POE6 – Sonatta Morales, Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 2
Have always loved Sonatta Morales’ Designs and this POE gift is no exception.  I love pairing it with the Vintage furniture offering from Ishtari Design Concept’s Alyssa Warden.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 1
“Vintage” is reserved for the very classiest of the old stuff … the stuff that the kids actually want as opposed to the boxes up in the attic of equally old stuff that is referred to as “junk” and that the kids always grimace when you hand it to them and smile and put it in their trunk and then stop off at the local landfill on their way home where they throw it onto the pile of other “vintage unwanted” junk labelled “Aunt Mary’s china,”  “Grandma Jo’s crocheted table cloths” and books on how to be the perfect wife so as not to embarrass your husband.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 3
I hope that I end up being labelled “vintage” and not “junk,” as I age.  I don’t like the landfill sites, even though I have found some awesome china, books and crocheted table cloths there.
The place stinks.
Kinda like some of the old folks homes  . . . only with more seagulls.

OUTFIT:  Peace Bird by Sonatta Morales *8* for POE 6

FURNITURE:    Ishtari Design Concepts  ..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Home Decor for POE 6



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