POE6 Post 14 Morea Style, Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry

POE 6 Post 14 Morea Style, Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry 1

Schmelf was helping himself to the wine at my Christmas part yesterday … he thought no-one was looking.

POE 6 Post 14 Morea Style, Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry 2

The day kind of disintegrated for him until he finally ended upside down in a snow bank …Unfortunately fortunately a crow found him and picked him up and then spit him out dropped him into the lap of one of the guests who cuddled and nursed him back to health.  I thought he looked better all blue and limp … it brought out the red of his outfit but I couldn’t bitch slap my grandma and choke the elf in front of all those little kids.

Oh and Grandma is going to get the paraffin wax foot bath heater that she has been dying for now.  She is such a suck up sometimes.

POE 6 Post 14 Morea Style, Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry 3
The only good thing was the great make-up choices from Sam Deluxe of Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry who filled up his Christmas POE stocking with so many goodies I actually squealed a little when I saw it.  Definitely love hunts when you discover new stores/designers!!
Morea Decosta of Morea Style always provides a gift worth having and I loved the colour of this one … just so pretty for Christmas and beyond.  Definitely a keeper!!

MAKE-UP and NAILS:  .:: BDBA ::. for  POE 6

POE5 – Armony & [U&R DOGS]

Hush & Armony New + Gifts v2
Anillo: [U&R DOGS] – :+*R*+: Gerda Ring – FREE !!! – Caceria: POE5 Hunt  *(Buscar la bola del mundo – Blogueado)
Hush New + Armony POE5 Hunt + Gifts
Vestido: Armony – ArisAris Igs22 Dress – FREE !!! – Caceria: POE5 Hunt

POE5 – Dina’s Creations, Crystal Line, & BLUSH Skin

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Here is an adorable Snowman and Christmas tree gift you get from Dina’s Creations. I paired it with the dress from Crystal Line so you could get more looks at it with the skin from Rockberry. Poses are from SLL Poses and I used my Katink Photo Studio for the pictures.

The adorable necklace is from Designs by Sebastian and there is a male and female gift for each :)