Silken Moon, ~Eclectica Jewelry~, BlueMoon Enterprise, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Peace on Earth hunt

This is the 6th year for the POE hunt and I was so honored to have Sequoia Nightfire ask me to blog for the hunt this year. This is the first time I’ve blogged a hunt this big! I’m really excited and a little nervous, but I hope I put together some incredible photos and posts that you’ll remember and encourage you to do the hunt.


The hunt starts tomorrow, Dec 1 and lasts until Jan 6th. Probably the biggest hunt in all of Second Life with more than 200 designers! So while you have plenty of time, it’s best to get started asap. Be sure to tell your friends about it and most of all, have fun.


I’ve put together an outfit using several hunt items to create my version of a ‘Snow Angel’. The skirt from BlueMoon Enterprise is simply incredible. It features a little scene of a cabin in the snow and comes with several options, snow/light and more. The wings and halo I’m wearing are from Inga Wind, the hunt item you get is actually a full outfit, but again I used several pieces to create one outfit. My necklace is also a POE6 hunt item from Eclectica, and my eyebrows are from Silken Moon.

Again I hope you guys enjoy this hunt and that it brings you some peace during the holidays.
For more information on the hunt please check [HERE].

POE6 Hunt items
Silken Moon – Ice Angel eyebrows
Eclectica – Pendant
BlueMoon Enterprise – Peace on Earth Dress
*IW* Inga Wind – Angel of Peace


POE5 – ALB Dream Fashion, Fulo, The Muse Poses, Snowpaws, Eclectica, Sascha’s Design, Violator

The clock is tick, tick, ticking.  The Peace on Earth Hunt wraps up for another year at 11:59pm Sunday Jan 6th. Here is a glimpse of some of the elegance you can find from our talented hunt designers. These beauties are certainly worth the hunt.


Styling 1

Gown: Mirelle Gown and Hair Accessory – ALB  for POE

Jewelry: Passion – Fulo for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE


POE Snowpaws

Styling 2:

Dress: Serenity Ballet – Snowpaws for POE

Jewelry: Harikoa Jewelry – Eclectica for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE



Styling 3:

Gown: Sascha Designs for POE

Jewelry: Peace – Blood: Violator for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE


Here is your taxi to the first hunt location, Sequoia Style, and please click the hunt poster below to see all the goodies and hunt hints at the official POE5 hunt blog.


POE5 – BoHo HoBo, Eclectica, Meena, je suis, Dulce Secrets, KaTink


Estoy asustada porque así sin enterarme ya estamos en las Navidades, y con ellas,¡Cómo no! las cazas llenitas de regalos navideños y entrañables.

Y una de ellas, de las más importantes por sus regalos, por la cantidad de firmas que colaboran y por la de años (5 ya) es la Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt, POE para los amigos.

Hoy os traigo unos cuantos regalos de ellos y también novedades a tener en cuenta a la hora de nuestras compras de Navidad.



Porque hay una cantidad extraordinaria de regalos para la caza, unos 200 mas o menos, y son de todo tipo.

Poses, ropa, joyas, cabellos, escenarios… en fín. De todo que puedas imaginarte y para ambos sexos.

Bienvenidos de nuevo a las … FELICES NAVIDADES!


POE5 – Eclectica, *IW* Inga Wind


FROST Jesylilo-Adoness-KMADD + POE5 Eclectica
Collar + Pendientes: Eclectica ‘Harikoa’ – FREE !!! – Caceria: POE5 Hunt  *(Buscar la bola del mundo)
FROST Jesylilo+Adoness POE5 Eclectica+IW
Conjunto completo: Inga Wind – *IW* Kim in White – FREE !!! – Caceria: POE5 Hunt
KMADD With Love Hunt + POE5 Hunt IW
Camisa + Pantalón: Inga Wind – *IW* for men – Theo in RedBlack – FREE !!! – Caceria: POE5 Hunt  *(Incluye unas deportivas)

POE5 – Blush Skins, ChiChickie! Hair, Eclectica, ADORKable poses, zen creations, Piddlers Perch, Special Jewell”s Photography, & Fatal Ecletic Fashions

Blush Skins is offering 6 different variations of  Selma skin as their POE hunt gift this year.

ChiChickie! Hair brings you  – Serafina – All Color Hair.  Multiple variations of colors in this fatpack, including texture changer

Eclectica ‘Harikoa’ jewelry comes with ring, necklace and earrings.

ADORKable poses gives you 6 poses in their gift box.

zen creations globe chair has multiple sitting animations

Piddlers Perch Mesh Living Room gives you table, chair, loveseat, fireplace, lamp and rug.  The fire place door opens and closes at the touch of a button.  Multiple sitting positions in the love seat and chair as well.

Special Bears Framed Holiday Art by Jewell”s Photography

Fatal Ecletic Fashions gives you this awesome outfit consisting of Mesh sweater Dress, Leggins and Knee high sneaker boots.

Have fun on the hunt and have a Merry Christmas from POE staff & bloggers