POE6 – eXplicite Designs, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, An Lema, Park Place Home Decor, Melu Deco, MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants, Geniwan, Dench Designs, PRIME, True North Designs, Weekend Salvage, Joyus Living & LM Malaspina, Sway’s, Nexus Arts, SEQUOIASTYLE

The last day of the Peace On Earth Hunt and a lovely Room

POE ROOM 1_005

Poe House_003

T’was the month following Christmas, my true love said to me, undeck the halls, and put away the tree! The Peace On Earth Hunt has been amazing!!! Where has the time gone!!! Today is the last day of the hunt and there were over 200 gifts this year…such generosity! While I was out today, hunters were too, some asking if the gifts were still out where I was and of course they were! I wanted to do a final room with some of the POE6 furnishings to show how lovely they looked together. You do not have to limit yourself to having them out only at Christmas time! I was trying to tell a hunter this, and decided the best way was just to show! The POE designers are among the best in Second Life and made high quality gifts for us all to enjoy and most importantly, to use!

Poe House_004

Poe House_005

Poe House_006

Look how well the room flows together..it has such an lovely warm eclectic look!  If you have no money in Second Life for things, to make you feel at home, just look at the designs within this room. There is still some time left before the end of the day to locate these awesome gifts!

I wish to thank you, Sequoia, for caring enough to have this phenomenal annual hunt each year! You work so hard to bring this to the residents of Second Life and make it look effortlessly! You have no idea how many people you actually help, with the Peace On Earth Hunt! Some people come to Second Life who do not have much in real life, and because of you and the fabulous designers, who give generously of their creations and time, allow people to have dignity and a amazing sense of style, with the beautiful clothes, accessories, furniture, homes, home decor, and so many things that have been part of the Peace On Earth Hunts throughout the years that you and they so unselfishly give! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

This room contains furnishings and decor found on the POE6 HUNT…
eXplicite Designs POE6 BED / Cuddle menu
Holiday Peace Lily ~ Original Art by Special Jewell
..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Arm Chair [Plum]
[PP] Cottage Dining Table & Decor, rug by An Lema
[Park Place] “The River”
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace and Candles
Art Deco Xmas Glass Plate, Bowl, and Vase by Melu Deco
MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants
POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
Peace on Earth Lamp and Table by An Lema
*Dench Designs* POE Sofa
..::IDC::.. “Looking For Santa” Timekeeper Clock
LM Malaspina “Peace on Earth MMXIII” Rococo Cabinet
Christmas Chairs (Red) for PoE6 by PRIME
..::IDC::.. Vintage Holiday Radio and Table
Sway’s Shelf [yin] (with decoration)
Joyus Living POE6 Gift Mesh Harp
Peace on Earth Player Piano by True North Designs
This is as festive as I get Signs, by Nexus Arts
[WS] Wishing Window Christmas by Weekend Salvage

I used my LeeZu Singleroom Skybox and everything looks just like….home!

I wish you all, the best of healthy, to be safe and to prosper in this new year 2014!





POE6 – Glitterati by Sapphire, .::[NerdMonkey]::., ORAGE, KittyCats!, Weekend Salvage

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 1

I can’t be sure, but I think I am losing my mind.  Can any of you see the Schmelf in these pics or is he just in my head??  Because my mother in law looks at me like I need to be committed whenever I tell her not to talk so loud because the Schmelf is always listening.  Hello it’s Christmas.  This is not rocket science.  Forget Big Brother, worry about the bloody elves.

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 2

How about the cat – can you see the flying cat?  Callie Cline from KittyCats came up with this cute version of a feline angel for the holidays.  I hope to train it to turn from mice to elves.  It will be more fun for the cat … and me …  At first I thought the cat was blowing smoke rings but when I shook the box repeatedly no cigarettes fell out of it so ya .. it is an angel cat or a cangel or an angat of something like that.  I just call it “fluffy.”

If the cat is untrainable I have this kick ass boots from Elettra Gausman of Orage Creations.  I think I can imitate a giraffe with them and that should steer the police away from suspecting me at all should an unfortunate drive by giraffing happen to a certain elf.

OR Thanya Marabana has a whole selection of nifty scarves except it is hard to pull them tight enough around a scrawny neck to get the pressure you would need to actually recreate a “Silent Night.”

My mother in law looked at the outfit from Sapphire Teebrook of Glitterati by Sapphire and made some snide comment about me not being able to handle scissors and only an idiot cuts wrapping paper on her pants.  I made sure the Schmelf put down a couple of black marks for that comment, and then I cried and talked about ending it all and he put down a couple more.  I am thinking I might be able to work this “supervisory companion” to my advantage.

POE 6 Post 15 Glitterati by Sapphire, Nerdmonkey, Orage Creations, KittyCats, Weekend Salvage 3
And how cute is this whole setting with the rug, the window seat and book case, the tree, the floor pillow and the frosted window?  That is by Raeyn Sirnah of Weekend Salvage.  Most of these settings for POE6 have poses for male or female and of course couples … what is Christmas without rubbing salt in the wounds that you don’t have a significant other and your biological clock is ticking and there are no babies yet??
Oh ya and don’t go licking the window …I spent most of the evening with my tongue stuck to it and having to listen to a certain annoying squeaky voiced Schmelf explaining to the paramedics that they were going to have to bring the jaws of life and then telling me he thought they might have to amputate my lips and nose. He claims that is what happened to the Grinch.  He used to be a SL fashionista before he licked a window pane and lost his face.
Here kitty kitty kitty … smell the elf … I doused him in cat nip ….

SHOES:  [orage] Peace Xmas Daf 12 ankle boots  for  POE 6
CAT:  KittyCats Peace Angel for POE 6
FIREPLACE SCENE AND POSES:  Weekend Salvage [WS] Wishing Window for POE 6

POE6 – PRISM Designs, Exquisite Jewellery, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Weekend Salvage, Nailed-it

Mis Posts para POE6 #3

Hoy, además de seguir con las cositas que POE nos trae por Navidad quiero destacar la última creación de Ikon, a estas alturas ya sabréis que, y creo que hablo por las dos, es nuestra tienda favorita para ponernos las lentillas. Ha lanzado una novedad que se puede comprar en la actual Fameshed, los ojos que llevo hoy son de allí, y también está disponible como regalo de grupo, si todavía está porque como siempre el regalo solo se puede recoger por unos días a principio de mes. A mi, me dejó tan impactada que no dudé en ir a comprarme unos iguales en el color que más me gusta llevar.

Incluye la versión como capa de siempre, y otra mesh, y aquí está la gracia, porque lelva un hud que nos permite cambiar desde el blanco de la esclerótida, el tamaño del iris, el brillo e incluso peudes hacer que los ojos miren dodne tu queires. Cosa de lo más importante si haces fotos.
En cuanto a POE, el vestido de Prism me ha gustado tanto que no me lo quito de encima, voy a todas partes con él y lo que es mejor, todo el mundo me pregunta de donde lo he sacado. Es decir que no es que me quede bien, es que es espectacular. El look se completa con zapatos Lindy Shoes, y pulsera y collar de Exquisite. Y por supuesto el prop, con el mobiliario y las poses…. incluso puedes relajarte con una copa de vino en la mano, de Weekend Salvage. Todos regalos de POE.


Besitos y buena semana.

Vestido: Prism Babe by Journey – Goldie. PRISM Designs. POE 6 #023.
Joyería: Exquisite Falling Hearts Bangle & Falling Hearts Necklace Silver – Exquisite Jewellery. POE6 #152.
Zapatos: Lindy Meshell – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes. POE6 #006.
Decorado: [WS] Wishing Window – Weekend Salvage. POE6 #121.
Manicura: Nailed It. POE6 #130

POE5 – Weekend Salvage

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_001

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_002

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_003

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_004

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_006


Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_007

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has been a phenomenal experience..cant believe that it is almost over!!! The last day for the hunt is January 6th. The gifts for the hunt has been off the hook! Well, the hunt not over yet! With much pleasure I present Weekend Savage’s Last Garden of the Moon Skybox! Yup….. A SKYBOX!!!! Love the name of the skybox!!! There has been some of everything as gifts for this hunt, the best year ever for this hunt…as I am being constantly told!

The Last Garden of the Moon Skybox is beautifully ethereal! I took a shot of one side of the outside of the skybox…amazing! You should see the stream of sunlight that’s contain within this private world, just waiting for you….. you have to go out right now and find this!

Some information on the skybox…..

To Set up your skybox. I suggest you rez it in edit mode. The box itself is one piece but several of the internal components are only soft linked, allowing you to customize to your preferences.

You have two skyboxes. One is fully decorated, the other is empty.

The skybox fully decorated is 174 prims. Empty, it is 106 prims. The features inside (columns, pool, roots) are animated for two avatars. The furniture includes one bench, one chair and one broken chair. There are couple animation in the bench. The furnishings are copy, however, so you can rez extra chairs if you need more seating. The altar, if you rez it, has a touch on off flame feature in the small crescent moon on the column.

The box has two point to point teleporters so you can set one on the ground and one in the box.

if you have not started the hunt….RUN and grab this and the other awesome gifts while you still can!

Photograher….desireme Fallen

Weekend Savage Last Garden of the Moon Skybox

POE5 – Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 1

We like to build fires in the middle of frozen lakes during the winter …

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 2

You might think “OH NO!! That will go right through the ice and then everyone will fall in and die!” but that does not happen.

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 3

I am going to give you some alone time so you can think about how cold it has to be for a huge lake to freeze so hard that a bonfire built on it does not melt the ice.
You can send your sympathy cards to any Canadian.
They will appreciate it … if you send enough … they will be able to have a huge bonfire.

POCKET WATCH:  *Amaranthus* Growth Pocket-Watch (POE5)
SKYBOX:  POE5Weekend Salvage
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