This is the fifth year for the annual Peace On Earth Hunt, put on by Sequoia Nightfire.  This is a huge event on Second Life that began on December 1, 2012 and runs until January 6, 2013.  The hunt features some well known designers along with some up and coming designers – 200 designers altogether.  Gifts range from clothing for men and women, furniture and homes, toys, hair, accessories, and many more.

DCNY “Sparkle Dress” for POE2012

In this blog, I featured DCNY “Sparkle Dress”, which comes in cranberry, evergreen, celebration, and gift wrap color.  For more information on a hunt guide or if you are interested in becoming a blogger or having your designs in the event, click here: https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/


POE5 – Dot BE

POE – Dot-BE Fashion

One of the hunt items from Dot-BE Fashion is this hooded, zip down cardigan available for both men or women.  If you are not familiar with a hunt on Second Life, here is a guide to help you find these wonderful gifts – POE Guide.  The object you are searching for is a Globe with three doves on it. The POE5 globe you are searching for will always have doves on it.

(click on highlighted links to take you directly to stores inworld)

S T Y L E C A R D for S E R A:

Dot-Be Fashion Open cardigan (exclusive for POE)