POE6 – Mohna Lisa Couture, EMO-tions, Amacci

#721 ~ All I want…

What I’m wearing…
Kiara Hair : Amacci (POE6 Hunt #11, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : EMO-tions (POE6 Hunt, #29, Free)
Allure Skirt : Mohnna Lisa Couture (POE6 Hunt #66, Free)



POE6 – [ROCKBERRY], *PosESioN*, Immerse, SEQUOIASTYLE, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, .:EMO-tions:.

Peace on Earth 6 HUNT

More peeks at the goodies you can find on this fun hunt.

Merry Christmas

Snapshot_001Posesion Poses – Set of 4 poses

Miamai Stockings – 6 pairs

Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE

Immerse Carrie  – Red dress

Lindy Meshell Black Pump Shoes


EMO-tions:. The Promise necklace and matching earrings

Rockberry Skin – Bailey

POE Gridwide Hunt

POE 6 – Amacci, .:EMO-tions:., Bitsy Boutique

POE 6 Post 1 Amacci, EMO-tions, Bitsy’s Boutique

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions a

It is that time of year again. Peace on Earth GridWide Hunt!

I hope all of you have worked on strengthening your knees over this past year so you can jump up and down repeatedly. If you have access to a choir … they should be singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now.

You should expect your turkey this year with a big helping of awesome sauce. I am not kidding. This hunt is going to be epic.

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions b

Sequoia insisted that this year I had to have a “handler” . . . I am not allowed to blog unattended, so I have that know-it-all freaking little tattle-tale elf following me around. He is like a male version of Lady GaGa except it should be Lady BlahBlah. Oh, and he can’t sing, has no rhythm, is a male, and is really small.

The candy cane was my attempt to win him over. I was trying to lure him into a car with a stranger. Turns out elves hate peppermint.

Anyway Carina Larsen of Amacci has provided a beautiful skin that is allergic to elves . . . I broke out in hives almost immediately. It comes with 2 skins AND hair tones. Mirja Mills of Emotions has a gorgeous delicate necklace and earring set that puts you right in the mood for Christmas and Lillie Vella of BitsyB has provided this gorgeous black dress with options. You either wear it as a short dress or use the longer skirt overlays of plain sheer or layered lace.

POE 6 Blog 1 Bitsy B Amacci Emotions c

I know that elf was trying to look up my dress at one point.

You know those Shelf Elves don’t come with any guarantees that they will behave … do they?

SKIN:  Amacci Ranya for POE 6
HAIR:  Amacci Klara for POE 6

POE5 – Sugar and Cyanide, Vendome Jewelry, Emotions, & Blush Skins.

So I am so excited to be a blogger for the 5th Annual Peace on Earth Hunt which starts on December 1 and goes through January 6th. Here I bring you a sneak peak of some of the lovely gifts you can get from the amazing designers.

This cute dress is mesh and it is from Sugar and Cyanide. The beautiful necklace is from Vendome Jewelry. The fun hair is from Emotions and it is called Heaven and there is a white and black option! This cute skin is called Blush Selma and it comes in pale, tan and dark with a regular option and a cleavage option for each from Blush Skins.

Up Close

The hair really is quite lovely.

Credits for the rest-

Poses-Muse and KaTink