POE6 – Angel Dessous, Egoisme, Immerse

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous, Egoisme, Immerse

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 1

Ramses Meredith of Egoisme created this lovely imitation of a pepperminty candy cane for a dress for the season .. but I can tell you that licking it does not give you minty fresh breath.

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 2

Nando Korobase of Angel Dessous provides snowflakes and fur and sparkle and long gloves to put the magic into the night and sequins and ruffles from Lilly Juno of Immerse dance their way across your dreams.

I like to take a whole wardrobe when I go out so I can change costumes and play any role that happens to present itself.  I just think it makes the whole evening more fun and you can share your costumes!!

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 3

That and  … I tend to spill on myself . . . a lot …

DRESS  SQUINED:   Immerse Carrie for POE 6
DRESS STRIPED:   Egoisme for POE 6
DRESS SNOWFLAKE:  Angel Dessous-Hannah, christmas edition for POE 6

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, White Widow, Melu Deco, Shattered, Jewelry by Jake, PRISM Designs, PurpleMoon Creations, [CIRCA], Angel Dessous, Kunglers, EMO-tions

Blog post #151 .:EMO-tions:. is a stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt

And this is what you’ll get if you visit .:EMO-tions:., between 12/01/13-01/06/14.

Blog post #150 (Kunglers)

The next stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt is (Kunglers). Let’s see what the gifts here is.

Blog post #149 Angel Dessous

“Santa baby, please slip this under the tree for me…)

Blog post #148 [CIRCA]

Nothing like going camping on Christmas and playing some tunes on your new guitar, right? Well, check this out from [CIRCA].

Blog post #147 PurpleMoon Creations

Finally a blog post prominently featuring one of my favorite stores: PurpleMoon Creations. I’ll let the picture do most of the talking.

Blog post #146 PRIsM Designs is offering a prize for the Peace On Earth Hunt

And here it is.

Blog post #145 Christmas has arrived at Jewelry by Jake

Take a look!

Blog post #144 Shattered

I’ve never been a Neko before. So when i got this set as a present for the Peace On Earth Hunt from Shattered, i was determined to make a great outfit. Here’s what i came up with.

Blog post #143 Melu Deco

Christmas is next week. Are you ready for it? No? Then go get this gift for the Peace On Earth Hunt, from Melu Decor.


Blog post #142 White Widow

For days when you don’t feel confident about your outfit and/or accessories. With the right makeup, you can go from drab to fab. Here’s one example.

Blog post #141 Inga Wind Clothing

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a angel. However there is now for us angel wannabes! This prize from Inga Wild Clothing, for the Peace On Earth Hunt, may set us on the right path to earning our real angel wings. Check it out.

For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE5 – EMO-tions, Zibska, Warsteel, Edika Creation, The Muses Poses, Stars!, Mustang Trading Post, Dot-Be, Styles by Danielle, Angel Dessous, Shattered by Aluinn, Crystal Line, Neiva Kumasi Couture

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Actually, it’s more than just a new year with repeated misfortunes. We’re leaving the age of Phisces with its duality and are entering the age of Aquarius which’s a whole lot more promising.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to put the Peace On Earth Hunt down until it was completed. Great fun and great gifts or prizes of free stuff or whatever you prefer to call it. Of course I had the usual meandering with the issue of gendering, which is what gives me my kicks as you know. Here are a couple of more outfits that has come out of the hunt. As usual it’s mix and matching including as many sources and as little non-hunt stuff as possible.

POE Hunt Part 2-1

That statement has to be followed with the outfit that uses the most non-hunt items, no? I have a passion for angels, it would seem, and ‘needed’ to complete this outfit with stuff from my inventory. I’m real happy with it, though, if nothing else because I could use something from one of the many excellent gowns I’ve had to put in the ‘No’ section.

Since there’s less than one week left on the hunt, I’ll give the number of the store so you can find it on the hint list on the official web site which can be found here => X. You’ll need the hints anyway. Well, you’ve probably all done the hunt anyway 😛

Hair: #98 EMO-tions. Slightly colour modded. Black version included.

Collar: #81 Zibska.

Wings and Chain mail: From #138 Warsteel. The mesh wings fold and unfold with a simple click. The main parts of the outfit, that comes in both male and fem version are mesh and totally wrong sizes for me unfortunately. This gift is definitely in the ‘Awesome!’ category even if it doesn’t fit me. Thumbs up. The chain mail is slightly colour modded.

Flexi bits: Part of gown from the two gifts at #171 Lipstick Fashion & Edika Creation. I’m using a hairy glitch pant from a faun avatar for a more ‘merging’ look.

Pose: Included in #44 The Muse Poses.

POE Hunt Part 2-2

A more ‘ordinary’ everyday outfit. I pushed it a bit with the red fem sweater sculpt to be able to wear it under the mesh cardigan. It will look better on ‘pure’ fems.

Stud: Part of #147 Stars!

Scarf: #140 Mustang Trading Post.

Cardigan: #119 Dot-BE. Rigged mesh.

Layered sweater: #38 Styles by Danielle.

Gloves: Long evening gloves from gown, but they have the right colour ^^ From #50 Angel Dessous.

Pants: From #148 Shattered by Aluinn. Part of a complete neko outfit complete with tail and ears. I’ve got it in my ‘Awesome!’ category. Thumb up.

Boots: Part of #159 Crystal Line. Rigged mesh, I think.

Pose: Part of #172 Neiva Kumasi Couture.

POE Hunt Part 2-3

The Peace on Earth Hunt is a biggie and there’s enough stores involved to do a little bit of statistics, which is always fun. I’m just considering the clothing items and am excluding the number of prices that are jewellery, hair and the umpteens non-wearables such as furniture and decorations.

Having missed a few and not persisted with tricky ones that’s most likely to be something exclusively fem anyway, I got almost a hundred items (92) that’s clothing. The ‘mesh’ category only includes rigged mesh. Unrigged items behaves like sculpts and are included in ‘non-mesh’.

Ignoring taste and quality, I found something that I can wear in 42% of those. Among the lot that was far too gendered to make sense on me (like puny lingerie and some mesh templates) only 20% wasn’t mesh.

Of the ‘useless’ mesh items, I could have worn 27% of them had they been made by other means. That’s 9% of the total number of clothes gifts I lost out on. Not too bad.

Of the 8 mesh items I found that included stuff for both genders, 3 of them didn’t fit at all. That’s just over 3% of the total. This is a rather amusing category, ‘exclusion’ from both genders, but a minor one.

I love to tinker with clothes items and I do enjoy the outrageous at times. Of the grand total of clothes gifts, 49% included SOMETHING I can either wear, modded or used with other things to some effect. That’s good. The one statistics I’ve forgotten to calculate is how this percentage compares with the grand totals for fems and males respectively. I’ll do that for Part 3 of this hunt coverage me thinks. So… was the hunt worthwhile? YES!!!!

Thank you all creators for all your generosity and work involved! This hunt has been fantastic. A special thank you to every one in the group and to Bar especially for the generous help it provides in times of hunting trouble.Until next time, have fun and may the day after not be a too heavy one! *Goes off for New Year’s Day lunch*

POE5 – Angel Dessous, Violator

Some more fab gifts in the Peace on Earth Hunt. Stunning avant garde jewellery from Violator, and an elegant lace full length gown from Angel Dessous, both in rich blood red, perfect for making a dramatic entrance this party season. And even better, both completely free!
There are some 200 stores in this year’s Peace on Earth Hunt, which runs till 6th January – get hunting now to find some wonderful goodies!

Find out how to take part, and see more of the gifts you can find on the POE5 blog.

POE5 – Dot-Be, Crystal Line, Angel Dessous, Styles by danielle, Rockberry


My findings on the wonderful POE5 hunt!

In this blog I will show you several items that I have found. All of them lovely and worthy of such a hunt and more. The stores involved in this years POE5 hunt are all amazing stores and generous with these beautiful gifts. They don’t only include clothing but things for your home as well as your garden. They have covered everything from Skins, Shapes, Lingerie to clothing, House wears and garden. They have even covered the Petites as well! How awesome is that!?

We are going to start off our design findings with Dot-Be. Of course I am partial to Dot-Be as I am a print model and blogger for Dot-Be designs. Not only that the owner BonieFacio is one of my beloved friends who I treasure and will till I draw my last breath of life.

Back – Detail Photobucket

Front Photobucket

Dot-Be presents us with this lovely detailed cardigan, it’s black, on the back is the word peace written inside of  a large dove. On the pocket is a rainbow colored peace sign. This stylish Cardigan from Dot-Be is warm and comfortable. You can wear it anywhere. Warm and comfy you can wear this to the office, to the store to the movies,out with friends or on a date. The soft and warm material in this cardigan is decorated with a white dove on the back with the word Peace in it. This outfit is also for POE5 (Peace On Earth Hunt 5). You can dress this up or dress it down wear it out or wear it in the choice is yours. You will love this amazing cardigan by Dot-Be!

Next we are going to see A lovely purple gown that is mixable and changeable to create five different looks!

Go Formal Photobucket

Go Classic Short Cocktail Photobucket

Go with a mini skirt version Photobucket

Go with a pant version Photobucket

And the option to go sexy! Photobucket

This amazing dress gives you five options to dress for anything that comes your way. It’s a lovely purple which is my favorite color so that is win win for me!!


This amazing dress gives you five options to dress for anything that comes your way. It’s a lovely purple which is my favorite color so that is win win for me!!

Red is sassy and you are oh so sexy, thats what this new red dress from CrystalLine is calling out! This dress is part of the POE5 hunt and is FREE. This red dress is made from soft red velvet and Suede boots embellished with chains on the ankles as an accent. This dress is casual and can be worn just about anywhere. It’s just that sexy.


Angel Dessous has put an angel out for their POE5 Gift this year. Its rich deep burgandy with it’s short lengthed opera gloves trimmed in delicate lace. The neckline trimmed in fur. Embossed gold caressing the gloves at the wrist and the bodice. Traces of see through burgandy lace kissing the skirt. This is an amazing gift from Angel Dessous, a real must have.


Styles By Danielle brings us this really nice sweater that is perfect for the Christmas season, with it’s gray sweater and red sweater cropped top with red and green embrordery. With a snow colored draw string at the neck. Finishehing the look is a paid of faded black stone washed jeans.


Joeys Mesh Cavalli Inspired Winter Gown is a soft white fabric with its flowing skirt and off the shoulder top, sleeves of thin lace soft and subtle and it’s feathery tiera topping this dress making it fit for a princess.


Ice blue tank attached to a lovely white steright skirt that is floor length, a lovely mesh dress fit for a formal affair. Adding to this divine dress to complete the look, I’ve added the following accessories. EMO-tions hair called Heaven, Zuri Rayna Ice Queen Elite Metal Gem change COPY AKERUKA Lisa Old Group Special N-coreVintage in Snow.

Face – Photobucket

Body – Photobucket


Rockberry joins POE5 again this year wiht her amazing skins. She’s given us four lovely skin choices to choose. With Skyler in Light, Natural, Tan and Dark. You can choose the look that is right for you in the tone that suits you, or your mood. The wintery eye shadow, rosey cheeks and soft kissable rosey lips makes any evening cuddled up together under a warm blanket near the fire.

POE5 – Angel Dessous, BLUSH Skin, Artic Storm, Stonewood Christmas & Stonewood Interiors

 Angel Dessous – Mimi Gown
[BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (includes Dark/Pale/Tan)
#166 *Artic Storm* Peace on Earth hunt – Sprite Purple
#013  Stonewood Interiors – Faithful Friends
#112 Stonewood Furniture – Let It Snow Cuddles Sofa