POE6 – K Collection, MIAMAI, Amacci, Beloved Jewelry, MALT, KittyCatS!, Sterling Artistry

POE6 – K Collection, MIAMAI, Amacci, Beloved Jewelry, MALT, KittyCatS!, Sterling Artistry


Dress:  K Collection Busy (for me) Coat Dress (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Tights:  Miamai_AllThatGlitter Stockings (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Hair:  Amacci Hair Klara ~ Ice (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Earrings:  Beloved Jewelry : Noel Earrings (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Ring:  MALT – Pearl of Peace Ring (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Cat:  KittyCatS! – Peace Angel – 2013  (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Skin:  Amacci Skin – Rayna (Pale) – Peace (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Eyes:  Sterling Artistry – Serenity Eyes Dew (POE6 Hunt Gift)


POE6 – GizzA Creations, KittyCatS!, MIAMAI, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Amacci, White Widow, Kungler’s, Morgan Batista Poses

POE6 – GizzA Creations, KittyCatS!, MIAMAI, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

POE6 by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
POE6, a photo by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat on Flickr.Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
Skin POE6 Hunt Gift “Ranya (Pale) – Peace” by Amacci
Makeup POE6 Hunt Giftby White~Widow
Hair POE6 Hunt Gift “Klara (Snow)” by Amacci
“Bamboo Necklace” POE6 Hunt Gift by Kunglers
“Shimmery” Dress & Belt POE6 Hunt Gift by GizzA Creations
“AllThatGlitter” Stockings POE6 Hunt Gift by MIAMAI
Shoes POE6 Hunt Gift “Meshell POE” Heels by Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
POE6 Hunt Gift “Morgane’s POE2013 pose 1” by Morgane Batista’s Poses
“KittyCatS! Peace Angel 2013 – Wearable Pet POE6 Hunt Gift by KittyCatS!

I love the way the Shimmery Dress from GizzA Creations sparkles.  It makes it look like the “AllThatGlitter” Stockings from MIAMAI were made to go with it.  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes offered some supercute “Lindy MJ Flats POE” as a ballet flat style alternative to the “Meshell POE” Heels, so you are getting two pairs from Lindy!  The Adorable KittyCatS  Peace Angel will be shown in close up in an upcoming post, my next post will show the Amacci skins closer up.

Make sure to get these and the over 200 incredible gifts from this year’s Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt.  Go to POE6’s Official Page and visit the hunters guide for where to start and all your stops along the way!

POE6 – Amacci, WhiteWidow, Kunglers, GizzA Creations,

POE6 by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
POE6, a photo by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat on Flickr.

Skins (Left to Right)

  • 1) POE6 Hunt Gift Skin “Rayna (Pale) – Peace” by Amacci
  • with POE6 Hunt Gift Eye Makeup “Face Tattoo – Earth” by White~Widow
  • 2) POE6 Hunt Gift Skin “Ranya (Winter) – Peace” by Amacci
  • 3) POE6 Hunt Gift Skin “Ranya (Pale) – Peace” by Amacci

Hair POE6 Hunt Gift “Klara – Snow” by Amacci
Necklace POE6 Hunt Gift by Kunglers
Dress and belt POE6 Hunt Gift by GizzA Creations

The Skins from Amacci are both available with or without enhanced cleavage.  The Klara Hair from Amacci comes in the “Snow” shade depicted here and an “Ice” shade that has a slightly blueish tinge, but is pretty close in color the other, if I were to reshoot this, I’d have paired the “Ice” Klara hair with the “Rainya (Winter)” Skin, the two are perfectly matched.  From White~Widow the “Earth” Face Tattoo is shown here on the far left, it comes in a variety of color pairings so it can be worn with any of your outfits in a wide range of color families.  In the previous post you can see the GizzA Creations Dress much better, but I do like the close up here of the “Bamboo Necklace” by Kunglers.

You have till January 6th to finish, but with around 200 participating vendors you don’t want to put this off, start today!
Visit the POE6 Official Site here, and check out the hunters guide for where to get started and your links to all the stops along the way.            peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com

POE6 – Bubblez Design, MIAMAI, *SoliDea FoliEs*, KittyCatS!

who’s the angel me or you ? ….


Other fantastic items from the Peace on Earth 6 hunt.

Here I am showing some of the prizes that you can find in the POE 6 grid wide hunt .

The Bubble angel outfit complete of necklace and wings , the headpiece from Solidea , the stokings from Miamai and the mischievous angel kat from kitty kat are all creations present in the hunt.


BUBBLEZ DESIGN – Angel Outfit ( peace on heart hunt 6 gift )
SOLIDEA FOLIES – Lil Snow Headpiece( peace on heart hunt 6 gift)
MIAMAI – AIIThat Stockings _06( peace on heart hunt 6 gift )
KITTY KAT – Peace Angel ( peace on heart hunt 6 gift )

photographer and model Arialee Miles

For more information on the hunt refer to the official blog at

POE6 – Glitterati by Sapphire, .::[NerdMonkey]::., ORAGE, KittyCats!, Weekend Salvage

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 1

I can’t be sure, but I think I am losing my mind.  Can any of you see the Schmelf in these pics or is he just in my head??  Because my mother in law looks at me like I need to be committed whenever I tell her not to talk so loud because the Schmelf is always listening.  Hello it’s Christmas.  This is not rocket science.  Forget Big Brother, worry about the bloody elves.

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 2

How about the cat – can you see the flying cat?  Callie Cline from KittyCats came up with this cute version of a feline angel for the holidays.  I hope to train it to turn from mice to elves.  It will be more fun for the cat … and me …  At first I thought the cat was blowing smoke rings but when I shook the box repeatedly no cigarettes fell out of it so ya .. it is an angel cat or a cangel or an angat of something like that.  I just call it “fluffy.”

If the cat is untrainable I have this kick ass boots from Elettra Gausman of Orage Creations.  I think I can imitate a giraffe with them and that should steer the police away from suspecting me at all should an unfortunate drive by giraffing happen to a certain elf.

OR Thanya Marabana has a whole selection of nifty scarves except it is hard to pull them tight enough around a scrawny neck to get the pressure you would need to actually recreate a “Silent Night.”

My mother in law looked at the outfit from Sapphire Teebrook of Glitterati by Sapphire and made some snide comment about me not being able to handle scissors and only an idiot cuts wrapping paper on her pants.  I made sure the Schmelf put down a couple of black marks for that comment, and then I cried and talked about ending it all and he put down a couple more.  I am thinking I might be able to work this “supervisory companion” to my advantage.

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 3
And how cute is this whole setting with the rug, the window seat and book case, the tree, the floor pillow and the frosted window?  That is by Raeyn Sirnah of Weekend Salvage.  Most of these settings for POE6 have poses for male or female and of course couples … what is Christmas without rubbing salt in the wounds that you don’t have a significant other and your biological clock is ticking and there are no babies yet??
Oh ya and don’t go licking the window …I spent most of the evening with my tongue stuck to it and having to listen to a certain annoying squeaky voiced Schmelf explaining to the paramedics that they were going to have to bring the jaws of life and then telling me he thought they might have to amputate my lips and nose. He claims that is what happened to the Grinch.  He used to be a SL fashionista before he licked a window pane and lost his face.
Here kitty kitty kitty … smell the elf … I doused him in cat nip ….

SHOES:  [orage] Peace Xmas Daf 12 ankle boots  for  POE 6
CAT:  KittyCats Peace Angel for POE 6
FIREPLACE SCENE AND POSES:  Weekend Salvage [WS] Wishing Window for POE 6

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, KittyCatS, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Diesel Works, Xen’s Hats, Legal Insanity, zanze, ALB Dream Fashion

POE6 – Men’s Fashion

Part two of my POE 6 blogging extravaganza and I thought I’d showcase some of the men’s fashion on offer. I’m really pleased with the consistent quality of gifts from our favorite designers and I’m sure you will be, too :)

First up is a top by Legal Insanity. Mesh in the standard sizing and I used the L size with no problems, alpha fitted fine. It’s a nice top with three quarter sleeves, great logo and shape. Really liked it! I’ve teamed it up with the Bradley Fedora by Xen’s Hats.  As well as this elegant fedora, designer Xenobia Foxclaw has included the Clinton flatcap for men in blue material and the Alva Headband for girls in brown wool – all controllable by a resizer with delete option.  The texture change mesh scarf by Zanze fits nicely over the top. The scarf comes in three sizes, s, m and l and it has three different textures suitable for the winter season. I chose the plaid one here in a medium size. Everything’s controlled by a useful HUD including delivery.

mens fashion 1

Something completely different by ALB Dream Fashion, a whole costume which has a Hacienda feel to it. I appreciated the mesh pants here, they had a wrinkled appearance cut into the mesh – haven’t seen this before. Hat and loose headscarf can be added separately. There’s also a clothing layer plain black vest which can be worn with the pants as another simpler option. The snail mascot is a fun touch :) Nice versatile boots, too. AnaLee Balut is spoiling us! In the same pack there’s a similar themed costume for ladies.  I used one of the poses from Diesel Works. We get four action poses in the gift – kneeling with hand on top of head, leg in air and hand to ceiling, pose from reverse hip forward and leg forward. Great for blogging.

mens fashion 4

You’ll need to adopt an ethereal shape for this stunning mesh costume by Inga Wind Clothing! I’m joking because Inga has given us a great HUD that resizes and stretches any piece of this costume ‘Angel of Peace’ – wonderful! The winds flap when you fly which is great fun and the globe has an inbuilt animation as shown. Not all angels have white skin!
(Hair is Exile – Far Behind, Men’s Bare Feet 2.0 by Cathy Foil)

mens fashion 2

Inga’s ‘Angel of Peace’ costume again. KittyCatS gift,  ’Peace Angel’ – an animated revolving kitty chases a halo all around the top of your avatar – extreme cuteness! The pose used is from Wicca’s Wardrobe gift, a set of four angelic poses – two ladies, two gents – but can be used for both genders in practice. I was most impressed with these poses, they looked stylish and accurate :)

mens fashion 3

That’s all for now. Good hunting and cheers m’dears!

POE6 – Diesel Works, Stars!, [[ Masoom ]], KittyCatS!, MALT

Too Hot For Cold! POE6

December 4, 2013

Too Hot For Cold ~ by Bambi Chicque

Too Hot For Cold ~ by Bambi Chicque

I have been wearing this HOT SIZZLING DRESS

since yesterday!  And, yes, I took my shower this morning ~ LOL!

I don’t think this dress will set dormant in my inventory very much at all!

I was speaking with Amber Chaudry, Owner/Designer of MASOOM,

yesterday while wearing her lucious design as we were both complimenting…well

we were complimenting a lot of things ~ I promised to let her know as

soon as I blogged this delicious dress ~ so I’ll hurry up here….

(hmmm if I can)

I have always adored her clothing line and she has such a knack

with textures ~ this brocade texture is draped perfect for the

contour of this sexy mesh dress! I love LIME, TOO!

I hopped on today to rez more of the POE6 premium gifts and

was interrupted 3 times to TP to sales by some of my best girl friends.

While wearing this dress and the sweeeeeeeet “Peace Angel”

(Wear Me Cat chasing a halo by KittyCatS!)

I managed to enlist more Hunters as they all

wanted exactly what I had on!

So, obviously, my rezzing this morning gave me more

brain-storming ideas for more poses and blogs to come

for this astonishing POE6 HUNT!


❤ POE6 Pose by Diesel Works ~ POE #6c


❤ POE6 KittyCatS! Peace Angel (Wear Me Cat chases halo!)


❤ POE6 Stars! Christmas Peace Necklace & Earring


❤ POE6 Masoom Sexy Salma Dress (mesh) Lime!

❤ POE6 Malt ~Pearl Of Peace Ring



December 1 ~ January 6, 2014

You can keep up with the what’s, when’s & where’s here:

POE6 Hunter Guide


I love keeping an eye on blogs so I am providing you



HAPPY HUNTING!  hUGzZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque

POE6 – Timelines Vintage, Lutricias Luxuries, Exquisite Jewellery, 1 Hundred, Dahlinks, KittyCatS!, Sterling Artistry, HPMD, Nailed It

POE6. Empezó el espectáculo II


Espectáculo de fantasía. Me acompañáis ha hacer algún recorrido mas?



Y es que tantas tiendas en el recorrido da para esto y mucho mas que espero iros mostrando… pufff

Yo lo intentaré, ya veremos como va mi Rl para hacerlo 🙂


Caza POE6:

Botines_ Timelines Vintage _#134

Skin_ Lutricias Luxuries _ #203

Collar, pendientes y pulseras mano dcha_ Exquisite Jewellery _ #152

Vestido_ 1 Hundred _ #090

Pulsera mano izda_ Dahlinks _ #070

Gatito volador_ KittyCatS! _ #09

Ojos_ Sterling Artistry _ #117

Troncos navideños_ HPMD _#140

Uñas_ Nailed It _ #130

POE5 – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Gizza Creations, KittyCatS!

gizza05 Ya quedan pocos días para que esta edición termine así que tenemos que darnos prisa para conseguir las preciosidades que esta cacería esconde. Hoy traigo un par de ellas envueltas en un ambiente todavía navideño y de esueño. Como esperando a que vengan los Reyes Magos. gizza03

Hoy dos cosas de POE5, este vestido de tul de Gizza y unas bailarinas de Lindy. Desde que las tengo he querido sentarme a hacer las fotos, pero la Navidad es un tiempo dificil a veces para una blogger con poco tiempo. Pero me consuelo pensando que aún pueden venir vuestros SL-POE-Reyes, eso si, hay que pinchar en el logo para conseguir las pistas y buscar el globo escondido en cada tienda.


Para ambientar la foto he usado toda una serie de regalos del Calendario de Adviento de KittyCats. KittyCats es una tienda de lindos gatitos interactivos, en la tienda dicen que también pueden ser breedables, para destacar toda la gama de posibilidades que ofrecen estos gatitos. Si os interesan las mascotas en SL, os dejo la info sobra la tienda. Además KittyCats participa también en POE, y su regalo es un precioso gatito que va sentado en nuestro hombro, que parpadea y todo !!! es una monada, o una gatunada, en serio, la pena es que no tengo foto para no retrasar más este post. Por cierto hoy es tres y el calendario sigue allí. :-)

From POE5:

POE5 #010 – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes. Lindy Bally POE5 for Bloggers.

POE5 #042 – Gizza Creations – LolliPop Dress [Floral]. GIZZA CREATIONS MAINSTORE. GIZZA OUTLET.

POE5 #007: KittyCatS! – Peace On Earth 2012 – Kitten Shoulder Pet

POE5 – Dressed by Lexi, MEB, KittyCatS!, EMO-tions, Empyreal Dreams, Meghindo’s, Mohna Lisa Couture, Amacci, The Muse Poses, Beloved Jewelry

::DBL:: Radiance Champagne & White Diamond  Earrings & Necklace
MEB : Sandra outfit, shoes included
KittyCatS! – Shoulder Kitty Pet

.:EMO-tions:. * HEAVEN*/black
{Meghindo’s} Passion outfit
~Empyreal Dreams~ Book Lovers Holiday Tree

*MLC* Love is Dotty : by Mohna Lisa Couture
Amacci Skin – Oleana (Pale) – Peace – Cleavage Skin
Amacci Hair Nena ~ Snow
The Muse Poses – Peace 02
Beloved Jewelry : Chantelle Jewelry Set

Info for start to hunt and hints

POE5 – Crystal Line, RnB Designs, KittyCats, Bliensen + MaiTai

POE5  14 Crystal Line, RnB Designs, KittyCats, Bliensen + MaiTai  1

Christmas is one of those few times of the year where it is permissible to hang things from the ceiling in the name of decking the halls blah blah …

POE5  14 Crystal Line, RnB Designs, KittyCats, Bliensen + MaiTai  2

As long as it sparkles or is some red or green or some kind of plant with pointy leaves … you are good … I like to lift the spirits of the seniors at Christmas time.

POE5  14 Crystal Line, RnB Designs, KittyCats, Bliensen + MaiTai  3

Sparkle painting their false teeth and hanging them from the ceiling is such a lift to all of their spirits … and a great mixer for people to get to know one another. It is kind of like bobbing for apples except there is no water and they have to stand on chairs. Once you have shared your false teeth … believe me … the ice is broken.

DRESS & BOOTS:  ((Crystal Line))POE5
NECKLACE:  POE5  Bliensen + MaiTai
BOOKCASE AND SCREEN:  POE5  *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*
SHOULDER CAT:  poe5  KittyCatS!