POE5 – Dulce Secrets, Dressed by Lexi, Mimi Noire, Amacci

Ok I am going to have to digress momentarily from your regular show of Christmas (hunt) tips and hints and share something in the realm of “OMG, I cannot believe he just said that!” Think of it kind of like when the news interrupts your favourite show to tell you something a politician just did only don’t swear at the computer because it is still ME … you still get ME … it is just I am another favourite show interrupting this favourite show.
I was doing this picture and my hubby stops by the computer, coffee in hand, resting the other one on the back of my chair, watching me and he says that Bliss is looking a little pale, she should probably get a bit more sun. So I asked him what he wanted me to do … put a sun lamp on the computer?
He then leaned closer to the computer screen and said, “Oh I see the problem,” and pointed at her white shoes and said, “Hasn’t it already been Labour Day in the States?”
And he “tsked” me.
What man doesn’t know that he NEVER quotes fashion rules back to his wife … EVER?
So I parroted him and said, “Ya well … you do understand that SL is not REAL right?”

POE5 - 8  Dulce Secrets, Amacci, Dressed by Lexi, Mimi Noire 2

And he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes but good fashion rules should be honoured even in make believe. It’s part of the code.”
He’s not allowed to have snappy comebacks. I don’t know who told him that role reversal was allowed but that person should be shot.

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets for POE5 HAIR:  Amacci Skin & Hair – Oleana Peace – POE5

JEWELLERY:  Dressed by Lexi  Radiance for POE5 DRESS:  MIMI NOIRE::Collar lace dress for POE5