POE6 – Zen Creations, Fantasy China, Stars!, K-Code

POE6 Post 24 Zen Creations, Fantasy China, Stars!, K-Code

POE6 Post 24 Zen Creations, Fantasy China, Stars!, K-Code 1

Zhoie Zimermann of Zen Creations designed this pretty and very unique Christmas tree setting for your holiday consideration.  It is particularly awesome because there are no annoying pine needles to have to vacuum up at the end of the day AND there are gifts already under the tree.

POE6 Post 24 Zen Creations, Fantasy China, Stars!, K-Code 2

I think Christmas should come in a box, open it up and suddenly you have Yuletide Carols, seven swans a swimming, fruitcake, eggnog, a tree and gifts … just like that!

The wreath is from Alial Allen from Fantasy China.  My dress, oh so evergreenish, comes from Kara Dresler of K-Code and the jewellery is from Stargen Winkler of Stars!

I did try to warn Schmelfie that I liked to be in charge of putting up the tree.  My creative genius is also a grumpy monster and reacts rather aggressively towards anyone who attempts to think about picking up a Christmas ornament to place anywhere on the tree.

POE6 Post 24 Zen Creations, Fantasy China, Stars!, K-Code 3
After I duct taped him to the wall, I sat right down and wrote Santa a letter telling him that Schmelf needed to work on his listening skills.  I drew a chart showing two ears and one mouth and explained 2 is more than 1 so if you divide 3 evenly each ear and mouth gets one but Schmelf was clearly favouring mouth with 3 and ears 0 and can you even begin to imagine how upset the ears were feeling to be so ignored and how would Santa like to be an ear that lived on Schmelf’s head, so ignored and unwanted?
I am thinking Santa will be so impressed with my compassion he may even write the pastor at my church and tell him that after over 50 years of playing barnyard animals in the nativity scene, I could probably do a star or something this year.
I twinkle really well.
JEWELLERY:  Stars! for POE 6
CHRISTMAS SET:  Peace on Earth Tree Scene from Zen Creations  for POE 6
WREATH:  Fantasy China for POE 6



POE5 – Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 1

I love the Mountains at Christmas time. They look magnificent with their snowy peaks and ruggedness etched against the sky …

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 2

Living in the foothills was magical. It was just a short drive to the best skiing and who didn’t love a great day skating with that as a back drop …

POE5  25  Eshi Otawara, K-Code, Stonewood Interiors 3

We lost more relatives out there let me tell you. So much gear to take to enjoy the day, just too easy to misplace a brother, a grandma … whatever …. I don’t like to think of them as lost … I like to think of them as special presents wandering in the frozen beauty, waiting to brighten the day of whoever finds them …
They are like unexpected gifts for the lonely mountain man …
. .. or food for the hungry bears in the spring …

JACKET:  POE5 box #134- Eshi Otawara
FURNITURE:  Stonewood Interiors POE 5 Hunt
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