POE5 – October’s Trending Fashion Chamber , [CIRCA] Living , ArisAris, Stonewood Interiors, [ROCKBERRY], Boho Hobo, je suis…, Ooh-la-licious, aDORKable Poses

Ok, still have 2 full days to hunt, so take advantage of your weekend, I’m still opening all the amazing stuff that I get to blog, is like 200 products, from hair, skins, poses, outfits to decorations and even a skybox!, and all for freeee.
Today and tomorrow will show you a lot of more so stay tuned and start to hunt 🙂
I’m trying to post all that I can, some of the products are nice Xmas things,
grab them and use them in your next Holiday they are lovely and well done.

Boho Hobo
aDORKable Poses
BoHo HoBo Peace on Earth Cardigan
aDORKable Poses: Freeze #3
Ooh-la-licious POE/Chocolate/Cranberry Panache! Skin
Stonewood Interiors
je suis…
ArisAris Igs23 mistletoe Dress
Stonewood Interiors – Faithful Friends Scene
[ROCKBERRY] Skyler/POE 5/natural/BLD Skin
je suis…brillante “ombre” bangle *exclusive for POE5 (l)
October’s Trending Fashion Chamber
[CIRCA] Living
Captive Designs – Sparkle Group Gift – OFTC
[ROCKBERRY] Skyler/POE 5/tan/Clv/BLD
[CIRCA] Living furniture set
Peace On Earth begins here


POE5 – BoHo HoBo, Eclectica, Meena, je suis, Dulce Secrets, KaTink


Estoy asustada porque así sin enterarme ya estamos en las Navidades, y con ellas,¡Cómo no! las cazas llenitas de regalos navideños y entrañables.

Y una de ellas, de las más importantes por sus regalos, por la cantidad de firmas que colaboran y por la de años (5 ya) es la Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt, POE para los amigos.

Hoy os traigo unos cuantos regalos de ellos y también novedades a tener en cuenta a la hora de nuestras compras de Navidad.



Porque hay una cantidad extraordinaria de regalos para la caza, unos 200 mas o menos, y son de todo tipo.

Poses, ropa, joyas, cabellos, escenarios… en fín. De todo que puedas imaginarte y para ambos sexos.

Bienvenidos de nuevo a las … FELICES NAVIDADES!


POE5 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, SEQUOIASTYLE, ALB Dream, GizzA, je suis…

Hi all my friends and Happy Holidays! You have been so busy running around and doing for everyone else you love. I hope you can take a little time to do for You too! I am happy to say that the Peace on Earth Hunt is still going.

(editors note:* POE5 runs until the last official day of the Christmas season January 6th.)

Take some me time and grab some sweet gift made just for you from across the grid. Today I have several New Designs to show you. Names are below the pictures.


*IW* Inga Wind Clothing Kim in White [*] SEQUOIASTYLE – Holiday Snowbird Jewelry Set [*]




GizzA LolliPop Dress [*] Lady Earth Butterfly Head Piece [*] je suis…brillante “ombre” bangle

POE5 – Je Suis, caLLie cLine, Schwarz, Piddler’s Perch

POE5  19  Je Suis, caLLie cLine, Schwarz, Piddler's Perch 1

Never underestimate the opportunities to perform at Christmas time.

POE5  19  Je Suis, caLLie cLine, Schwarz, Piddler's Perch 2

Once you pack 300 people into your Grandmother’s trailer, the chances of them escaping is slim to none. It is a great time to crack out your favourite karaoke songs. Just make sure you get a good grip on the mic and never underestimate the elderly when they see a chance to sing. I like to bring along some duct tape just to keep grandma from singing along with me. She thinks everything anyone sings is “Bringing In the Sheaves.”
You can also show people your ability to stand on your head and still drink beer. It gives you a great excuse to be drinking earlier than allowed.

POE5  19  Je Suis, caLLie cLine, Schwarz, Piddler's Perch 3
And finally, Magicians who can make small children high on sugar and light on sleep disappear is always a big holiday season party favourite.

BRACELET:  je suis…brillante “ombre” bangle *exclusive for POE5
OUTFIT:  POE5 box #160 – Schwarz
FURNITURE:  POE5  Piddler’s Perch
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