POE5 – Inga Wind Clothing, Wings of Enchantment


The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt brings together generous and creative designers with gifts of clothing for men & women, furniture & homes, toys, furnishings, accessories, and too much to list all.

December 1, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

Look 1_002

Friendship Vine seats 2 people from wings of Enchantment, The Friendship Vine seats are animated

Inga Wind’s gift to you is 4 different outfits for the ladies.

Look 1_004

The above outfit “ISA” has a few different looks to it.

ISA comes with  Gloves, Red Pullover, Red Vest, Jeans and Sneakers

Look 2_002

Kim in White” Comes with Dress, Stockings and Boots

Look 3_002

Mabel” outfit comes with Dress, Stockings and Boots

Look 4_002

Nia” outfit comes with Sweater Top, Jeans, Socks and Shoes