POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing


(Vestido,alas,paloma,bola del mundo,halo)
*IW*  Angel of Peace 0L  para POE6

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, White Widow, Melu Deco, Shattered, Jewelry by Jake, PRISM Designs, PurpleMoon Creations, [CIRCA], Angel Dessous, Kunglers, EMO-tions

Blog post #151 .:EMO-tions:. is a stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt

And this is what you’ll get if you visit .:EMO-tions:., between 12/01/13-01/06/14.

Blog post #150 (Kunglers)

The next stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt is (Kunglers). Let’s see what the gifts here is.

Blog post #149 Angel Dessous

“Santa baby, please slip this under the tree for me…)

Blog post #148 [CIRCA]

Nothing like going camping on Christmas and playing some tunes on your new guitar, right? Well, check this out from [CIRCA].

Blog post #147 PurpleMoon Creations

Finally a blog post prominently featuring one of my favorite stores: PurpleMoon Creations. I’ll let the picture do most of the talking.

Blog post #146 PRIsM Designs is offering a prize for the Peace On Earth Hunt

And here it is.

Blog post #145 Christmas has arrived at Jewelry by Jake

Take a look!

Blog post #144 Shattered

I’ve never been a Neko before. So when i got this set as a present for the Peace On Earth Hunt from Shattered, i was determined to make a great outfit. Here’s what i came up with.

Blog post #143 Melu Deco

Christmas is next week. Are you ready for it? No? Then go get this gift for the Peace On Earth Hunt, from Melu Decor.


Blog post #142 White Widow

For days when you don’t feel confident about your outfit and/or accessories. With the right makeup, you can go from drab to fab. Here’s one example.

Blog post #141 Inga Wind Clothing

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a angel. However there is now for us angel wannabes! This prize from Inga Wild Clothing, for the Peace On Earth Hunt, may set us on the right path to earning our real angel wings. Check it out.

For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Peace on Earth, the Angels Sing….

Glory to the new born king!

I love listening to churchie Christmas music. I was raised Catholic and always enjoyed the Christmas season. The smells, the vibes, and the music. So warm and peaceful.
I am now half way done with finding these amazing hunt prizes and started going though some of them. I found this lovely angel outfit that I can use for costumes in the future. Inside of the Igna Wind Clothing is a dress, halo, wings, dove, and globe.

Emily is wearing:
Dress & accessories – Inga Wind Clothing Angel of Peace (Free/0L/POE6)


POE6 – Diamond Style, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 1

Cristal Triellis of Diamond Style has provide POE hunters this year with a lovely skin while Inga Wind has done what she does best – a beautiful Peace Angel outfit complete with the world in your hands and a dove for your shoulder.  I mean top that.

What did you get for Christmas?
The Whole World …. and a peace dove.  Stick that in your ear Mary Beth Anderson.

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 2
Love the jewellery by Kmbra McMillan of Beloved Jewelry.  It comes with options for a jewel or not.  Very versatile.Hey who is in charge of the whole elf assignment anyway?  I mean there has to be what, like a trillion of the little dudes?  How come I got Mr. RulesandRighteousness instead of a cool elf like Will Ferrell?  He would have been a fun elf.  He would have led me astray.  I wanna go to astray at some point in my life.  It is on my bucket list.  How come my dreams never come true?

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 3
You know they really stereotype birds.  Doves can be pretty vicious, especially if you question them on exactly how they plan on accomplishing all this peace the world attributes to them.  Like don’t get me wrong, white and fluttering wings can be pretty and soft and dreamy and shit but we kind of need like laser rays that can penetrate idiotic political brains at this point.  But kudos on your handling of the yappy elf although … it wasn’t very peaceful … there was a lot of screaming ….

SKIN:  *Diamond Style for POE 6
ANGEL OUTFIT:  Inga Wind *IW* Angel of Peace for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Beloved Jewelry : Noel Jewelry Set for POE 6

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, KittyCatS, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Diesel Works, Xen’s Hats, Legal Insanity, zanze, ALB Dream Fashion

POE6 – Men’s Fashion

Part two of my POE 6 blogging extravaganza and I thought I’d showcase some of the men’s fashion on offer. I’m really pleased with the consistent quality of gifts from our favorite designers and I’m sure you will be, too :)

First up is a top by Legal Insanity. Mesh in the standard sizing and I used the L size with no problems, alpha fitted fine. It’s a nice top with three quarter sleeves, great logo and shape. Really liked it! I’ve teamed it up with the Bradley Fedora by Xen’s Hats.  As well as this elegant fedora, designer Xenobia Foxclaw has included the Clinton flatcap for men in blue material and the Alva Headband for girls in brown wool – all controllable by a resizer with delete option.  The texture change mesh scarf by Zanze fits nicely over the top. The scarf comes in three sizes, s, m and l and it has three different textures suitable for the winter season. I chose the plaid one here in a medium size. Everything’s controlled by a useful HUD including delivery.

mens fashion 1

Something completely different by ALB Dream Fashion, a whole costume which has a Hacienda feel to it. I appreciated the mesh pants here, they had a wrinkled appearance cut into the mesh – haven’t seen this before. Hat and loose headscarf can be added separately. There’s also a clothing layer plain black vest which can be worn with the pants as another simpler option. The snail mascot is a fun touch :) Nice versatile boots, too. AnaLee Balut is spoiling us! In the same pack there’s a similar themed costume for ladies.  I used one of the poses from Diesel Works. We get four action poses in the gift – kneeling with hand on top of head, leg in air and hand to ceiling, pose from reverse hip forward and leg forward. Great for blogging.

mens fashion 4

You’ll need to adopt an ethereal shape for this stunning mesh costume by Inga Wind Clothing! I’m joking because Inga has given us a great HUD that resizes and stretches any piece of this costume ‘Angel of Peace’ – wonderful! The winds flap when you fly which is great fun and the globe has an inbuilt animation as shown. Not all angels have white skin!
(Hair is Exile – Far Behind, Men’s Bare Feet 2.0 by Cathy Foil)

mens fashion 2

Inga’s ‘Angel of Peace’ costume again. KittyCatS gift,  ’Peace Angel’ – an animated revolving kitty chases a halo all around the top of your avatar – extreme cuteness! The pose used is from Wicca’s Wardrobe gift, a set of four angelic poses – two ladies, two gents – but can be used for both genders in practice. I was most impressed with these poses, they looked stylish and accurate :)

mens fashion 3

That’s all for now. Good hunting and cheers m’dears!

POE6 – Snowpaws, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, {{BSD Design Studio}}, MIAMAI

Peace on Earth ~ More Goodness

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For those of us who still love flexis, Snowpaws’s POE gift “Epais” fits the bill.  The dress is lovely, lady-like,  upscale.  Pairing it with another POE find — these edgy “IT Girl” POE gift from BSD — positively makes me smile.  Every year, the POE hunt contains wonderful gifts that surprise and delight.  This year is no exception.  If you haven’t yet started the hunt, you really should.  There’s *alot* of goodness in it.  Hit those slurls at the end of this post and get yours!

POE flex back

POE shoes

POE6 items:

  • Dress:  ”Epais” by Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws
  • Stockings: “All that Glitters” from Monica Outlander of Miamai
  • Shoes: “IT Girl” by BabyChampagne Sass of BSD Design
  • Halo: from “Angel of Peace” outfit by Inga Wind of IW Inga Wind Clothing
  • Jewelry Set:  ”Lazy Mist” from  Chop Zuey

POE6 – MIAMAI, Dulce Skins, PRIME, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography, *IW* Inga Wind Clothing


The Peace On Earth Hunt has started!!!! The Hunt will run until January 6th.

I am honored to be asked to blog for Peace on Earth for the 2nd time.   Thank you everyone behind the scenes, bloggers and designers for participating in this very important event.

Special thanks to Sequoia Nightfire for putting together the POE hunt and working so hard behind the scenes.

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is my gift back to Second Life. The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talented designers, across the grid with the hope to reach all SL communities. Not only will it showcase the many talented designers, but will allow them to also give back to the entire community of Second Life during the festive holiday season.

Check out what you can find…………


MIAMAI_AllThatGlitter Stockings 6 pairs (comes with HUDs for slink mesh feet)

PRIME – 2 Christmas Chairs – Red and White

SPECIAL JEWEL – Holiday Peace Lily Original art

*IW* Angel of Peace dress, wings and globe

DULCE SECRETS – snowee blue ice frozen skin

POE Gridwide Hunt


POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, +:+WTG+:+, Zinner Shapes

IW – WTG – Zinner Shapes

IW – POE6#018: Angel of Peace outfit with halo, dove, wings, laurel – Divine outfit!
A belíssima roupa de anjo vem com a auréola, pomba, asas e coroa de louros. E é o prêmio nº 018 desta loja para a Caçada POE6.

WTG – POE6#016: Holy Gold Set (necklace, earrings, nails). Amazing nails!!!
O conjunto de jóias vem com colar, brincos e unhas lindíssimas ricamente ornamentadas. Adorei!!!  São o prêmio nº 016 da Caçada POE6.

Zinner Shapes – POE6 #069: Niara model shape.  5 mesh sizes.  Style card included. Specially created for Peace on Earth 6.  There is a male shape, too.
Niara foi criada especialmente para a Caçada Peace on Earth 6 e é um shape para modelos. Vem em 5 tamanhos. Style Card incluso.  Também criei a versão masculina que vem no mesmo pacote.

POE5 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, SEQUOIASTYLE, ALB Dream, GizzA, je suis…

Hi all my friends and Happy Holidays! You have been so busy running around and doing for everyone else you love. I hope you can take a little time to do for You too! I am happy to say that the Peace on Earth Hunt is still going.

(editors note:* POE5 runs until the last official day of the Christmas season January 6th.)

Take some me time and grab some sweet gift made just for you from across the grid. Today I have several New Designs to show you. Names are below the pictures.


*IW* Inga Wind Clothing Kim in White [*] SEQUOIASTYLE – Holiday Snowbird Jewelry Set [*]




GizzA LolliPop Dress [*] Lady Earth Butterfly Head Piece [*] je suis…brillante “ombre” bangle