POE6 – Shoenique Designs, [ba] barnesworth anubis

POE6 Post 43 Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 1

I think Santa has a sadistic streak.  I was just celebrating dressing to mourn the loss of my beloved SocElfky who had some kind of drowning accident in a  snow globe of all the darned things, and I figured with only a couple of days until Christmas, everyone would be busy and I would have some free time to “deck the halls.”

Enter the new improved heftier elf wrestler.  My official “date” for the festivities.

I think it is important to take a date to funerals.

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 2
Ellie Monk of Shoenique Designs designed this awesome specimen of a dress and Barnesworth Anubis did the fireplace which I crawled up on to try and get away from Melf – the man elf that is creepier than all the other attendants assigned to me thus far.
POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 3

Short men always look so smug because let’s face it … they really have no choice but to be looking at your breasts when they talk to you … I mean unless you are willing to carry a stool around for them, which I am not.

I found this guy’s pic on one of those dating sites where he describes himself as a happy easy kind of guy, good at making lists and checking it twice, and liking long walks in the snow.   I moved the profile to ebay.

I am selling him for the first person who offers a dollar.

Yes Elves do not hold their value much at this time of the year.  I think there are just too many of them flooding the market …everyone is getting in on the gig.   If he doesn’t sell by midnight I am going to just plant him in the front yard next to the garden gnomes.

OUTFIT INCLUDES JEWELLERY AND SHOES:  Shoenique Designs **SD** Livia Gold Fulloutfit for POE 6
FIREPLACE:  Barnesworth Anubis  for POE 6



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