POE6 – Tres Beau, PixelCat Textures

POE6 – Tres Beau and Pixel Cat Textures


Coat & Boots:  Tres Beau – Celtic Crimson Coat (POE6 Hunt Gift)
Texture:  Pixel Cat Textures – POE6 Fabric Set (POE6 Hunt Gift)



POE6 – Tres Beau

Tres Beau for the POE6

POE6 - Tres Beau 001

The POE6 hunt happens again and again a lot of amazing designers put wonderful gifts for all the busy hunters :) . For me this year is a very special year of the POE. I already blogged the POE hunt a few times but this time I was allowd to join as well as a designer with my little pose store. But this should not hold me back from blogging and so I am very happy to showcase one of my favourite designer – Tres Beau.

POE6 - Tres Beau 002

Kimmera Madison, owner and designer of Tres Beau and as well my lovely sister, ,made an amazing coat with matching boots for all the POE hunters. The “Celtic Crimson” outfit again shows, why Kimmera is one of the biggest and best designers on the grid. Her feelings for textures and her skills and ideas for amazing and glamorous outfits are just incredible. The grey coat is ornamented with amazing crimson red decorations. The shiny leather boots with the cute fur part on the upper end are just the perfect choice for the actual weather. The coat as well has some of those amazing fur parts for the collar and the wrists and I am sure for this fur no animal was tortured;) I know my sister too well as that she would let this happen :p . I just added some leggings from LeeZu but all the rest of this beautiful outfit comes with the “Celtic Crimson” outfit as this years Contribution from Tres Beau to the POE6.

POE6 - Tres Beau 003


Outfit (incl. boots): Tres Beau – “Celtic Crimson” – NEW (mesh, POE6 hunt item)

Poses: Wicca’s Wardrobe

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin



POE6 – Blush Skins, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, *TuttiFrutti*, Legal Insanity, .:Pelletteria Morrisey:., LavandaChic, zanze, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Cat & Dragon, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, NYU, GlamDammit, MALT, [noctis], ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, Melu Deco, Silent Woods

POE 6 2013 Post 3 Mix and Match

by Genevieve Kamala

Mix and match today for POE 6, two different ways to combine these amazing gifts in two special setttings created with more gifts!  This is a really fun hunt, I want to thank all the generous creators, their items also push me to be a better blogger and light up my festive season!


SKIN BLUSH skins Rae Pale nude
MAKE UP BDBA Blush, Eyeshadow 3, Matte liner
PANTS TUTTIFRUTTI Sweet december mesh jeans Leaves
TOP LEGAL INSANITY Peace on Earth sweater
BAG LAVANDACHIC Kokeshi peace and love tan
SCARF AND EARMUFFS ZANZE Cozy scarf and muffs with HUD
BRACELETS DAHLINKS Dreamtime Unisex bracelets


DREAMSCAPES Art Gallery Holiday Console
CAT AND DRAGON candle and wreath



SKIN BLUSH skins Rae Pale nude
MAKE UP BDBA Blush, Eyeshadow 3, Matte liner
PANTS TUTTIFRUTTI Sweet december mesh jeans flowers
TOP PURPLE MOON Pampa sweater and hat
BOOTS TRES BEAU Celtic crimson boots black
BAG LAVANDACHIC Kokeshi peace and love blue
MASK NYU Hlaf face mask
BROOCHE GLAM DAMMIT Christmas tree with texture change
RING MALT Pearl of Peace ring


NOCTIS Lilienstil Christmas Hallstand
ISTHARI DESIGN Vintage Holiday deco set: armchair, clock, side table, it includes a working radio not shown here


SILENT WOODS Frostbite skybox


POE6 – Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 1

Of course I can’t be 100% sure.  I got my tree all set up from Cierra Anatine at Kismet.  She gave me two options, with or without decorations which was a nice touch.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 2

I figured I would go ahead and get dressed and thought Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau always has spectacular numbers and wow check out how gorgeous this ensemble is for the holiday season.  I added a beautiful texture changing brooch from Mozart Loordes of Glamdammit and I was set.

Then I fell flat on my face and ended up kissing the rug and getting carpet burn on my perfect lips.

I am pretty sure I heard snide giggling.

I think elves know when you don’t like them.  They are like those cats that always know the one person who hates them and makes a point of trying to sit on their face when they come over because they know that it is not legal to punch a cat, especially in front of some crazed cat owner who is cooing about how cute their kitty is and wanting you to show you all the damn cat’s wardrobe and the pictures they posted of them on Facebook.

Elves don’t try to sit on your face, but they really try to jack you up.  They have Santa, a bunch of reindeer and a herd of elves in their pocket.  And let’s not forget Christmas magic.  They KNOW things.

I tried to have the elf arrested for attempted homicide.  I could have died in that fall.  Did you see how high those boots are?  Which is exactly what I told the police when I tried to have the damn elf thrown in jail. They took him into the interrogation room and I was not allowed to see what happened but we all know exactly what happened right?  The police evidently are afraid of making the “naughty list” and succumbed easily to the threat of “no presents for you.”  They let him go.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 3

It was bad enough seeing grown men snivelling and crying and cowering like spanked little boys when I am not used to seeing them like that outside of my bedroom … but that smirky little elf is really starting to get to me …

Christmas Carols and peppermint sticks for everyone, when the wheels of justice have just been thwarted are pretty “in your face.”  I don’t care that some old lady was so moved she had tears in her eyes or that the children cheered.

It’s just a damn freaking elf.

PIN:  Glamdammit (texture changing) for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Tres Beau “Celtic Crimson”  for POE 6
TREES:  Kismet *K* Snowflake Tree for POE 6

POE6 – Tres Beau

black friday shopping

Black friday in sl is with all kinds of sales. Nic is nearly ready for shopping. She first choosed her fur coat from Tres Beau from her inventory, but then took the Celtic Crimson coat from Tres Beau. It is the present for the POE 6 hunt. I already found this one. The real start from the hunt is on the first of december. You can get a nice hat for this dress from another hunt also a December hunt.  Shopping time !!!!

Coat: Tres Beau – Tres Beau “Celtic Crimson” POE 2014 (free)

Bye bye, Nic

Posted By Nicandra Laval at 6:48 PM 

POE6 – .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, Tres Beau, [ROCKBERRY], ~*~ Inspired ~*~, Stars!

New Gifts from the POE6 Hunt


In your rush to treat all of your family and your friends this Holiday season, don’t forget….YOU deserve a little pampering yourselves! And this is how you can get it! Join the POE6 hunt! You’ll have some fun and get some great gifts, and it won’t cost you a single linden. Here are some more of the great items you will find at the Peace on Earth Hunt this season.



Tres Beau “Celtic Crimson” POE 2014 Complete Outfit
ROCKBERRY Bailey POE 6 Natural
Inspired  Peace On Earth Winter Bridge
Stars! Christmas Peace Jewelry Set

POE5 – Starhelm Trading Company , Blush Skins , Tres Beau

For the New Year Eve what is absolutely necessary is a good clock and what better than this Neo Victorian Clock by the Starhelm Trading Company that you can find in the Peace on Earth hunt .

And if the fact that in sl we are from all over the world troubles you  … no worries !!  with one or more  clicks you will be able to advance of one or more  hours till to fit your timezone .

But it  is not all !! In the Peace on Earth hunt you will find even this holiday outfit called Rudolph by Tres Beau. It is made by a mesh  sweater in 5 sizes , leggings and paired  boots.

And always a hunt gift is this lovely skin in three nuances dark , pale and tan.

This amazing gift is the Selma skin by Blush.

Credits Starhelm Trading Company Neo Victorian Clock (POE5 gift ) Tres Beau Rudolph outfit ( POE5 gift ) Blush selma skin ( POE5 gift ) Lelutka Ella hair
model & photographer Arialee Miles
More information about the event can be found on the Peace on Earth official blog at https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com

POE5 – Tres Beau



Bah humbug! I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit AT ALL today until I opened the box for this merry outfit from Tres Beau’s Peace on Earth Hunt gift. I was so surprised to find not only the mesh sweater dress, but also the ribbed tights and mesh stiletto boots. The dress comes in 5 standard sizes, so there’s sure to be something to fit everyone.

I’m feeling much more festive now and am off to deliver some gifts!  🙂

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Complete Outfit – Tres Beau Rudolph Christmas 2012 (free / 0L / POE) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lace/43/125/25



POE5 – Diamond Style, Lustre Designs, Dahlinks, Tres Beau

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 2

Lots of people think outdoor areas are just for those warm countries like Australia where people gather around the barbeque, or the patio bar and celebrate Christmas with good friends.

Well I am here to tell you that the frozen Northland has its own rendition of outdoor areas complete with barbeques and patio bars where they also celebrate …

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 3

It’s just that we party with whoever is stupid enough to be out there with us and seldom do any of us make it back inside to tell about it.

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 1

(and you wondered how they could get those “ice sculptures” so life-like ..)

SKIN:  POE5Diamond Style  JEWELLERY:  POE5 (Dahlinks) Holiday Peace Jewelry Set OUTFIT INCLUDES BOOTS:   POE5Tres Beau Designs