POE6 – Couture Chapeau, {{BSD Design studio}}, Sassy!, Dahlinks

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 1

Couture Chapeau has created this awesome top hat which I think is magical on account of the fact that when I put it on I feel like I can command elephants and tigers!!

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 2

BabyChampagne Sass of BSD Design Studio put in these awesome peep toes which, like all her shoes, are fab and your toes are always soooo excited when they get to peep.  Who doesn’t love peeping??    Ivy Burner of Sassy did this beautiful Asian inspired dress that is just so pretty and different for your Holiday Season.  Nice to have some other colours to choose from.

Alexandra Nichols of Dahlinks designed a Unisex bracelet that goes with absolutely everything and can carry dress up and more casual looks.

Schmelf found a friend.  I didn’t want to point out that he wasn’t really nodding along with everything Schmelf said, it is just that he is missing some of his stuffing and his head flops.  That tends to happen to Teddy bears quite often.   I think this could be some of the issues with some men I know … I mean it would be the same right?  Not enough brains … floppy head ….

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 3
I am encouraging Schmelf to make new friends.  There are other people out here besides Elves and reindeer.  I think it is healthy.  I told him as soon as I saw the note that the bear wanted him to go flying with him that he should hitch his star right on up to that helium balloon and go for it.
Now I just have to convince him to drop the bear and he will be somewhere over the rainbow in no time ….  There are bluebirds over there and I can hear them calling his name ….
HAT:  Couture Chapeau for POE 6
DRESS:  SASSY Qipao Dress for POE 6
BRACELET:  dahlinks bracelet Dreamtme Unisex for POE 6
SHOES:  {{BSD Design studio}}IT girl-shinning black In  for POE 6


POE6 – Sassy!, Elysium Skins & Apparel, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, Dahlinks

Mis Post para POE6 #4


He empezado el post con la canción que acabo de encontrar. Say something… Hay veces que por h o por b, las cosas parecen encajar más que otras. Creo que la explicación científica es que cuando algo nos toca por algo, o nos preoucpa, o nos alegra, nuestro inconsciente está alerta para percibirlo y avisar a nuestro cerebro consciente. Tal vez para mi hoy ha sido un dia de mucho hablar y decir, y ese “say something” ha saltado a mi yo consciente, y desde él, hasta aquí. Y por no solo “decir algo” hablaré de Poe que bien se merece que se le digan muchas cosas…


Hoy traigo unas cuantas cosas de la cacería por excelencia en SL. El vestido de corte oriental regalo de Sassy, y los zapatos, en rojo o en verde de Elyisum. Dentro del pack de regalo de Chop Zuey tenemos los pendientes y el brazalete, que no se llega a apreciar en la foto. Además el pack incluye un collar de gemas grandes en tonos verdes precioso. De la cacería también es la pulsera de la mano izquierda, en version masculina y femenina, esta vez de Dahlinks.


~Sassy!~ Qipao dress S – teal – POE6 #126
Elyisum – Billie pumps – POE6 #183
Chop Zuey POE Womens Gift – The Lazy Mist Set- POE6 #183
(Dahlinks )Dreamtime Unisex Bracelet L

POE6 – Sassy!

Finding Peace At Sassy!

December 3, 2013 by 

Good morning Fabulouses 🙂  I have another Peace on Earth Hunt prize to share with you before I brave the snow and ice to head to RL work today.

At Sassy!, the POE6 prize is the Qipao Mesh Dress.  This dress is beautifully textured in a pretty shade of teal and features a mandarin style neckline.


Love is wearing…

Dress – Sassy! Qipao Dress (free / 0L / POE6)

POE6 – Sterling Artistry, ~Sassy!~, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, LavandaChic, Nailed It, Dahlinks, .:EMO-tions..

Peace On Earth


Eyes: *Sterling Artistry ~ Eyes CRYSTAL FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Qipao dress  – teal FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Earrings & Necklace: .:EMO-tions.. * THE PROMISE *  FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Bangles: (Dahlinks ) Dreamtime Unisex Bracelet FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Nails Appliers: Nailed It – Slink – PoE Asia & Oceania Set HUD FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Bag: LavandaChic* Kokeshi Peace & Love* Blue FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)

Shoes: Lindy MJ Flats FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT (untill january 6th)


POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, Dulce Secrets, Rockberry, KRB Skins, Amacci, Beloved Jewelry, Sassy, Zibska, Glitterati, Dragon Charm Designs, Paisley Daisy

Skin:  KRB Skins – Astrid – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown:  Sascha Designs – Peace on Earth 2012 – POE Hunt (0L)
Jewelry: Beloved Jewelry – Chantalle Gold/Ruby Set – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: [Rockberry] – Skylar – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown: ~Sassy!~ – MESH Whitney – POE Hunt (0L)
Collar: Zibska – Ouida collar – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: Amacci – Oleana Winter – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown:  ! Glittertari ! – Peace Angel – POE Hunt (0L)
Necklace: Dragon Charm Designs – Malala – POE Hunt (0L)

Skin: Dulce Secrets – Glo Malibu Winter Glitter – POE Hunt (0L)
Gown: Paisley Daisy – Joey’s Mesh Cavalli Inspired Winter Gown – POE Hunt (0L)

POE5 – Blush, Ample Avi, Sassy, Timelines Vintage Couture, Ear Candy, Winter Super Wonderland, Kismet, Muse Poses

Original post by Harper Beresford

Gifts to Make You Smile

Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Teresa

Gifts to Make You Smile

The Peace on Earth hunt begins tomorrow at over 200 stores and the gifts that I have seen are incredible. Take, for example, this glittering ball gown from Ivy Burner. I mean, this is a gift???  Are you kidding? I would pay good money for this! With its beautifully texture bodice and swirling iridescent skirts, it’s worth far more than the time it will take to find it hidden at Sassy. Add the jewelry I show from Maeve Mortlock and Geeb Snowpaw, and you have beautiful pieces for the cost of what? A few minutes of time doing the fun of hunting.

Gifts to Make You Smile

The hunt also has several skins. This skin by Marie Whitfield is a wonderful example of the generosity of skin makers. With three tones, each with two cleavage options, it’s quite a score. I am wearing the skin on a shape from Xme Xue, who makes my favorite plus-sized avatar shapes. They always have beautiful faces, sexy curves, and proportionate silhouettes.

Several creators are giving out décor rather than avatar items. I show a birdbath from Ittibitti Monday and a gorgeous fountain from Cierra Anatine. The fountain itself is worth quite a bit with Cierra’s beautful textures and would be lovely in any décor.

Gifts to Make You Smile

“I don’t know what’s in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.” ~ Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible


Skin: [BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (Enhanced Cleavage) by Marie Whitfield for [BLUSH], available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Shape: !  Ample Avi – TRYSTE – POE5 Gift by Xme Xue for Ample Avi, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Gown:  ~Sassy!~ Whitney gown – sky by Ivy Burner for ~Sassy!~, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Necklace: Timelines vintage necklace – Peace On Earth 2012 by Geeb Snowpaw for Timelines Vintage Couture, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ POE 2012 Earring by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Birdbath: Half globe birdbath with animated doves by Ittibitti Monday for ! Winter Super Wonderland, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Fountain: *K* Florentine Dove Fountain by Cierra Anatine for Kismet, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Poses by Audrey Cresci for The Muse Poses, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *