POE6 – Corrupted Innocence, Wings of Enchantment, Stonewood Interiors

POE6 Post 54 Corrupted Innocence, Wings of Enchantment, Stonewood Interiors

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 2

Sometimes you have to put on a dress and go an find a party but this dress from Kira Paderborn of Corrupted Innocence IS a party.  I put it on and suddenly champagne appeared in my hand, a noise maker was in my hand and people were trying to kiss me even without any mistletoe … or it might have been me trying to kiss them … I get all confused in the mingle of lips and limbs …

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 1
I was dancing on the table . . . and may I say that Hallie Callisto of Stonewood Interiors makes a very sturdy, a very consumer safe and danceable table.    The fireplace and tree were awesome for the ambiance of the whole evening.  They are from Jiovi Michigan of Michigan – man she is is one talented lady making all kinds of goodies to bless our SL lives with.

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 3

I am just hoping that next year someone comes up with a hud to remove all the lipstick stains off your cheeks so that  you don’t have to explain yourself to everyone.  I can’t help myself.  I love my avatar and lipstick is not only hard to get off your cheeks … it is hard to get off the computer screen.

Or maybe it is just the 18 year old Avon lipstick that I always seem to get in my Christmas stocking … that and the perfume that smells like they raided all the Senior Homes and mixed together everyone’s grandma’s 50 year old perfume to come up with one reprehensible smell.

I think Avon probably not only kills rabbits … I am pretty sure the people in the lab are dead too …

DRESS:  Corrupted Innocence – Zipper Dress  for POE 6
KITCHEN TABLE AND CHAIRS:  Wings of Enchantment @ Michigan Bay for POE 6
FIREPLACE AND TREE:  Stonewood Interiors for POE 6

POE6 – K-Collection, {{BSD Design studio}}, Stars!, Couture Chapeau, MALT, [ROCKBERRY], Sterling Artist, Lutricias Luxuries, *PosESioN*, Stonewood Interiors, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, [domus], con Charisma

 An appointment with Lady Peace…Un rendez-vous chez Dame Paix

On Isra/sur Isra:

Coat,dress/veste,robe – K Collection Busy (for me) 0L @ K Collection Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #116

Shoes/chaussures – IT girl shining black 0L @ BSD Design studio Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #040

Necklace,earrings/collier, boucles d’oreille – Christmas Peace 0L @ Stars! Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #041

Hat/chapeau – Peace on Earth Top Hat 0L @ Couture Chapeau Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #137

Ring/bague – Pearl of Peace 0L @ MALT Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #142

Skin/peau – Bailey/POE 6/Natural 0L @ Rockberry Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #077

Eyes/yeux – Serenity Eyes Citronene 0L @ Sterling Artist Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #117

Shape/silhouette – Lucia shape 6’3″ 1.93m 0L @ Lutricias Luxuries Deluxe Body Factory Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #203

Pose – Gift 2 0L @ PosESioN Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #131

In the environnement/dans le décor:

Fireplace, Christmas tree/cheminée, sapin de Noël – POE 2013 0L @ Stonewood InteriorsGift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #080

Console table/commode – Holiday 0L @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #144

Board/panneau – POE6 gift 0L @ domus Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #079

Small train/petit train – Santa’s Express Christmas Train 0L @ con Charisma Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #085

About/A propos de: Peace on Earth Hunt

POE6 – Aphrodite Shop, PRIME, Stonewood Interiors, !-[LoveFactory], Paisley Daisy, .:EMO-tions:., GlamDammit, Sterling Artistry

A Day of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the states and after getting my fill of turkey and dressing and fighting with my brother and uncle over the final sliver of pumpkin pie, I wanted post and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for reading my little blog and following me as I travel through Second Life.  Each like, share, or comment really does brighten my day.  So thank you, very much.


The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt is getting ready to kick off their sixth year and I chose today to begin posting for the hunt because to me, Thanksgiving and Peace on Earth sort of go hand in hand.  We give thanks for all of the military personnel, the medical teams, police officers, our public servants, but how wonderful would it be to have a world filled with peace.  Aphrodite Megastore created a charming Thanksgiving Centerpiece which you’ll find in the hunt.


And of course, there is a ton of Christmas stuff so let’s just get that started, shall we?  Prime designed these cute Christmas chairs in red and white, they’ll fit with any of your holiday decor and brighten up the room too.

Prime, Stonewood Interiors, Love Factory, and AphroditeSTONEWOOD INTERIORS CHRISTMAS FIREPLACE AND CHRISTMAS TREE #080

I decided with so much to work with, it would be easy to put more than one designer together to show you how you could use the goodies you find in the hunt for your own home.  Looks pretty festive huh?  The fireplace and Christmas tree from Stonewood Interiors is awesome.  And the teddy on a candy cane from !-[LoveFactory]- is absolutely adorable.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas.  Now…what to wear?

Emotions, GlamDammit, Paisley DaisyPAISLEY DAISY ANGEL LACE GOWN #083

Paisley Daisy designed a beautiful lace gown all in white for your festive evenings with loved ones.  The gown comes with a tiara and halo made of glowing clusters of stars.  I accessorized the gown with the beautiful The Promise necklace and earrings from .:EMO-tions:.  and the exquisite texture change Christmas Tree pin from GlamDammit.


See how well made each piece is?  You can tell these designers put hours and hours of love into their craft for this hunt each year.  We truly are blessed to have each and every one of them participate in Peace On Earth.  But we can’t go to the party without our favorite contacts right?  Sterling Artistry is gifting us with 18 shades of eyes, sure to be a color for every one.  The package comes with mesh, prim, and system eyes as well.


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Now grab your hat and coats and let’s go hit those black Friday sales!

❤ Saz at http://sazzynirpaw.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/a-day-of-thanks/

POE5 – October’s Trending Fashion Chamber , [CIRCA] Living , ArisAris, Stonewood Interiors, [ROCKBERRY], Boho Hobo, je suis…, Ooh-la-licious, aDORKable Poses

Ok, still have 2 full days to hunt, so take advantage of your weekend, I’m still opening all the amazing stuff that I get to blog, is like 200 products, from hair, skins, poses, outfits to decorations and even a skybox!, and all for freeee.
Today and tomorrow will show you a lot of more so stay tuned and start to hunt 🙂
I’m trying to post all that I can, some of the products are nice Xmas things,
grab them and use them in your next Holiday they are lovely and well done.

Boho Hobo
aDORKable Poses
BoHo HoBo Peace on Earth Cardigan
aDORKable Poses: Freeze #3
Ooh-la-licious POE/Chocolate/Cranberry Panache! Skin
Stonewood Interiors
je suis…
ArisAris Igs23 mistletoe Dress
Stonewood Interiors – Faithful Friends Scene
[ROCKBERRY] Skyler/POE 5/natural/BLD Skin
je suis…brillante “ombre” bangle *exclusive for POE5 (l)
October’s Trending Fashion Chamber
[CIRCA] Living
Captive Designs – Sparkle Group Gift – OFTC
[ROCKBERRY] Skyler/POE 5/tan/Clv/BLD
[CIRCA] Living furniture set
Peace On Earth begins here

POE5 – Stonewood Interiors

Stonewood interiors Let it snow Furniture_004

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has some of the best hunt gifts ever!!! I am hearing this over and over from you all that I have the pleasure to meet inworld. The hunt will be over with on January 6th, so you can still come out and get this fantastic Let it Snow Set and all the other marvelous hunt gifts!

Stonewood interiors have made a wonderful and stylish furniture suite for one of their hunt gifts. They have been very generous to say the least!!! The set comes with 1 arm chair, 1 love seat with 2 person seating, 2 end tables with 2 iced Pinecone lamps that you touch to turn on, one resizable rug, and 1 center coffee table. The Peace on Earth graphic and miniature tree are removable. This very chic set is not limited to just being used for the holidays. The coloring of the white set and the decorative lone gold or white snow flake, on the navy blue pillows, allows you to use this year round. The menu that the couch and chairs have, you will not be disappointed in! The menu for the couch has a selection for guests, cuddles, and kisses….ooh lala!!! No cheap animations used for this set….first class all the way and very smooth transitions!!! For those of you on a budget, people will think you spent a lot of money on this and you can smile and let think you are rolling in the lindens…loool

Thank you Stonewood for your very generous gifts to the hunt and I really really like this set..as so many others who have found it does….THANK YOU!!!

Come on out now and find this phenomenal set for your home on the hunt trail. Have fun and happy hunting!!!


POE5 – Dulce Secrets, Beloved Jewelry, Paisley Daisy, Stonewood Christmas, Stonewood Interiors



SKIN by Dulce Secrets

POE Paisley Daisy Winter GownGifts Shown…

Prize # 003 – skin by Dulce Secrets ~ Gio. Malibu. Winter Glitter (comes in multiple tones). Also shown, Gio in Sangria.

Prize #055 – Beloved Jewelry ~ Chantelle Gold/Ruby Earrings and Necklace. Also comes in Silver/Emerald (resize options available).

Prize #079 – Paisley Daisy ~ Joeys mesh “Cavalli Inspired” Winter Gown, Comes with tiara & multiple size options + flexi

Prize #112 – Stonewood Interiors ~ Let it Snow Cuddles Sofa, Beautiful holiday set. Comes with couch, two chairs, coffee table, rug and table decorations!! Each piece is its own so you can place any of the objects separately or together!

Stonewood actually has two gifts in this hunt:

SW Inter. WS


Prize #013 – Stonewood Christmas ~ Faithful Friends, Great for decorating.

Remember ALL prizes are absolutely, positively FREE (0L!). There’s nearly 200 stores and you’ll be looking for 1 of these 3 globes:


For more on the Peace On Earth hunt visit their blog.

.<3tekila v.

POE5 – Prime Furniture, Dina’s Creations, RnB, Luxus, Empyreal Dreams, Domus, con Charisma, STONEWOOD Christmas, STONEWOOD INTERIORS, [LoveFactory], Lustre Designs

  • Chair: POE5 box #024 – LUXus  Attic Armchair
  • Desk: POE5 box #004 – PRIME- FURNITURE  – Making a wish: Desk, Chair & Decors
  • Christmas Three: *006 Dina’s Creations POES gift – CHRISTMAS TREE
  • POE5 box #039 – *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*Christmas Library Bench
  • POE5 box #192 – Empyreal Dreams – Book Lovers Holiday Tree
  • POE5*box#176 – [domus] Christmas Table
  • Living room set:POE5 box #112 – STONEWOOD INTERIORS – Let it Snow Living set
  • Fireplace: POE5 box #111 – Christmas @ con Charisma_ Christmas Fireplace with stocking
  • POE5 box #013 – STONEWOOD CHRISTMAS – SCENE –  Faithful Friends
  • POE5 box #062 – -[LoveFactory]- Merry Xmas Owl

POE5 – Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 1

I love the Mountains at Christmas time. They look magnificent with their snowy peaks and ruggedness etched against the sky …

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 2

Living in the foothills was magical. It was just a short drive to the best skiing and who didn’t love a great day skating with that as a back drop …

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 3

We lost more relatives out there let me tell you. So much gear to take to enjoy the day, just too easy to misplace a brother, a grandma … whatever …. I don’t like to think of them as lost … I like to think of them as special presents wandering in the frozen beauty, waiting to brighten the day of whoever finds them …
They are like unexpected gifts for the lonely mountain man …
. .. or food for the hungry bears in the spring …

JACKET:  POE5 box #134- Eshi Otawara
FURNITURE:  Stonewood Interiors POE 5 Hunt
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POE5 – Dench Designs, Fantasy China, Kismet, & Stonewood Interiors

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There are a lot of super amazing home gifts you can get as well in the 5th annual POE hunt. Here I bring you pictures of the cute gifts you can get from Dench Designs, Fantasy China, Kismet and Stonewood Interiors :) 

The cute furniture is from Dench Designs and the adorable Dove mesh Sculpture is from Fantasy China Ali’s Textures and Sculptures.

The adorable fountains are from Kismet and the cute snow people island is from Stonewood Interiors :)  So much fun! Thanks for reading