POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion

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High fashion is just getting better and better. Check this out.

For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 1

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashions gifts POE6 hunters this year with this beautifully detailed and complete outfit in keeping with her unusual and very creative stylings.

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 2

I was on my way to deliver a poisoned apple to my ugly step sisters when I found Schmelf waiting for me along the path.  I lectured him repeatedly on the dangers of being in the woods alone and wearing red in an area known for wolves who make the colour their meal of choice.  I was feigning concern while all the time hanging a pork chop around his neck and calling, “here wolfie, wolfie, wolfie …”

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 3

In return he pointed out to a killer eagle (yes just like a killer shark but with wings – go look in your Darwin evolution books if you don’t believe me) that I had stolen some feathers from his mother for my hat.

Thank heavens I have nails and know how to use them.  A girl should always be armed when attending the woods where there are both wild animals and elves.

Is it wrong to hate elves?

I have to explain to my grandkids now why grandma took all their Christmas books and scribbled out all the faces of the elves in the workshops.

Schmelf still has some ink around the ears that has not come off yet.  I am no longer allowed to use a pen unattended.

OUTFIT COMPLETE:  ALB Dream Fashion SWANTJE coat outfit & SOUTH DAKOTA boots for  POE 6

POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion, NYU

Peace on earth hunt …. ALB and Nyu

Enjoying the view out the Atomium !

Outfit : ALB ATKA  outfit & Tyler boots (POE hunt)
mask : NYU – POE6 Blog Box #072 

Atomium : Picture place

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, KittyCatS, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Diesel Works, Xen’s Hats, Legal Insanity, zanze, ALB Dream Fashion

POE6 – Men’s Fashion

Part two of my POE 6 blogging extravaganza and I thought I’d showcase some of the men’s fashion on offer. I’m really pleased with the consistent quality of gifts from our favorite designers and I’m sure you will be, too :)

First up is a top by Legal Insanity. Mesh in the standard sizing and I used the L size with no problems, alpha fitted fine. It’s a nice top with three quarter sleeves, great logo and shape. Really liked it! I’ve teamed it up with the Bradley Fedora by Xen’s Hats.  As well as this elegant fedora, designer Xenobia Foxclaw has included the Clinton flatcap for men in blue material and the Alva Headband for girls in brown wool – all controllable by a resizer with delete option.  The texture change mesh scarf by Zanze fits nicely over the top. The scarf comes in three sizes, s, m and l and it has three different textures suitable for the winter season. I chose the plaid one here in a medium size. Everything’s controlled by a useful HUD including delivery.

mens fashion 1

Something completely different by ALB Dream Fashion, a whole costume which has a Hacienda feel to it. I appreciated the mesh pants here, they had a wrinkled appearance cut into the mesh – haven’t seen this before. Hat and loose headscarf can be added separately. There’s also a clothing layer plain black vest which can be worn with the pants as another simpler option. The snail mascot is a fun touch :) Nice versatile boots, too. AnaLee Balut is spoiling us! In the same pack there’s a similar themed costume for ladies.  I used one of the poses from Diesel Works. We get four action poses in the gift – kneeling with hand on top of head, leg in air and hand to ceiling, pose from reverse hip forward and leg forward. Great for blogging.

mens fashion 4

You’ll need to adopt an ethereal shape for this stunning mesh costume by Inga Wind Clothing! I’m joking because Inga has given us a great HUD that resizes and stretches any piece of this costume ‘Angel of Peace’ – wonderful! The winds flap when you fly which is great fun and the globe has an inbuilt animation as shown. Not all angels have white skin!
(Hair is Exile – Far Behind, Men’s Bare Feet 2.0 by Cathy Foil)

mens fashion 2

Inga’s ‘Angel of Peace’ costume again. KittyCatS gift,  ’Peace Angel’ – an animated revolving kitty chases a halo all around the top of your avatar – extreme cuteness! The pose used is from Wicca’s Wardrobe gift, a set of four angelic poses – two ladies, two gents – but can be used for both genders in practice. I was most impressed with these poses, they looked stylish and accurate :)

mens fashion 3

That’s all for now. Good hunting and cheers m’dears!

POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion, Blush Skins, White Widow, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, ShuShu, .:EMO-tions:.

POE 6 2013 Post 4 on Lamu!

by Genevieve Kamala

Today I am back home!  I took the photos for this post literally round the corner from my sl home!

ALB FASHION for POE 6 outfit 1

ALB Fashion participates once more in POE Hunt with a magnificent outfit that is wearable in different ways, here I show you only 2 of them! From head to feet this is a perfect attire if you want to be elegant, yet fierce.

ALB SWANTJE coat and South Dakota boots for POE6
outfit 1 with flexi skirt and hijab, Alb jewel
outfit 2 with socks, leg warmers and old west hat

ALB FASHION for POE 6 outfit 2

SKIN BLUSH Rae skin dark nude

MAKE UP : WHITE WIDOW Face tattoo Earth black and pink and black, BDBA peace on earth blush and matte lipsticks,

ShuShu, also based on Lamu Island, offers a quirky and very enjoyable outfit, complete with shoes and beanie as well, it is fun to wear it in a devil may care way.



SHU SHU DARE outfit for POE 6 with boots, top, skirt, jacket, leg warmers and beanie
SKIN BLUSH Rae skin tan nude
MAKE UP BDBA peace on earth blush and matte lipsticks,
JEWELS Shushu necklace, EMOTIONS The Promise necklace and earrings




POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion

ALB Dream Fashion

Alb Dream – Peace On Earth 6 #013 – Swantje Coat Outfit & South Dakota Boots.
O conjunto completo com botas em mesh é o prêmio nº 013 para a Caçada POE6.

by Cristina Santos às 12/04/2013 12:58:00 AM

POE5 – ALB Dream Fashion, Fulo, The Muse Poses, Snowpaws, Eclectica, Sascha’s Design, Violator

The clock is tick, tick, ticking.  The Peace on Earth Hunt wraps up for another year at 11:59pm Sunday Jan 6th. Here is a glimpse of some of the elegance you can find from our talented hunt designers. These beauties are certainly worth the hunt.


Styling 1

Gown: Mirelle Gown and Hair Accessory – ALB  for POE

Jewelry: Passion – Fulo for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE


POE Snowpaws

Styling 2:

Dress: Serenity Ballet – Snowpaws for POE

Jewelry: Harikoa Jewelry – Eclectica for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE



Styling 3:

Gown: Sascha Designs for POE

Jewelry: Peace – Blood: Violator for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE


Here is your taxi to the first hunt location, Sequoia Style, and please click the hunt poster below to see all the goodies and hunt hints at the official POE5 hunt blog.


POE5 – ALB Dream Fashion

POE5 ALB Mirelle Gown

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has 4 more days! Love the ALB Dream Fashion Hunt Gift, Mirelle…had to get out my gypsy wagon! The dress has been blogged several times..but i had not tried it on until now.  The dress brings out the free spirit in you!!!  There is a shawl and several options for wearing the dress. You will love it too!! Dont delay for long as this very pretty and unusual dress will only be  available until January 6th.   Don’t drag your heels and wait till the last-minute to hunt for this dress and all the other amazing gifts!

POE5 – Alb Dream Fashion & The Muse Poses

Alb Dream Fashion – Peace on Earth Hunt 5: #033 – Mirelle + Pippin – Amazing dress! There is a male outfit, too. Belíssimo vestido, prêmio nº 033 da Caçada Peace on Earth 5. Existe, também, um magnífico conjunto completo para homens. Não mostrado na foto.
The Muse Poses – Peace on Earth Hunt 5: # 044 – Peace poses (set with 5) Conjunto de 5 poses é o prêmio nº 044 da Caçada POE5.