POE6 – Amacci, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Piddlers Perch, Silent Woods, Snowpaws, White Widow, Wicca’s Wardrobe

Peace on Earth 6 Goodies

Posted: December 15, 2013 by Carla Cardalines

Peace on Earth Hunt 6

Take a look at all these goodies

Snowpaws Dress_001

Poses by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Wicca Poses_001

Silent Woods ‘Frostbite’ Skybox w all skies – comes with Christmas Tree and Fire Pit
Piddler’s Perch Cottage Dining Table & Decor

Amacci Hair_001

Snowpaws Epais Dress

Lindy Meshell Shoes

white Widow Face Makeup_001

[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Earth Black/Silver wo/eyeshadows
Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Ice
Amacci Hair Klara ~ Ice
Snowpaws Epais Dress – silver earrings (come with dress)
Epais Dress – Sparkle headdress
Amacci Skin – Ranya (Pale) – Peace – Cleavage

POE Gridwide Hunt





POE5 – Weekend Salvage

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_001

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_002

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_003

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_004

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_006


Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_007

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has been a phenomenal experience..cant believe that it is almost over!!! The last day for the hunt is January 6th. The gifts for the hunt has been off the hook! Well, the hunt not over yet! With much pleasure I present Weekend Savage’s Last Garden of the Moon Skybox! Yup….. A SKYBOX!!!! Love the name of the skybox!!! There has been some of everything as gifts for this hunt, the best year ever for this hunt…as I am being constantly told!

The Last Garden of the Moon Skybox is beautifully ethereal! I took a shot of one side of the outside of the skybox…amazing! You should see the stream of sunlight that’s contain within this private world, just waiting for you….. you have to go out right now and find this!

Some information on the skybox…..

To Set up your skybox. I suggest you rez it in edit mode. The box itself is one piece but several of the internal components are only soft linked, allowing you to customize to your preferences.

You have two skyboxes. One is fully decorated, the other is empty.

The skybox fully decorated is 174 prims. Empty, it is 106 prims. The features inside (columns, pool, roots) are animated for two avatars. The furniture includes one bench, one chair and one broken chair. There are couple animation in the bench. The furnishings are copy, however, so you can rez extra chairs if you need more seating. The altar, if you rez it, has a touch on off flame feature in the small crescent moon on the column.

The box has two point to point teleporters so you can set one on the ground and one in the box.

if you have not started the hunt….RUN and grab this and the other awesome gifts while you still can!

Photograher….desireme Fallen

Weekend Savage Last Garden of the Moon Skybox