POE6 – Melu Deco, AIDORU, ~ Dreamfall ~, Shabby Chic, Styles by DANIELLE, Magic Avi Shapes

POE6 Post 23 Melu Deco at Paris, Aidoru, Frostleaf Studio , Shabby Chic, Styles by Danielle, Magic Avi Shape,


Woohoo look at me in the kitchen doing my combat version of Betty Crocker.  I have my pretty candy cane dishes set out courtesy of Melusina Parkin of Melu Deco at Paris AND this super duper cool real recipe providing recipe book and stand from Koterie Itoku from Frostleaf Studio.

I was trying to bond with Schmelf today a little put so I put on the petite shape from Mhaze Magic of Magic Avi Shapes.  They say you should try to get down to people’s levels and look them in the eye.  I am afraid to report there is no magic or anything with this shape.  I did have a bunny.  I have no idea where the bunny is now or how it got there.  It just no longer resides up my sleeve.
Jaraloy Swords of Aidoru put together this cool necklace for the holidays and Dani Plassitz of Styles by Danielle knitted this lovely red warm sweater to keep you both politically correctly coloured AND cozy for the winter nights ahead.  I paired it with just the pants from Shabby Chic.  Jordanna Hamaski actually has complete outfits for men or women in the desert camo motif.
Schmelf was feeling a bit fragile today.  He was afraid of my slippers. He thought they were too life like and because my feet made them move, he jumped every time.  He wanted to call Santa and tell him they would not be suitable pressies for little kids with fragile sensitivities like he did.
I caught him trying to flush my slippers down the toilet.
I am thinking about taking a jack hammer to his fragile sensitivities.
NECKLACE:  AIDORU motherearth neclace for POE 6
SWEATER:  Styles by Danielle DANIELLE Nara Sweater for POE 6
PANTS:  Shabby Chic Peace on Earth for POE6
GLASS ART:  Melu Deco at Paris Art Deco Xmas Glass Set  for POE 6
RECIPE STAND:  ~Dreamfall ~ Frostleaf Studio : Christmas Recipe Book  for POE 6


December 12, 2012 — in other words, 12-12-12, an eventful date. 
There will not be another date sequence similar to this until the next century, when the sequence begins again with 01-01-01.

Is that 89 years from now?  I will not be around to celebrate.  I would like to be but, somehow, I do not expect it to happen.  Unless I find that I am actually a fairy in real life and immortality is within my grasp.

Speaking of events and magical fairies, MAGIC AVI is participating in the Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5], which is happening right now, and runs through January 6, 2013.  Today would be a good day to grab a bit of magic for yourself.

POE5 Hunt Gift

POE5 Hunt Gift

This lovely little fairy shape is NOT a petite mesh fairy. It is a small fantasy shape, for the smaller people in SL, measuring 4’8″ – 5’3″ tall, depending on your viewer.

MAGIC AVI is #163 on the hunt. The HINT: “The first Elf will greet you. The second Elf has your gift.”

12-12-12, an eventful date. Enjoy the magic of this day.