December 12, 2012 — in other words, 12-12-12, an eventful date. 
There will not be another date sequence similar to this until the next century, when the sequence begins again with 01-01-01.

Is that 89 years from now?  I will not be around to celebrate.  I would like to be but, somehow, I do not expect it to happen.  Unless I find that I am actually a fairy in real life and immortality is within my grasp.

Speaking of events and magical fairies, MAGIC AVI is participating in the Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5], which is happening right now, and runs through January 6, 2013.  Today would be a good day to grab a bit of magic for yourself.

POE5 Hunt Gift

POE5 Hunt Gift

This lovely little fairy shape is NOT a petite mesh fairy. It is a small fantasy shape, for the smaller people in SL, measuring 4’8″ – 5’3″ tall, depending on your viewer.

MAGIC AVI is #163 on the hunt. The HINT: “The first Elf will greet you. The second Elf has your gift.”

12-12-12, an eventful date. Enjoy the magic of this day.


POE5 – My Take on the POE

Original posts by  Kyng Johin

Cherry-Picking the Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5]

Last year, I blogged about cherry-picking my way through the Peace on Earth Hunt, by going only to certain places for certain things. Sequoia Nightfire, founder of POE, gently chided me for this, saying that I have missed many unique places by doing it that way. So, this year, I am going to try and do the whole hunt, start to finish.

Am I more patient this year than I was last year? No, not at all. But this year, a little helper will be going with me on the hunt. Its name is “Area Search.” I will seriously try to find the gift myself — honestly, I will. But before frustration sets in [around the 20-minute mark], Area Search will point me in the right direction.

Area Search has become my best friend, my mind-saving device. It helps me quickly locate and view items of interest in big, full-sim sized stores, the ones where you land in the middle and have no idea which way to go to find what you want.  Area Search is especially helpful in those annoying “no-fly” sims.

Area Search keeps my frustration in check. It may even cure me of my cherry-picking hunt habits.

For more information on the POE5 hunt, which starts on December 1st: POE5 blog


POE5 – Not a Vision Quest

The Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5] is gearing up for the starting day [December 1st]. Designers are boxing their gifts, trying different hiding places, and creating unique hints for the hunters.  For those Designers who are new to the POE hunt:

The POE hunt is not meant to be a vision quest. The hunter cannot gain points or level up to Master Hunter. So, Designers, don’t hide your gifts on the roof, or in some subterranean cellar. Don’t bury them in places where only the most dedicated hunters with the best viewers can find them.

This is the holiday season, a time of giving freely. Don’t be a Scrooge with the placement of your gifts. There is nothing wrong with putting the gift under your tree, or on the fireplace mantle, with flashing red arrows pointing to it, and a large sign which says,”Here it is! Enjoy!”

The gift you give is important, yes, but not as important as the enjoyment you give. The gift may not be opened for days, weeks or months. It may even get lost in the hunter’s inventory, and be forgotten for a year or two. But hunters will remember the experience they had at your store. And that experience may be the deciding factor in whether they come back to your store, or not.