POE5 – Secrets of Gaia, AlaFolie

POE5  13 Secrets of Gaia, AlaFolie 1

When attending family Reviews of Your Life This Past Year Christmas Parties, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your survival.

POE5  13 Secrets of Gaia, AlaFolie 2

One should never sit too close to the Aunt who insists on pinching your cheeks – that is a given … and of course never sit too close to Grandma because someone has to chew her meat for her.
You can also suck it up and for once in your life dress modestly. (go ahead and look that up in the dictionary, I can wait …) If there was ever a time for sensible underwear and and longer skirts this is it. You know someone is going to walk in on you in the bathroom … most likely Uncle Jethro (again) so you either want those plain white cotton things, OR a skirt that you can cover yourself with as you sit.
I usually go for the skirt …
It also avoids a lot of those stories that start with, “Back in my day young women never ….” which is usually a story about young women that these people heard of or read about – they just think they can get away with it because most of their partners in crime are no longer with us.  You will be able to tell those made up stories some day too … when you are older … and someone passes you the “making all the young people’s lives miserable” baton.

If you don’t have one that long I recommend draping a table cloth and using a nice belt. If it is crocheted … even better … both lace and crochet are big this year.
Skip the doilies though … the pineapples never hit you where they should …

POE5  13 Secrets of Gaia, AlaFolie 3

JEWELLERY:  POE5Secrets of Gaia
DRESS:  POE5AlaFolie

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