POE6 – TOPAZIA, Dulce Secrets, Silken Moon, Kunglers, *TuttiFrutti*, ChiChickie! Hair Salon, LavandaChic, AFI Designs

Mixed Bag At POE6

POSTED by Trinity Aironaut

There are so many styles to suit so many tastes at the Peace on Earth Hunt, but with over 200 Designers participating, is that so surprising?  Today I have a mixed bag for you, everything from hair to make up to casual to edge and fantasy. So, sit back and enjoy. You’ll find the designers under the images.

An Early Thaw for POE 6

TOPAZIA-live me in dandelion Dress POE6 Hunt
Dulce Secrets Snowee.Blue Ice.Frozen Skin POE6 Hunt
Silken Moon POE Ice Angel And Djagg Makeup POE6 Hunt

Snapshot_004Kunglers Extra Bambu – POE6 – Exclusive edition Necklace
TuttiFrutti* Sweet December Mesh Jeans – Flowers POE6
ChiChickie! Shane Hair Unisex POE6
LavandaChic Kokeshi Peace & Love POE6
AFI Designs Butterfly Tank POE6 hunt


POE6 – Joyus Living, , Silken Moon, ~ghee~

POE6 Post 30 Joyus Living, , Silken Moon, ~ghee~

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 1

Joyus Sohl of Joyus Living allows us all to be angels for this Christmas as we put on our shimmering rainbow coloured wings and sit and play the harp.  I just am so sad that Schmelffy was not around to see me in my angelic splendour.  I mean the SocElfky is ok but it is just not the same.  He tries hard but mostly he just drinks a lot.

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 2

Malicia Python of Silken Moon provides a couple of really different make-ups, this is just one showing here but it adds to the angelic effort along with the Warm Clarity of Ghee and her must have white angel netted gown.

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 3


Just make sure you don’t leave the drunk SocElfky to spin on the stool with the harp.  Deck the Halls takes on a whole new meaning when the sock monkey is throwing up when he should be “fa la laaing.”


MAKE-UP:  Silken Moon  Ice Angel And Djagg for POE 6
GOWN:  ~ghee~ Satin Burnout Set  for POE 6
WINGS AND HARP:  Joyus Living– Harp and wings for POE 6


POE6 – ~*~ Inspired ~*~, Silken Moon

Inspired – Silken Moon 

Inspired – POE6 # 146 – Peace On Earth Winter Bridge with poses. A bela ponte decorada e com várias poses é o prêmio nº 146 da POE6. Silken Moon – POE6 #154 – Ice Angel and Djagg (make up) A maquiagem com asinhas é o prêmio nº154 da POE6.

POE6 – ~ghee~, *SoliDea FoliEs*, Silken Moon, Kismet, Wicca’s Wardrobe, SEQUOIASTYLE, Amacci

Sunday, 8 December 2013

And on Earth, Peace, Goodwill to All

It’s the season of giving, and once again some 200 of Second Life’s designers have come together to share a little love in the sixth Peace On Earth Hunt. I am honoured to have been invited to blog the hunt again this year, and I was delighted to accept, even though I am a little bit tied up at the moment with preparations for the Miss Virtual World Final next weekend. Hence my first POE6 post being a little late, apologies!
But better late than never I say, so I am delighted to be able to show you some of the great gifts you can find in the biggest seasonal hunt in SL! There’s not just clothing, hair, skins, jewellery and accessories, but lots of poses, home furnishings and decorations too, and all completely free!
  • Gown from ~ghee~. It’s materials ready, so you will need a materials enabled viewer to see the gorgeous burnt out texture – but it’s also very pretty in plain white with a sparkling flexi add-on skirt if you don’t.
  • Hair from Amacci.
  • Snowflake headpiece from SoliDea Folies.
  • Makeup and jewellery eyebrows from Silken Moon.
  • Christmas Tree from Kismet Design.
  • Screen from Sequioastyle.
  • Pose from Wicca’s Wardrobe.
I’m not giving you links to all the stores, because all the relevant information is on the Peace On Earth Hunt blog – there’s a guide for hunters and a complete listing of all the stores participating, so check out the site for everything you need to know to get you started . And happy hunting!
(please note: the necklace and earrings shown are not POE6 hunt gifts, they’re on sale, from Maxi Gossamer – everything else is from the hunt!)

Silken Moon, ~Eclectica Jewelry~, BlueMoon Enterprise, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Peace on Earth hunt

This is the 6th year for the POE hunt and I was so honored to have Sequoia Nightfire ask me to blog for the hunt this year. This is the first time I’ve blogged a hunt this big! I’m really excited and a little nervous, but I hope I put together some incredible photos and posts that you’ll remember and encourage you to do the hunt.


The hunt starts tomorrow, Dec 1 and lasts until Jan 6th. Probably the biggest hunt in all of Second Life with more than 200 designers! So while you have plenty of time, it’s best to get started asap. Be sure to tell your friends about it and most of all, have fun.


I’ve put together an outfit using several hunt items to create my version of a ‘Snow Angel’. The skirt from BlueMoon Enterprise is simply incredible. It features a little scene of a cabin in the snow and comes with several options, snow/light and more. The wings and halo I’m wearing are from Inga Wind, the hunt item you get is actually a full outfit, but again I used several pieces to create one outfit. My necklace is also a POE6 hunt item from Eclectica, and my eyebrows are from Silken Moon.

Again I hope you guys enjoy this hunt and that it brings you some peace during the holidays.
For more information on the hunt please check [HERE].

POE6 Hunt items
Silken Moon – Ice Angel eyebrows
Eclectica – Pendant
BlueMoon Enterprise – Peace on Earth Dress
*IW* Inga Wind – Angel of Peace