POE6 – Gizza Creations, DulceSecrets, Bliensen+Maitai, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, [sYs], Snowpaws, {Aya} Toys – Origami – Fun, MEB Fashion, {{BSD Design studio}}

Blog post #152 Gizza Creations

The Holidays are a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy each-others company. But with all of these social occasions, you’ll need new outfits! Here’s one to


Blog post #153 Dulce Secrets

I love everything that has to do with Winter. But do you think i took my passion for this season a little too far?

Blog post #154 Bliensen+Maitai

Do you know what trend will never go out of style? Mixing and matching! Check out this look.


Blog post #155 Chop Zuey

Many feel that fine jewelry can’t be colorful. Please allow me to prove those individuals wrong!

Blog post #156 [sYs] is a destination on The Peace On Earth Hunt

 There is a reason for this. I’ll let you discover it.


Blog post #157 Snowpaws

I really like outfits that include accessories with them. Check out this look.

Blog post #158 {Aya} Toys – Origami – Fun

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Antoinette(Tony).

Blog post #159 MEB FASHION

I get to show you a outfit that can be worn during the Winter or Autumn season! (Fall is my second favorite season!)


Blog post #160 {{BSD Design studio}} is along The Peace On Earth Hunt

I finally got the right shoes for this outfit! Take a look.


For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, White Widow, Melu Deco, Shattered, Jewelry by Jake, PRISM Designs, PurpleMoon Creations, [CIRCA], Angel Dessous, Kunglers, EMO-tions

Blog post #151 .:EMO-tions:. is a stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt

And this is what you’ll get if you visit .:EMO-tions:., between 12/01/13-01/06/14.

Blog post #150 (Kunglers)

The next stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt is (Kunglers). Let’s see what the gifts here is.

Blog post #149 Angel Dessous

“Santa baby, please slip this under the tree for me…)

Blog post #148 [CIRCA]

Nothing like going camping on Christmas and playing some tunes on your new guitar, right? Well, check this out from [CIRCA].

Blog post #147 PurpleMoon Creations

Finally a blog post prominently featuring one of my favorite stores: PurpleMoon Creations. I’ll let the picture do most of the talking.

Blog post #146 PRIsM Designs is offering a prize for the Peace On Earth Hunt

And here it is.

Blog post #145 Christmas has arrived at Jewelry by Jake

Take a look!

Blog post #144 Shattered

I’ve never been a Neko before. So when i got this set as a present for the Peace On Earth Hunt from Shattered, i was determined to make a great outfit. Here’s what i came up with.

Blog post #143 Melu Deco

Christmas is next week. Are you ready for it? No? Then go get this gift for the Peace On Earth Hunt, from Melu Decor.


Blog post #142 White Widow

For days when you don’t feel confident about your outfit and/or accessories. With the right makeup, you can go from drab to fab. Here’s one example.

Blog post #141 Inga Wind Clothing

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a angel. However there is now for us angel wannabes! This prize from Inga Wild Clothing, for the Peace On Earth Hunt, may set us on the right path to earning our real angel wings. Check it out.

For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – Mohna Lisa Couture, EMO-tions, Amacci

#721 ~ All I want…

What I’m wearing…
Kiara Hair : Amacci (POE6 Hunt #11, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : EMO-tions (POE6 Hunt, #29, Free)
Allure Skirt : Mohnna Lisa Couture (POE6 Hunt #66, Free)


POE6 – Morea Style, EMO-tions

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced In My Head

December 15, 2013 by 


Good morning Fabulouses 🙂  This morning I have two Peace on Earth Hunt gifts to share with you as well as a subscribe gift that was sent to me this weekend!

You can find this very pretty plum Barbara Dress at Morea Style for the POE6 Hunt.  It reminds me a bit of Sugar Plum Fairies, so I put a little ballet twist on it by adding the Margot Ballet Slippers from Slink.  These shoes are 300L, but are so cute!

EMO-tions is where you will find The Promise Jewelry Set that includes the necklace and earrings set shown, cleverly hidden in the Peace on Earth hunt icon.



Love is wearing…

Dress – Morea Style Barbara  (free / 0L / POE6)
Jewelry – EMO-tions The Promise Set (free / 0L / POE6)
Sim – Winter Moon

POE6 – [ROCKBERRY], *PosESioN*, Immerse, SEQUOIASTYLE, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, .:EMO-tions:.

Peace on Earth 6 HUNT

More peeks at the goodies you can find on this fun hunt.

Merry Christmas

Snapshot_001Posesion Poses – Set of 4 poses

Miamai Stockings – 6 pairs

Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE

Immerse Carrie  – Red dress

Lindy Meshell Black Pump Shoes


EMO-tions:. The Promise necklace and matching earrings

Rockberry Skin – Bailey

POE Gridwide Hunt

POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion, Blush Skins, White Widow, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, ShuShu, .:EMO-tions:.

POE 6 2013 Post 4 on Lamu!

by Genevieve Kamala

Today I am back home!  I took the photos for this post literally round the corner from my sl home!

ALB FASHION for POE 6 outfit 1

ALB Fashion participates once more in POE Hunt with a magnificent outfit that is wearable in different ways, here I show you only 2 of them! From head to feet this is a perfect attire if you want to be elegant, yet fierce.

ALB SWANTJE coat and South Dakota boots for POE6
outfit 1 with flexi skirt and hijab, Alb jewel
outfit 2 with socks, leg warmers and old west hat

ALB FASHION for POE 6 outfit 2

SKIN BLUSH Rae skin dark nude

MAKE UP : WHITE WIDOW Face tattoo Earth black and pink and black, BDBA peace on earth blush and matte lipsticks,

ShuShu, also based on Lamu Island, offers a quirky and very enjoyable outfit, complete with shoes and beanie as well, it is fun to wear it in a devil may care way.



SHU SHU DARE outfit for POE 6 with boots, top, skirt, jacket, leg warmers and beanie
SKIN BLUSH Rae skin tan nude
MAKE UP BDBA peace on earth blush and matte lipsticks,
JEWELS Shushu necklace, EMOTIONS The Promise necklace and earrings




POE6 – Irodori, True North Designs, Amacci, .:EMO-tions:., Sway’s, SEQUOIASTYLE, Piddler’s Perch, PRIME

Twas The Month Before Christmas ~ POE6

December 3, 2013

Joy Of Life by Bambi Chicque ~メリークリスマス

Joy Of Life by Bambi Chicque ~メリークリスマス



Twas a month before Christmas

And all through the grid

Not a creature was stirring

All were preparing a hunt instead.

The Designers were bustling with ideas in their head

In hopes to bring merriment and gifts on their sled.

While visions of snowflakes and roleplay advanced

And reindeer and stockings and sweet cookies for cheer

Brought forth more and more fancies to design with bliss

Each danced alone in their secret towers

Preparing more notions than photoshop could kiss

When out of the blue huge IM’s begin to spring

Which groups do they join, which groups do they leave

Who has their gifts ready and who can endure the lag

Yet with amazing wonderment we all enjoy this zigzag.

The calendar of SL brings bundles to do

A collection of 200-plus brave ones memorize their que

And each one so proud to be among this holiday zoo

I for one, can tell you Old St. Nick has nothing

Like we all sure do!

For those of you who wait, you shall wait no more

Peace On Earth Hunt 6 is right at your door.

We all hunt and we all play

We all work and we all display

What one shall find is more than a mere gift

It’s a piece of love and comes from the heart with everyone in mind

In hopes to bring “PEACE ON EARTH”

And spread it grid-wide!

And now you know a little more to the POE6 story.

So once you glide grid-wide and hunt down your free gifts

Rez, wear, set out, show off and brag

Will be for you to sort out and sift

Just remember the JOY this season brings

And what pleasure transports when we do “give”.

POE6 is the most highly acclaimed hunt in Second Life

In fact, the beginning of what we all know

What a Hunt Is all about!

A checklist is provided and I know you’ll be checking it twice

May your stockings be full

And your wardrobe be glistened with luxuriant

And homes sparkling  with shining delight..

Heck, you can’t beat this price!

Call a few friends and offer them a lift

Just don’t get lost in a snowdrift.

Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! On Cupid, On Donder and Blixen!

To the top of the list to the middle of the list and to the finale of the list….

Dash Away ~ Dash Away ~ Dash Away All!


POE6 Gifts ~ Merii Kurisumasu

POE6 Gifts ~ Merii Kurisumasu

I am honored to be invited to not only be one of the 200-plus fabulous

Designers for this special POE6 HUNT,

but also to blog for them!

My inventory is screaming: “OPEN~OPEN~OPEN!”

For those of you who follow me, you know how much I enjoy

preparing photographs with as much uniqueness as possible.

So I am going to be stuck in photoshop for a while yet to come!

For my first blog I had such a personal fit deciding what to show off!

I am elated with EVERYTHING…in fact…

if I blog over 200 items?  It will take me a year…so?

Hey – You will be seeing more from me decorating and sporting

these amazing gifts!



❤ IrodorI Harmony Japanese Kimono, Fur & Hair

❤ True North White Piano

❤ Amacci Skin (What a perfect match for this wardrobe I selected!!)

❤ Emo-tions The Promise Necklace & Earrings

❤ Sway’s Bookshelves – Yin & Yang

❤ Sequoiastyle Winter Screen & Rug

❤ Piddler’s Perch Home & Garden Cottage Dinette for Two

(I could not get all in the shot, so I have it now sitting in one of my

living quarters to pose with again.)

❤ True North White Piano

❤ Prime Christmas Chairs


POE6 – Sterling Artistry, ~Sassy!~, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, LavandaChic, Nailed It, Dahlinks, .:EMO-tions..

Peace On Earth


Eyes: *Sterling Artistry ~ Eyes CRYSTAL FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Qipao dress  – teal FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Earrings & Necklace: .:EMO-tions.. * THE PROMISE *  FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Bangles: (Dahlinks ) Dreamtime Unisex Bracelet FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Nails Appliers: Nailed It – Slink – PoE Asia & Oceania Set HUD FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Bag: LavandaChic* Kokeshi Peace & Love* Blue FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Shoes: Lindy MJ Flats FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)


POE 6 – Amacci, .:EMO-tions:., Bitsy Boutique

POE 6 Post 1 Amacci, EMO-tions, Bitsy’s Boutique

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions a

It is that time of year again. Peace on Earth GridWide Hunt!

I hope all of you have worked on strengthening your knees over this past year so you can jump up and down repeatedly. If you have access to a choir … they should be singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now.

You should expect your turkey this year with a big helping of awesome sauce. I am not kidding. This hunt is going to be epic.

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions b

Sequoia insisted that this year I had to have a “handler” . . . I am not allowed to blog unattended, so I have that know-it-all freaking little tattle-tale elf following me around. He is like a male version of Lady GaGa except it should be Lady BlahBlah. Oh, and he can’t sing, has no rhythm, is a male, and is really small.

The candy cane was my attempt to win him over. I was trying to lure him into a car with a stranger. Turns out elves hate peppermint.

Anyway Carina Larsen of Amacci has provided a beautiful skin that is allergic to elves . . . I broke out in hives almost immediately. It comes with 2 skins AND hair tones. Mirja Mills of Emotions has a gorgeous delicate necklace and earring set that puts you right in the mood for Christmas and Lillie Vella of BitsyB has provided this gorgeous black dress with options. You either wear it as a short dress or use the longer skirt overlays of plain sheer or layered lace.

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions c

I know that elf was trying to look up my dress at one point.

You know those Shelf Elves don’t come with any guarantees that they will behave … do they?

SKIN:  Amacci Ranya for POE 6
HAIR:  Amacci Klara for POE 6

POE6 – Aphrodite Shop, PRIME, Stonewood Interiors, !-[LoveFactory], Paisley Daisy, .:EMO-tions:., GlamDammit, Sterling Artistry

A Day of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the states and after getting my fill of turkey and dressing and fighting with my brother and uncle over the final sliver of pumpkin pie, I wanted post and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for reading my little blog and following me as I travel through Second Life.  Each like, share, or comment really does brighten my day.  So thank you, very much.


The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt is getting ready to kick off their sixth year and I chose today to begin posting for the hunt because to me, Thanksgiving and Peace on Earth sort of go hand in hand.  We give thanks for all of the military personnel, the medical teams, police officers, our public servants, but how wonderful would it be to have a world filled with peace.  Aphrodite Megastore created a charming Thanksgiving Centerpiece which you’ll find in the hunt.


And of course, there is a ton of Christmas stuff so let’s just get that started, shall we?  Prime designed these cute Christmas chairs in red and white, they’ll fit with any of your holiday decor and brighten up the room too.

Prime, Stonewood Interiors, Love Factory, and AphroditeSTONEWOOD INTERIORS CHRISTMAS FIREPLACE AND CHRISTMAS TREE #080

I decided with so much to work with, it would be easy to put more than one designer together to show you how you could use the goodies you find in the hunt for your own home.  Looks pretty festive huh?  The fireplace and Christmas tree from Stonewood Interiors is awesome.  And the teddy on a candy cane from !-[LoveFactory]- is absolutely adorable.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas.  Now…what to wear?

Emotions, GlamDammit, Paisley DaisyPAISLEY DAISY ANGEL LACE GOWN #083

Paisley Daisy designed a beautiful lace gown all in white for your festive evenings with loved ones.  The gown comes with a tiara and halo made of glowing clusters of stars.  I accessorized the gown with the beautiful The Promise necklace and earrings from .:EMO-tions:.  and the exquisite texture change Christmas Tree pin from GlamDammit.


See how well made each piece is?  You can tell these designers put hours and hours of love into their craft for this hunt each year.  We truly are blessed to have each and every one of them participate in Peace On Earth.  But we can’t go to the party without our favorite contacts right?  Sterling Artistry is gifting us with 18 shades of eyes, sure to be a color for every one.  The package comes with mesh, prim, and system eyes as well.


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Now grab your hat and coats and let’s go hit those black Friday sales!

❤ Saz at http://sazzynirpaw.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/a-day-of-thanks/