POE6 – INNUENDO Italian Style, Beloved Jewelry, Amacci, Nailed It, Geniwian, PRIME, [domus], Kismet, [ba] barnesworth anubis, Zen Creations, Mohna Lisa Couture, +:+WTG+:+, Blush Skins, Shellac, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, JoHaDeZ “Poetic Furniture”, Sway’s

POE 6 2013 Post 7 ELEGANCE

by Genevieve Kamala

The festive season is the perfect time for that special gown, so today I show you two of the great gifts from POE.

The first one is a long, classic, sensual gown by Innuendo, long elegant and so red! It is lovely to wear, with or without its matching fur.


DRESS . APPLE INNUENDO red mesh gown
JEWELS : BELOVED Jewelry Noel earrings, headpiece and necklace with ruby
SKIN : AMACCI Ranya (pale) Peace
NAILS: : Nailed it

GENIWIAN Rocking chair with cushion
PRIME Christmas char white and red
DOMUS POE6 gift (hanging xmas tree)
K Snowflake tree decorated
BA Holiday fireplace
ZEN CREATIONS Peace blocks and cushions

The second outfit is by Mohna Lisa Couture, a long daring gown accompanied by the skimpiest top, this is an attire that speaks of your attitude…..


DRESS: MOHNA LISA COUTURE Allure skirt and top
JEWELS : WTG Holy Gold ear pierces, jeweled nails, necklace
SKIN : BLUSH SKINS Rae light tan natural cleavage
MAKE UP: SHEILAC Frost Fest red, frost fest snowflake

IDC Looking for Santa Clock
JOHADEZ Classica table Peace
ZEN CREATIONS Peace on Earth Tree scene, here showing the tree and gift boxes only
SWAY’S SHELF Yin and Yang shelves with and without deco



POE6 – ArisAris, Styles by DANIELLE, Wish List, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, ChiChickie! Hair Salon, MIAMAI, Blush Skins, “hue are you?”, !-[LoveFactory], Geniwian, Park Place Home Decor, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, Melu Deco, Cat & Dragon, An Lema, Dina’s Creations, LUXus, Piddler’s Perch, ~ Dreamfall ~

POE 6 2013 Post 6 Mix and Match

by Genevieve Kamala

Merry Christmas, this is the time to rejoice and share the bounty of life, however small it seems to us, with all our loved ones, close by and far away.

Today I feel merry and mischievious, so I am giving you the best impersonation of a Christmas elf….

I created 2 mix and match outfits in a very xmasy environment, all the items are from the fantastic POE6 gifts, have fun and, if you like, thank the designers who put a lot of thinking and attention into these amazing presents.

MIX AND MATCH  1 with ARIS ARIS Stars Mini Coat

MIX AND MATCH 2 with DANIELLE Nara Sweater

MIX AND MATCH  clothes:
HEAD: CHICHIKIE Shane unisex hat and hair
MIAMAI all that Glitter Stockings

SKIN Blush Rae pale


HUE ARE YOU Merryberry crystal curtain (from a full set with table and stools)

LOVE FACTORY Teddy on Candy cane cup
GENIWIAN rocking chair
PARK PLACE Home and Hearth fireplace, here only the garland and candles are shown
IDC Vintage Holiday Home decor old style radio (the rest of the set is now shown)
ART DECO Christmas glasses
CAT AND DRAGON winter candle small and large
AN LEMA Rug with changeable texture, from a complete bedroom set, not shown here
DINA’S CREATIONS Small xmas tree
LUXUS Moving Train Lego
PP Cottage dinette for two
FS Christmas recipe book

POE6 – PRISM Designs, Tonic, Timeless Designs, Geniwian, !-[LoveFactory], Cat & Dragon

POE6 Post 32 Prism, Tonic, Timeless Design, Geniwian, Love Factory, Cat & Dragon

POE6 Post 32  Prism, Tonic, Timeless Design, Geniwian, Love Factory, Cat & Dragon 1

The SocElfky wanted a puppy.  Have you ever tried to say “no” to a Sock Monkey?  Well then times that by 5000 for one that thinks he is an elf and that he is the boss of everybody.  I have never heard a tantrum thrown quite like that in my whole life.  We weren’t even in a pet store.  The poor little kid just handed over his puppy because he just needed the insanity to stop.


POE6 Post 32  Prism, Tonic, Timeless Design, Geniwian, Love Factory, Cat & Dragon 2


This lovely yellow party dress is by Journey McLaglen from Prism and the shoes from Fizz Savira of Tonic match it perfectly.  I really like the textures in the dress and yellow is an unexpected bit of colour for the holidays.  JoJo Lowe of Timeless Designs has gifted everyone with a delicate jewellery set in softer tones.


I love the whimsy of a big cup of hot chocolate with candy canes and a wee panda bear hanging off the side of the cup – done by LoveFactory Violet of Love Factory.


The rocking chair is by Kira Spaatz of Geniwian and the wreath and candle which come in different sizes, is made by Clowey Greenwood of Cat and Dragon.
POE6 Post 32  Prism, Tonic, Timeless Design, Geniwian, Love Factory, Cat & Dragon 3

The Sock Monkey is nowhere near as loveable as an elf is.  I think it sucks I got stuck with one.  It brings back all my childhood nightmares and the sock monkeys that people made for us kids.  Those things just sit there and leer at you.  I am pretty sure that is the same leer that most axe murderers use and it is not festive at all.  And now my sock monkey has a “horse.”
I never for the pony I wanted from Santa.
Just saying I am feeling kind of bitter that axe murdering sock monkeys matter more than some little kid crying herself to sleep because there was no pony under the tree.

DRESS:  Prism Babe by Journey – Goldie for POE 6
SHOES:   Tonic  for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Crystal Magic by Timeless Design  for POE 6
CHAIR:  Geniwian  for POE 6
WREATH AND CANDLE: Cat & Dragon Candle & Wreath  for POE 6
CUP:  !-[LoveFactory]- Teddy on Candy Cane cup for POE 6



POE6 – Dench Designs, True North Designs, Kismet, Joyus Living, LUXus, Geniwian, -Hanaya- Home & Garden, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts, ~Dreamfall~, Piddler’s Perch, JoHaDeZ “Poetic Furniture”, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Park Place Home Decor, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography, +:+WTG+:+, ~ghee~, Sleepy Hollow Farms Home & Garden Designs, LivGlam, Cat & Dragon, HPMD

My POE6 Home…A Picture Essay


I wanted to show you a completely POE6 Home! All of the furnishings and clothing and outdoor items can be found at POE 6. You will find a complete list of everything I used below:

*Dench Designs* POE Gift
True North Designs Peace on Earth Player Piano
*K* Snowflake Tree – POE6 gift from Kismet
LM Malaspina POE6 Gift – Rococo Cabinet
LUXus gift POE6 Train Set
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
-Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack
IDC”Vintage Holiday” Home Decor Clock, Side Table and Old Time Radio
~Dreamfall ~ FS: POE6 Gift – Christmas Recipe Book
Piddler’s Perch Home & Garden Cottage Dinette for Two
-JoHaDeZ- Classic Table “Peace”
*Holiday* Console Table – Dreamscapes Art Gallery
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Accessories
Special Jewell Holiday Peace Lily  ~ Original Art
+:+WTG+:+ **Holy Gold** set
~ghee~ POE 6 Satin Burnout Set
SHF Believe Bench for POE
LivGlam K Collection Busy Coat Dress SP
*FT* Angel of Peace Sanctum
HPMD* Decorated Stump
Cat & Dragon Candle & Wreath















POE5 – Inga Wind, caLLie cLine, Geniwian, AtiXx Design

POE5  16 Inga Wind, caLLie cLine, Geniwian,  AtiXx Design 1

Christmas dances are traditionally sort of like reindeer prancing or Elves clogging. You should not let this deter you.

POE5  16 Inga Wind, caLLie cLine, Geniwian,  AtiXx Design 2

Christmas dancing is basically foreplay for the big Mistletoe finale.

POE5  16 Inga Wind, caLLie cLine, Geniwian,  AtiXx Design 3

It doesn’t really matter how you get the guy under the stuff, just that he gets there and you can waltz him, tango him, hip hop him or even wrestle him. It doesn’t have to be pretty.
Ply him with eggnog, rum balls and fruit cake first.
No reason to wrinkle your party dress needlessly.

LASHES:  E’dior OUTFIT:  *IW* Nia in Blue for POE5
FURNITURE: POE5  – Geniwian
STATUE:  POE5 AtiXx Design
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