a trip around the world can be taken simply by picking up a book
88 Guarded by the black panther
89 Enjoy the whole bright box and “Share the Black Crayon!”
90 Not Far From NEW
91 On the wings of a snow white dove
I look down from above
wishing you peace on earth
and blessings, everyone.
92 see store hint giver
93 Quick! Now’s your chance to rob the register!
94 (Use TP Board) Perfect activities for people of sl, good gifts and ways to promote the Stores around the world. You will have “Tales” to tell
95 Regina-the queen of couture
96 I’m Mr. Bombastic say me fantastic touch me in my back she says boom
97 “____, ____, Give me your answer do! I’m half crazy, all for the love of you!”
98 If you look closely, you will see a beautiful Melody.
99 Lay down on the beach
100 i hang between the flowers
101 You can catch more bees with Honey!
102 A gold cage is still a cage
103 You can find it at the Accessories-House
104 Islands in the stream…that is what we are.
105 These wreaths are pretty! One of them has an extra ornament you should hunt for.
106 searching the four corners of the world
107 In a haven of stone, a dove you must find. Turn left through the arch, behold, she is thine!
108 Merry Christmas!!
109 In a magic place, a Fairy Playground
110 Is that the moon in that big portrait??
111 Hunt giver at store
112 If you want the gift I’m keeping, find the gift and look around.
113 Right is not always right
114 When I wright at Night You give me the light
115 Nuuuu you wont find me hiding i might be in plane sight!
116 Look For the Angel
117 Peace is central to everything.
118 This lights are soo bright above me!
119 Safe as a birds nest.
120 I’m just hanging around where I’m ‘sposed to be
Waiting for Santa under the tree
121 Look to the stars, and map the wonders of the universe
122 oh no she didn’t!
123 Near the chair. Please look at the viewpoints of a cat.
124 Sit, relax, put your feet up.
125 Look behind the screen of a mens world……
126 The goal of Peace on Earth should light our path as we live our lives.
127 If you plant yourself in the right place it will be obvious
128 in the center of a triangle you will find your balance and your luck. drop the coin!
129 Bear rose and Globe
130 I think that’s actually a beautiful headpiece.
131 White decor, like a peace…
132 Check the deals going in the store!!
133 upStairs- downStairs?
This clue will help.
If Santa plops on the roof
you hear the reindeer’s hoof.
134 Shedding light on where in store you will find the Timelines period ranges may bring you a pleasant surprise.
135 Petty lights bring joy to earth
136 — have fun to discover a beautiful little town and look for friendship —
137 See what CC has wrought
138 Sometimes they bring you up and sometimes they take you down.
139 Look for the Xmas Gnome!
140 The back side of a white weasel which is on a snow covered rock
141 Surf’s up!
142 The dove in a pigeon hole.
143 Winter in the city
144 JOY to the world!
145 Where are the doves sitting in the cities?
146 Where the wild things live….a habitat fit for a holiday King!
147 Butt, if you only apply yourself it will be easy to find.
148 I love looking out to Sea
149 Behind a cube
150 Look for a different kind of spirit at [noctis] this Christmas
151 I am rolled behind this dusty thing.
152 If you look in corners you won’t find any cobwebs
153 NO Lions, NO Tigers, But Bears Oh Christmas Tree
154 Forget area search
Don’t trust your eyes
Just follow your ears
Music leads to your price
155 “I ‘Mint’ to put the holiday decorations up,
but Santa has had all his elves working so hard.
I will just change the location later” She said as she just
‘Stix’ the globe in this spot for now.”
156 We strive to support the earth, and peace, as well as
the hunt item is supported by its hiding place.
157 Check the hint giver
158 santa Boots.
159 [Two Globes] Hunting should be fun for both man and woman!
160 Looking for something special?
161 I am the center piece, the light in the darkness, the guardian of gifts – and of this gift too.
162 You can’t miss it 🙂
163 Look for me with the eart
164 Skating is a peacefull wintertime activity.
165 Poor Deers, have lost their heads
166 In SL everyone can be an accomplished musician, even a hat maker.
167 Globes, maps, and roads go ever on and on…
168 I’m rolled in India!!!>__<
169 If you go up to the right, the only male model there will give you a gift for a Lady or a Man (both inclueded)
170 Look under the Brown Split
171 The Gryphon is wise and hides many surprises
172 Mermaids under the waterfall
173 Baby it’s cold outside. How about a nice spicy drink?
174 Come on! try to answer the phone!
175 Oh my gosh Globey, you are such a loafer!
176 Black Rose
177 I Gatcha you
178 Ask the DJ for a little holiday music!
179 This gift is as close as coming to wearing a Fairy Tale
180 The Blue Marble in Space
181 In the threshold of the door where the light comes on
182 I’m VALENTINA and I’m a love red
183 Behind the desk
184 Peace around the world reminds me of the song from Daft Punk ” Around the world”
185 You will find me when you arrive at the corner of Rosalina & Dracy
186 You will have to step up to find the tops in apparrel
187 Winter is such a Release for the senses.
188 Beware of the Rocks
189 [SKIP]
190 Peace will light up your life
191 If you skirt around the tree it will pointsettia to the gift
192 “Bella loves to warm herself by the fire. She will be happy to greet you!” (Sequoia, the store is rather small. We have a set landing point so you I can’t give you exact coordinates of the globe, however, it is right inside next to the cat bed, to the right of the fireplace.)
193 To create a worthy gift, one must use the right tools.
194 Yikes! Get me outta here before somebody turns the tap on!
195 Under “history” of a dream world was born to Celestine Weddings/
Bajo la Historia de un mundo de sueño fue
el nacimiento de Celestinas Weddings.
196 Where Stars and Angels Go.
197 The princesses hide what you seek.
198 I feel cornered
199 You will either Blush or be very Proud when you find this globe.
200 Away to the WINDOW I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and looked up….
201 These are great for a full bloom!
202 They don’t say much but they still might help you find what you are seeking.
203 “Alice came to a fork in the road. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked.
‘Where do you want to go?’ responded the Cheshire Cat.
‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered.
‘Then,’ said the Cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”
204 Christmas is all around me.
205 How delicious can Christmas be?
206 You’ve been hunting all day, put your feet up and stay, take a rest, take a break, you will find me right away!
207 Oh How I love Christmas Décor! Oh Christmas Tree Ohh Christmas Tree….

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