POE6 – *Citrus Designs*, B&W – Quality Fashion, ORQUIDEA, AFI Designs, Aphrodite Shop, [PM] Poses

POE6 Post 38 Citrus Designs, B&W Designs, Orquidea, AFI Designs, Aphrodite, PicMe Poses

POE6 Post 38 Citrus Designs, B&W Designs, Orquidea,  AFI Designs, Aphrodite, PicMe Poses 1SocElfky thought he looked pretty sylin’ wandering around in his sock monkey leisure suit … I have to break it to him that he kinda looked like one of those pinkish geckos.  like baby mice only more anaemic.  He got out his big black pen … and made big dramatic lines in his notebook.  Monkeys can be very sensitive you know….I love the centre piece supplied by Jaylin Whitewood of Aphrodite.  I am going to cut it out and put it on my table and tell people I would have made one for Christmas dinner but I was too busy doing my POE posts.  I am pretty sure they will understand and think it was really nice of me to be willing to tackle a dangerous power tool like scissors … just to make the day more festive.The Peace sign brought a tear to my eye .. I was livin’ the old life almost the whole day … smokin’ pot, taking my bra off, hating on the man ….it was a good day.  Thanks to Zhoie Zimermann of PicMe Poses for that little “trip.”

I am so in love with these runners I am going to wear them with all my evening gowns over the holidays.  Sejhur of Citrus Designs did the runners and the doubled shirt.  Adriannesux McMinnar of Orquidea must have been knitting all year.  She did the sweaters and there are a bunch of them in all kinds of colours . . . so versatile for this time of the year.  I am just glad to finally have a sweater without a moose or a deer in the pattern.

The camisole type t-shirt is really cool … it is animated so the butterflies move around the garment and so you might be able to pick up some extra work for anyone needing a visual in their class on getting “butterflies” in your stomach and how to handle them.  I put that on my Linked-in Profile right away and I already have 3 appointments for work.  Some gifts just keep on giving even after you spill ketchup on them.

POE6 Post 38 Citrus Designs, B&W Designs, Orquidea,  AFI Designs, Aphrodite, PicMe Poses 2

I know Ayrton Radikal or B & W Designs meant the leather jacket shirt and tie for a dude but I wanted to open the gift anyway because I do that at Christmas all the time.   I open everyone’s gifts, because I hate for people to get paper cuts and so it is a humanitarian effort on my part.  You never know when someone might have a gift that you want.  Some of my best gifts have been those I opened that were for other people.

It isn’t stealing.  The same rules apply to gifts that do to the last cookie on the plate.  If you lick it … it is yours.   I am amazed at how many people put empty boxes under trees though .. . like in the malls and things … those people should really thank me for opening them.  Can you imagine how hurt people must be to open a gift and get nothing????

They handle having their gifts licked and taken much much better.


DOUBLE T-SHIRT AND RUNNERS:   Citrus Designs  for POE 6
SWEATER:  ORQUIDEA Basic Sweater for POE 6
CAMISOLE:   AFI Designs for POE 6
SHIRT AND JACKET:  B&W Designs Leather jacket and shirt for POE 6
CENTREPIECE:  Aphrodite Thanksgiving centerpiece for POE 6
PEACE SIGN WITH POSES:  PicMe Poses [PM] Pease on Earth for POE 6



POE6 – PurpleMoon Creations, Vogue Fashion Pulse, Elysium Skins & Apparel, ~*Star Kindler Designs*~, Sleepy Hollow Farms

POE6 Post 29 Star Kindler Designs, Vogue, Elysium, Purple Moon Creations, Sleepy Hollow Farms

POE6 Post 29 Star Kindler Designs, Vogue,  Elysium, Purple Moon Creations, Sleepy Hollow Farms 1

Hey look at the awesome bench from Pattye Caproni of Sleepy Hollow Farms.  I am a believer!!

I kind of threw together this outfit.  I am pretty proud of it.  Cowboy hats and knit sweaters are big where I come from.  I love this combo from Poulet Koenkamp or Purple Moon Creations.  It was really different and unexpected from her and I plan on wearing them with pride.  The only thing better would have been if she had done a moose head sweater!!  I would have cried then.

POE6 Post 29 Star Kindler Designs, Vogue,  Elysium, Purple Moon Creations, Sleepy Hollow Farms 2
Elbereth Nightfire of Star Kindler Designs made us this really sweet little brooch.  If you wear it you get to pinch everyone’s cheeks – not THOSE cheeks!!   Zalyn Bailey of Vogue did these super cool pants which just scream cowgirl to me … I mean hand me a horse and I am gone to where the deer and the antelope play complete with a piece of straw dangling out of my mouth and some tobacco to chew.  Where else do you get to role play anything but with so much class???
Aleida Rhode for Elysium gifts us with both red and green shoes for your SLink Medium feet!
POE6 Post 29 Star Kindler Designs, Vogue,  Elysium, Purple Moon Creations, Sleepy Hollow Farms 3

So as you can see the Schmelf’s replacement came.  I think I should be insulted because I suspect he is not an elf at all.  He looks a lot like a sock monkey to me or a Barbie doll … I always get those two mixed up.   I found him in the dirty laundry fondling some of the other socks.  I hope he is house broken.

SWEATER AND HAT:  Purple Moon  :: PM :: Pampa Sweater + Hat in Black MESH  for POE 6
PANTS:  Vogue for POE 6
PIN:  ~*Star Kindler*~ Floral Drop Pin – Earth for POE 6
SHOES:  Elyisum – Billie pumps  – for POE 6
BENCH:  BELIEVE BENCH Sleepy Hollow Farms for POE 6

POE6 – ~*~ Inspired ~*~, 69 Park Ave, ChiChickie! Hair Salon

POE6 Post 28 69 Park Avenue, ChiChickie!, Inspired

POE6 Post 28  69 Park Avenue, ChiChickie!, Inspired 1

Here I am at the bridge waiting for the new replacement for Schmelf.  They just said “go to the bridge, someone will contact you there … the password is ‘the black condor.'”  Thank heavens that Krysta Ember of Inspired made us all a bridge complete with poses for the POE hunt this year.

Chiana Meredith of ChiChikie!has offered this cap with hair for me or women and Silexe Core of 69 Park Avenue has given us this toasty warm coat, scarf and jeans … it is supposed to be for guys but hey guys wear our stuff so what the heck right?  At least I am not trying to date someone pretending to be a guy. (although Schmelf told me I was flat enough to pass for a boy or a wooden soldier or even an ironing board.  Did I mention that Schmelf is no longer with me at the moment and a replacement is coming??)

POE6 Post 28  69 Park Avenue, ChiChickie!, Inspired 2
I got a lot of hang up calls.  I am pretty sure I could hear heavy reindeer breathing and some hoof scuffing in the background.  Those elves and those reindeer are pretty tight.  I think Schmelf might have taken a hit out on me.  If I am found dead in a ditch with hoof imprints all over my face … tell the police to look for the little guy in the red suit.
HAIR AND HAT:  ChiChickie! for POE 6
CLOTHES:  69 Park Ave – for POE 6
BRIDGE AND POSES:  ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Peace On Earth Winter Bridge for POE 6

POE6 – Amacci, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Piddlers Perch, Silent Woods, Snowpaws, White Widow, Wicca’s Wardrobe

Peace on Earth 6 Goodies

Posted: December 15, 2013 by Carla Cardalines

Peace on Earth Hunt 6

Take a look at all these goodies

Snowpaws Dress_001

Poses by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Wicca Poses_001

Silent Woods ‘Frostbite’ Skybox w all skies – comes with Christmas Tree and Fire Pit
Piddler’s Perch Cottage Dining Table & Decor

Amacci Hair_001

Snowpaws Epais Dress

Lindy Meshell Shoes

white Widow Face Makeup_001

[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Earth Black/Silver wo/eyeshadows
Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Ice
Amacci Hair Klara ~ Ice
Snowpaws Epais Dress – silver earrings (come with dress)
Epais Dress – Sparkle headdress
Amacci Skin – Ranya (Pale) – Peace – Cleavage

POE Gridwide Hunt




POE6 – Paris Metro Couture, SEQUOIASTYLE, Ooh-la-licious Skins, Bliensen+Maitai, Diesel Works

Paris Metro – Sequoiastyle – Oohlalicious – Bliensen+Maitai – Diesel Works

Paris Metro – POE6 #12:  Danse Avec Moi Dress
O lindo vestido esvoaçante é prêmio da Caçada POE6 nº 12.

Sequoiastyle – POE6 #001 – Divider with pose stand
O biombo com tapete e pose stand é prêmio da Caçada POE6 nº 001.

Oohlalicious Skins – POE6 #101: Snow Blossom skin
A skin em quatro tonalidades é prêmio da POE6 nº 101.

Bliensen + Maitai – POE6 #033: Ison Earrings
Os brincos de estrelas é prêmio da POE6 nº 033.

Diesel Works – POE6 #96 – Four gorgeous poses
As três últimas poses são prêmio da loja para a POE6 nº 96. São quatro poses no pacote.

by Cristina Santos

POE6 – Hanaya – Home & Garden


December 13, 2013

I am convinced there is a genetic disposition towards clumsiness. I don’t know what it is that makes someone walking along normally fall flat on their face for no reason, but my mother has done it for as long as I can remember—one of those times she fell face-first onto a tree trunk one week before my sister’s wedding. I have managed to stay upright most of my life, but I do have an annoying propensity for running into things, the most embarrassing of which was a student backpack left in the walkway which sent me flying headlong across the classroom one time. So my self-preservational instinct has kept me from gravitating towards activities which require lots of balance. In RL, I would be laying on the ice with a broken leg in this photo.

Another great Peace on Earth hunt item from Hanaya is this cute skate shack that distributes skates for icy winter fun!


Shack: -Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack by Moriko Inshan (Peace on Earth hunt)

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, KittyCatS, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Diesel Works, Xen’s Hats, Legal Insanity, zanze, ALB Dream Fashion

POE6 – Men’s Fashion

Part two of my POE 6 blogging extravaganza and I thought I’d showcase some of the men’s fashion on offer. I’m really pleased with the consistent quality of gifts from our favorite designers and I’m sure you will be, too :)

First up is a top by Legal Insanity. Mesh in the standard sizing and I used the L size with no problems, alpha fitted fine. It’s a nice top with three quarter sleeves, great logo and shape. Really liked it! I’ve teamed it up with the Bradley Fedora by Xen’s Hats.  As well as this elegant fedora, designer Xenobia Foxclaw has included the Clinton flatcap for men in blue material and the Alva Headband for girls in brown wool – all controllable by a resizer with delete option.  The texture change mesh scarf by Zanze fits nicely over the top. The scarf comes in three sizes, s, m and l and it has three different textures suitable for the winter season. I chose the plaid one here in a medium size. Everything’s controlled by a useful HUD including delivery.

mens fashion 1

Something completely different by ALB Dream Fashion, a whole costume which has a Hacienda feel to it. I appreciated the mesh pants here, they had a wrinkled appearance cut into the mesh – haven’t seen this before. Hat and loose headscarf can be added separately. There’s also a clothing layer plain black vest which can be worn with the pants as another simpler option. The snail mascot is a fun touch :) Nice versatile boots, too. AnaLee Balut is spoiling us! In the same pack there’s a similar themed costume for ladies.  I used one of the poses from Diesel Works. We get four action poses in the gift – kneeling with hand on top of head, leg in air and hand to ceiling, pose from reverse hip forward and leg forward. Great for blogging.

mens fashion 4

You’ll need to adopt an ethereal shape for this stunning mesh costume by Inga Wind Clothing! I’m joking because Inga has given us a great HUD that resizes and stretches any piece of this costume ‘Angel of Peace’ – wonderful! The winds flap when you fly which is great fun and the globe has an inbuilt animation as shown. Not all angels have white skin!
(Hair is Exile – Far Behind, Men’s Bare Feet 2.0 by Cathy Foil)

mens fashion 2

Inga’s ‘Angel of Peace’ costume again. KittyCatS gift,  ’Peace Angel’ – an animated revolving kitty chases a halo all around the top of your avatar – extreme cuteness! The pose used is from Wicca’s Wardrobe gift, a set of four angelic poses – two ladies, two gents – but can be used for both genders in practice. I was most impressed with these poses, they looked stylish and accurate :)

mens fashion 3

That’s all for now. Good hunting and cheers m’dears!

POE6 – [ROCKBERRY], *PosESioN*, Immerse, SEQUOIASTYLE, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, .:EMO-tions:.

Peace on Earth 6 HUNT

More peeks at the goodies you can find on this fun hunt.

Merry Christmas

Snapshot_001Posesion Poses – Set of 4 poses

Miamai Stockings – 6 pairs

Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE

Immerse Carrie  – Red dress

Lindy Meshell Black Pump Shoes


EMO-tions:. The Promise necklace and matching earrings

Rockberry Skin – Bailey

POE Gridwide Hunt

POE6 – Blush Skins, Elemental Jewelry, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway’s, Nexus Arts, PixelCat Textures, PRIME, Wicca’s Wardrobe

POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway’s, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca’s Wardrobe

POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 1

I thought, with a disguise, I would be able to get out of the house while the Schmelf was distracted.  He knew it was me right away.  He said I have a distinct perfume of “trouble” about me.  I don’t blame the mask from NyuNyu Kimono of NYU.  It is a great mask.  Just the elf is greater.

No-one tricks the elf.

 POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 2

I put on the lovely skin from Marie Whitfield of Blush, which comes in four skin tones with again the options of boobilage or not. I just find that so amusing. Like who turns down an extra helping of boobilage – it’s not like turnips of brussel sprouts – boobs are ice cream for crying out loud. Bodza Mubble created this darling little red and gold party dress for the holiday season. I love her new creative effort, Living Imagination. She has a bit of a different eye which is really refreshing on the design scene.

I added the Holly and Ruby jewellery set by Contessa Lacombe of Elemental. Even the Schmelf liked this look and he is not good with the compliments. I would think someone in charge of logging the naughty and nice efforts would have been required to at least attend some motivational classes so he could be encouraging. He’s not.

We did not have a good day.

As evidenced by him being stuffed into the bookcase provided by Sway Dench of Sways. You can have them empty or decorated and together or separate. I recommend decorated and together if you are planning on squishing an annoying elf into the cubby hole. Good thing Reven Rosca of Prime provides extras with her furniture and there was a cup of tea for me to calm my nerves. Well there was actually more than just tea in mine as my nerves really needed calming.

Wicca Merlin of Wicca’s Wardrobe provides a collection of poses for when you need to look awesome as you pose in your special Christmas outfits.

 POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 3
Cinders Vale of Nexus Arts provides the art work with a sense of humour – always a good gift for the smart ass in your family, or yourself if you are the king in that arena. The Schmelf insists that wherever he is, he is king.  Even without a crown.  He wants me to learn how to bow properly.  My head should be lower than his.
I want him to get stuffed.
Oh wait, he already is ….
SKIN:  [BLUSH] Rae Skin for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Elemental Holly and Ruby Necklaces for POE 6
MASK:  NYU Half Face mask for POE 6
DRESS:  *Living Imagination* Spirit of Christmas for POE 6
BOOKCASE:  Sway’s Shelf [yin yang] for POE 6
ARTWORK: Nexus Arts for POE 6
TEXTURE:  PixelCat Textures – PoE6 Fabric for POE 6
CHAIRS: Prime for POE 6
POSES:  Wicca’s Wardrobe Poses for POE 6

POE6 – Surface by c.Loon, Faboo, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 1

I know what you are going to say … bathing suits in winter??  What was Grizel Halberstadt of Faboo thinking??   But hey I live in Australia and while you might think this looks strange, believe me being all rugged up in snow pants, ear muffs, mittens and boots is even weirder here. Not to mention I could die.

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 2

Schmelfy was not too bad with this gig – turns out he has an unfulfilled fetish for trains as in he wanted to be an engineer and they turned him down on account of them needing the person sitting in the drivers seat to be a)able to see over the steering wheel and b) able to reach the foot pedals.  OK I made that up, I have no idea how a train is driven and why it needs an engineer when it runs along tracks already set up like who even has to steer the damn thing?  I figure, knowing engineers, they just like to think they are in charge of everything and someone lets them sit in the seat and go far away from the office so they stop annoying them.  I so get that.

Anyway Schmelfy was so amused with the train set which was part of the whole deal from Sommes Discovolante of con Charisma gifts along with the wreath and the tree that I got some time to be bad . . . seriously bad.  The train is automated with a switch of a candy cane and goes around in a big circle.  I let the Schmelf think he was driving while I helped myself to egg nog and got on my natural nose glow.  Thank heavens for Reindeer antlers that can easily disguise a red nose into a whole outfit for the season and no-one is the wiser.

The textures – again probably for designers and clothes and furniture and such – made another great backdrop for me.  Lots of variants on these two designs to choose from – all brought to you by Catty Loon of Surface Textures.

Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks has gifted the POE hunt this year with a nifty pack of poses for your holiday fun.

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 3

I have to go now, I am teaching Schmelf a new game.  He is going to be the damsel in distress and I am going to tie him to the tracks and see if he can escape before the train runs over him.  First I have to figure out how to get the train to do warp speed around the circle.

TEXTURES:  Surface Textures – Hemp Fibers – Santa’s Peace for POE 6
TREE,TRAIN, WREATH – *con Charisma Gifts   for POE 6
POSES:  Diesel Works -for POE 6