POE6 – GizzA, BamPu Legacies, +:+WTG+:+


POE6 Post 26 WTG, Gizza Creations, BamPu Legacies

POE6 Post 26 WTG, Gizza Creations, BamPu 1

Tosy Xue of WTG has gifted us all with the most gorgeous gold jewellery set complete with nails.  AND easy nails.  Love easy to fit nails that you just put on and go.  AND unlike real life nails that hurt like heck when you have to rip them off, these ones are painless.

POE6 Post 26 WTG, Gizza Creations, BamPu 2

Giz Seorn of Gizza Creations offers this flirty little cocktail dress that sparkles as you twirl and everyone should twirl as much as possible at Christmas time.  I taped Schmelf onto the mixer and let ‘er rip and he “twirled” a lot.  He also threw up a lot.  I tried throwing some sparkle to cheer him up … make a note … throwing up may be the one thing NOT made better by sparkles.

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Creations did all the rest of the cool things you see in this picture.  I love the turquoise in the Christmas decorations and the whimsy of her picture.  The Gold fish is a bonus for joining the group.

POE6 Post 26 WTG, Gizza Creations, BamPu 3
I don’t think Schmelfy likes me very much.  I heard him on the phone with his Elf rep complaining that he needed some time off or he might just tank it completely.  I think I am going to be assigned a substitute elf for awhile.    He said he think I might be “beyond redemption.”  I think that is the same term my kindergarten teacher used.  Amazing how perceptive some people are huh?
JEWELLERY:  +:+WTG+:+ **Holy Gold** set  for POE 6
DRESS:  Gizza Creations  for POE 6
TREE SETTING ETC:  BC~JACQUALICIOUS Christmas Decor~BamPu Creations for POE 6


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