POE6 – Hanaya – Home & Garden


December 13, 2013

I am convinced there is a genetic disposition towards clumsiness. I don’t know what it is that makes someone walking along normally fall flat on their face for no reason, but my mother has done it for as long as I can remember—one of those times she fell face-first onto a tree trunk one week before my sister’s wedding. I have managed to stay upright most of my life, but I do have an annoying propensity for running into things, the most embarrassing of which was a student backpack left in the walkway which sent me flying headlong across the classroom one time. So my self-preservational instinct has kept me from gravitating towards activities which require lots of balance. In RL, I would be laying on the ice with a broken leg in this photo.

Another great Peace on Earth hunt item from Hanaya is this cute skate shack that distributes skates for icy winter fun!


Shack: -Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack by Moriko Inshan (Peace on Earth hunt)




– Dec 11, 2013 –


Peace On Earth Hunt
December 1, 2013 – January 6, 2014

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HPMD is participating in POE6 hunt.

Please look for a small earth globe near Landing Point 🙂
Hint is the back side of a white weasel which is on a snow covered rock.

The stump is a limited prize for this event.
Don’t miss it!

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HPMDはPeace On Earthハントに参加しています。


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Have a Happymood<3


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POE5 – Creatif Designs

Stop the presses!!!! l have seen it all now!!! There are awesome hunt gifts to be found…..including a FARM!!!!! Yup, you read right…a working farm!

LD Skate Park_040

LD Skate Park_039

LD Skate Park_038

LD Skate Park_037

LD Skate Park_035

LD Skate Park_034

LD Skate Park_033

LD Skate Park_032 LD Skate Park_031

LD Skate Park_029

LD Skate Park_026

LD Skate Park_025

LD Skate Park_024


Little House on the Prairie

Creatif Designs…faints…have made for their hunt gift, Little House On The Prairie! This astonishing homestead has amazing sounds…birds chirping, fire crackling, working noises, bugs, animals…it is like OMG! There are chores to be done, like hanging the wash, sawing the wood for the fires and wood piles. The house comes from a rezzer that looks like a pile of hay ..lool

There is a working wind mill that stands at the base of the property besides a path of stones that lead to the front door of the homestead. On one side of the yard, there stands a pull wagon that has seen better days and have just been left there. Wild flowers and grass grows abundantly upon the property. On the right side of the house, you see a area that has a small camp fire and 2 logs. Good for those nights when you and the mrs. want to sit out and drink from the jug and reminiscence…loool. Both logs have great sit animations too! On the left side of the house, there is a beautiful old tree that has the most beautiful stream of light coming through it. (l added the Evergreens to hide modern sights). As you approach the house, there are the remnants of an old weathered fence long gone. lnside of the house you have a eating area…a hearth with a workng fire. All of the furniture can be removed and be replaced with your own. The windows shutters and door can be opened and closed. There is an upstairs open loft area that has a bed, a small table, and 2 sets of windows. You can access the loft by the ladder near the hearth. on the main floor there is another sleeping area that has a bed, a desk and chair, a chest at the foot of the bed that opens and closes , and a standing open cabinet and one front window. Each bed has a sleep animation. Hope you have a bed warmer of the 2 leg kind as nights on the prairie are mighty cold….laughing!

Just ,think this remarkable home can be yours….for free!!! All you have to do is find it on the awesome Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. This hunt has EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you Creatif Designs for this tremdous hunt gift! you have given us a home that we can place some of the amazing furniture that has been found on the hunt…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!

POE5 – Weekend Salvage

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_001

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_002

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_003

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_004

Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_006


Last Garden of The Moon Skybox_007

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has been a phenomenal experience..cant believe that it is almost over!!! The last day for the hunt is January 6th. The gifts for the hunt has been off the hook! Well, the hunt not over yet! With much pleasure I present Weekend Savage’s Last Garden of the Moon Skybox! Yup….. A SKYBOX!!!! Love the name of the skybox!!! There has been some of everything as gifts for this hunt, the best year ever for this hunt…as I am being constantly told!

The Last Garden of the Moon Skybox is beautifully ethereal! I took a shot of one side of the outside of the skybox…amazing! You should see the stream of sunlight that’s contain within this private world, just waiting for you….. you have to go out right now and find this!

Some information on the skybox…..

To Set up your skybox. I suggest you rez it in edit mode. The box itself is one piece but several of the internal components are only soft linked, allowing you to customize to your preferences.

You have two skyboxes. One is fully decorated, the other is empty.

The skybox fully decorated is 174 prims. Empty, it is 106 prims. The features inside (columns, pool, roots) are animated for two avatars. The furniture includes one bench, one chair and one broken chair. There are couple animation in the bench. The furnishings are copy, however, so you can rez extra chairs if you need more seating. The altar, if you rez it, has a touch on off flame feature in the small crescent moon on the column.

The box has two point to point teleporters so you can set one on the ground and one in the box.

if you have not started the hunt….RUN and grab this and the other awesome gifts while you still can!

Photograher….desireme Fallen

Weekend Savage Last Garden of the Moon Skybox