POE5 – Starhelm Trading Company , Blush Skins , Tres Beau

For the New Year Eve what is absolutely necessary is a good clock and what better than this Neo Victorian Clock by the Starhelm Trading Company that you can find in the Peace on Earth hunt .

And if the fact that in sl we are from all over the world troubles you  … no worries !!  with one or more  clicks you will be able to advance of one or more  hours till to fit your timezone .

But it  is not all !! In the Peace on Earth hunt you will find even this holiday outfit called Rudolph by Tres Beau. It is made by a mesh  sweater in 5 sizes , leggings and paired  boots.

And always a hunt gift is this lovely skin in three nuances dark , pale and tan.

This amazing gift is the Selma skin by Blush.

Credits Starhelm Trading Company Neo Victorian Clock (POE5 gift ) Tres Beau Rudolph outfit ( POE5 gift ) Blush selma skin ( POE5 gift ) Lelutka Ella hair
model & photographer Arialee Miles
More information about the event can be found on the Peace on Earth official blog at https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com


POE5 – LUXus, Joyus Living, Nexus Arts, RnB Designs, Starhelm Trading Company, Silent Woods



POE Furnture Groupng

POE Furnture Groupng

I have been hearing from hunters and they are very excited over the hunt gifts that they are finding in The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! Theres plenty of time for you to still get in on the fun and find all of the hunt gifts as the hunt ends on January 6th. Now on to the on hunt gifts!!!! I bring to you pictures of LUXus, Joyus Living, Nexus Arts, RnB Designs, Silent Woods, and Starhelm Trading Company.

These amazing designers have put many hours of hard work to bring to you these incredible hunt gifts. I have placed these designs in a room setting. it is wonderful how they are all just seem to fit together in this room.

Joyus Living has given us the Comfy Peace On Earth Chair with the red pillow, the small chair table with the Hot Beverage Set upon it. She has also included a really nice Angel nightie, which is not shown in the picture and the small trio of trees that sits on the table…had a slight accident and think sl ate my little trees! The Comfy Chair is really comfy….loool! You can doze in it and when you wake up…you look out of it…how funny and awesome is that! The chair has other fun animations too…such as lullaby for those of you who have a wee one, talk left talk right, read, and fidget. The Hot Beverage gives a delightful cup of Cocoa with marshmallows! Thank you Joyus for this fantastic set!!!!

LUXus has made for us this very pretty and homey Lilac Attic Chair. Growing up, I had a chair similar to this one and would sit for hours in it. This chair has some very nice sit animations too. There are seven total. My favorite one and in RL…is the one where you are laying on the floor with your feet up on the chair…cant get any more comfy than that!!!! Also they have given us the gift of flowers…flowers brightens any room! The Patience Flower is one of my favorites and look great in that container…which you can use indoors or outdoors. The Tea Light Jar…just love it!!! Will light up where you choose to put it! This grouping can work in many settngs, country, shabby chic, just to name a couple! Thank you LUXus for this design that brings a cheeriness, a sense of nostalgia to any space and a smile to the face!

Nexus Arts…if you look at the top of the bookcase, you will see 4 Wintertree Lamps in various sizes. You touch them they turn on and off and quite brightly too! Nexus did a wonderful job in their design of this lamp…love the shape of them! Thank you Nexus for lighting up our world with these most excellent lamps!

RnB Deisgns…have given us this most awesome Christmas Library Bench and Screen. Even our literary needs are seen to with this bench! You touch the book shelf on the left side of the bench and it gives you a book that you can read in pose 7 on the bench! Theres a small tree on the top of the bench that sparkles on and off. The texture can also be changed on the pot. You can click the little Christmas Tree and it plays We Wish you a Merry Christmas…how cool is that..music while you sit and day dream or read!!! They have also included this really nice screen that not only look great as the screen, but as a window dressing too! Thank you RnB Designs  for all the great details that the Christmas Bench has!

Silent Woods has made for the hunt, the Fynn Christmas Recaimer. There are 2 version included. One comes with a rezzer that will rezz the Recaimer, cloth covered coffee table, pine cone candle, Fynn Mug with Something Yummy. When you are sitting on the Recaimer two of the poses will give you a cup of coffee or tea. I love the positions on this…you have 9 total.  If you only want one out…there is a separate recaimer for that. Even though this says Christmas, the way it is designed and how the colors are combined, you  can  used  this all year round. I feel so like the lady of the manor laying on this and look gorgeous on it too!!! I really like this!!!!   Thank you Silent Woods for these gorgeous Recaimers and the rezzer which puts everything out so efficiently and neatly!

Starhelm Trading Company…THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this magnificent Clock! This Neo-Victorian Clock is wonderfully made and has an antiquated look about it. The size of this clock is not small, but very regal in bearing. it works too and has the most delightful chime! You click on the clock to advance it by an hour, so that you can adjust it to your own time zone. I have clocks that I have paid good money for and the quality of this design equals those and surpasses most of them! Thank you Starhelm for my new clock and for gifting us with time!

All of the gifts you will recieve on this hunt are first class…the same quality of those that are purchased. Our designers have given us the best! Enjoy your gifts and tell others about the Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt so they can get in on the fun!

Happy Hunting!!!

POE5 – Starhelm Trading Co., LIV-Glam, Melu Deco

POE5  26  LIV-Glam, Melu Deco, Starhelm Trading Company 1

A really good game to play at Christmas is “statues.”

POE5  26  LIV-Glam, Melu Deco, Starhelm Trading Company 2

It works because the adults can play and you can always get one of the kids to beg them. Just make sure that you get the kid to beg before they are wearing half their dinner on their face and while the crinolines are still crisp. For some reason wilted crinolines and gravy do not equal cuteness.
You can do the “pretend we are all little mice and be as quiet as quiet as can be” but chances are their parents have already played that one to death on the ride over Christmas morning.
Have everyone strike a pose and hold it. You can also call this game “playing Madonna” which might win over the hearts of some of the more trendier peeps. They are not to move or speak. Then you tell them there is a huge prize for the winner out in the garage and you leave them to it.

POE5  26  LIV-Glam, Melu Deco, Starhelm Trading Company 3

The prize is room to move and not be a statue … but don’t give that away until the end. I sometimes LET the kids win and declare it a 32 way tie and put all the kids out in the garage …that works too.

Oh just make sure to check on Grandma every now and then … sometimes it may look like they are playing Statue and they are really dead.

LAMP:  POE5 Melu Deco