Gifts: What shall I make?

  • We prefer to be something created especially for the Peace On Earth hunt.
  • We would like a new item or collection of items that you would be as proud of and compare to your most expensive designs, not something recycled or thrown together without much thought. This “gift” should be as if giving to a best friend or loved one. By doing this you will promote the purpose of this hunt and the reason you were specifically invited to participate. You will also bring goodwill to yourself and acclaim for your designs. Bloggers will be much more enthusiastic to blog and promote designs which they find of the best quality. There is a great deal of free advertising given to POE, which costs you nothing, so what your contribute also reflects on them as well as the other designers who are participating. Please make it special!
  • The gift can either be something that goes with the theme of “Peace On Earth” or it can be something which is personally unique and representative of how you celebrate the holiday traditions of your family, faith or country of origin.
  • POE6 is highly publicized across all of SL and will bring in a large audience of potential return customers from a wide range of communities. You are encouraged to share examples of all your work. For instance, if you make both mens and womens clothing then it is going to be to your advantage to create either a unisex gift or separate outfit for both men and women. If you sell shoes, jewelry and clothes you might want to create a full outfit. Whatever product you sell… please for your benefit, give them a chance to see an example of your finest work and you will see them return. Many will see your designs for the very first time, let them have a lasting impression.


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