POE6 – Shoenique Designs, Sleepy Hollow Farms, Debutante, Cat & Dragon, caLLie cLine, Shabby Chic, *Finishing Touches*

Blog post #175 Shoenique Designs

Tog with shoes and earrings: Shoenique Designs: tvia in gold (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs. https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #176 Sleepy Hollow Farms

 Christmas decorations outside are not as popular as they were once were. But i have a feeling that this piece of furniture that i’m about to show you will inspire others to decorate outside their home for Christmas!

Bench: Sleepy Hollow Farms: Believe Bench (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs. https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #177 Debutante

Outfit: Debutante: Grecian in gold (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs.https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #178 Cat & Dragon

If you need some last minute Christmas decorations, visit Cat &Dragon.

Wreath: Cat & Dragon: Christmas Wreath (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs. https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Candle: Cat & Dragon: Winter Candle (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs.https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #179 caLLIE cline

 There are so many things that i wish i could say about caLLie cline. But i don’t want to take up much of peoples time. So, i will simply say this: I met caLLie about ten years ago at a sim that my best friend at the time owned. Although my friend’s time on this Earth was cut short, caLLie was one of the people that made my friend’s days special. So for that, i am honored to be showing you this item that she’s offering for The Peace On Earth Hunt.

Tree: caLLIE cline: caLLiefornia grown peace tree – 2013 (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs. https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #180 Shabby Chic

 This post is dedicated to all the branches of the military worldwide.

Outfit: Shabby Chic: Desert Camo (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs.https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

Blog post #181 *Finishing Touches*

Decoration: *Finishing Touches*: Angel of Peace Sanclum (See Hunter’s Guide for a list of Hints and SLURLs. https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/)

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POE6 – Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 1
I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the SocElfMonkey has abandoned his responsibilities and is now just living the good life .. at my expense.  I mean, unless the naughty and nice patrol involves a whole lot of being naughty yourself.  Now he has a girlfriend .. some other sock he picked up out of my dirty laundry and then got into my make-up.

He suggested a threesome.  Does that sound like any Christmas story you have heard about anywhere???

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 2
I passed out on the couch from Amanda Dench of Dench Designs.  She gave me Christmas contained in a living room which is a complete set with furniture and poses that give you nifty things like wine, Christmas tree and decorations, fireplace and snow falling outside the window.  You don’t even have to shovel it which is a good thing.  Right now I am up to my neck in shovelling monkey BS.
My dress from Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero was completely wasted on the Sock Elf fake monkey dude and his date.  They kept promising me they had a blind date for me but a sock without button eyes is not my idea of a good time.
POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 3
All I ended up doing all night was chaperoning. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of them they just stayed forever and ever no matter how many subtle hints I gave … finally I just threw them both in the washing machine, lit some candles, told them to think of it like a hot tub/white water rapids/tornado type of experience and went to bed.  I know that by the time I throw everything into the dryer and then go to sort my laundry at least one of them will be missing.
DRESS:  [VM] VERO MODERO / Earth Gown and Dress  for POE 6
SET:  Dench Designs  for POE 6

POE6 – Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 2

Got to love this beautiful gown from Allie Munro of Grumble.  I feel like I should be singing on stage somewhere when I wear it.

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 1

Normally I don’t require a stage.  I just perform everywhere … like when the farmer says, “Wanna see my cows?” and you go out to the field … I just do my best Julie Andrews and run across the hills.
And when the farmer and his hired men run after me swearing because I have scattered all the milk cows and now they won’t be any good for the evening milking … I just pretend their unruly children and I tie them into the trees and make them “start at the very beginning.”

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 3
It’s all kinda magical really … I mean it is tough getting those farmers into lederhosen but once those puppies are on … ya .. completely magical!


 DRESS:  Grumble for POE 6


POE6 – Shattered, Bubblez Design, Ub Yifu Gallery, *Finishing Touches*

POE6 Post 36 Shattered, Bubblez, Ub Yifu Gallery, Finishing Touches

POE6 Post 36 Shattered, Bubblez, Ub Yifu Gallery, Finishing Touches 1

This year I am trying to think kinder of cats.  I am spending a lot of remedial time with pinterest and looking at all the cute pictures of fuzzy kittens and every time I start to grimace, SocElfky pokes me with a sharp stick.  So I was very grateful that Bratty Slade of Shattered included some ears and a tail.  I can always do better at things when I get into costume.  I just wish my teachers at school had been more understanding.  I am sure sex class could have been so much more fun had I been allowed to wear my pasties and g string and done the whole stripper thing.  Visual.  Some of those kids were visual learners.

I still struggled with the whole cat thing so then I put on the angel outfit from Milo Bubble of Bubblez and tried to be an angelic cat … doing good deeds, maybe some magic tricks with some bunnies abandoned by the side of a Christmas tree … anything that could help me reach my goal to stop hating cats.

POE6 Post 36 Shattered, Bubblez, Ub Yifu Gallery, Finishing Touches 3
Then I got reallllllly hot and thank heavens that 24Karat Roux of Finishing Touches supplied me with this lovely swimming pool/fountain so I could cool off and everything while I practiced and continued to get poked with a sharp stick or a shark or whatever it was that was ouchy and pointy and being wielded by the Sock Puppet Monkey Elf dude masquerading as Santa’s Elf Gestapo in charge of the naughty and nice corral for Christmas.
He finally gave up on me and handed me another present from under the POE Christmas tree and I was so moved I started to cry.  I got an Asian Lady.   My very own Asian Lady from Ubi Yifu Galleries.  I love my Asian Lady.  She is my best friend ever.  I am going to call her “Fluffy.”
She doesn’t judge me for hating cats, she listens when I talk and best of all ….
POE6 Post 36 Shattered, Bubblez, Ub Yifu Gallery, Finishing Touches 2
She spent the whole afternoon swimming with me in the angel pool.
I think cats are the hell we have to go through before we get to where Santa blesses us with the true meaning of Christmas … our very own friend that doesn’t even shrink when wet ….


EARS AND TAIL:  Shattered for POE 6
DRESS:  Bubblez  BB – Angel Outfit for POE 6
AVATAR ASIAN LADY:  ub yifu gallery for POE 6
FOUNTAIN:  Finishing Touches *FT* Angel of Peace Sanctum  for POE 6


POE5 – Finishing Touches

The peace on earth hunt has so much designers in it and so much stuffs in it and since i needed some nice furniture in the house, these from fineshing touches just completed the house. With Xmas close by who doesn’t like to have peace on earth? Lately Flow came out with some new mesh items aswell and oh boy look at these sweatpants and u-neck shirt. I so love how they give you that sporty look, it almost is like they are brought rl in sl. To finesh the look i added some leather shoes white and black from dot-be fashion.

POE 115finishing touches *FT* Bentwood chair – Peace on earth *FT* Boutique table texture chg – peace on earth *FT* Saquare frames trio – peace on earth

POE5 – Finishing Touches

The wildly popular Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has awesome hunt gifts!  You can find fabulous clothes, fashion accessories, home decor, and everything in between, including a farm!  If you are new to second life, this hunt can help you to have quality clothes, items, etc., for your inventory that you will find very useful as you grow in knowledge, ability, and style!  Gather while ye may, as this hunt will end on January 6th.  Now on to the gift!
Finishing Touches has gifted to us, for the hunt, this remarkable stylish table set.  Who do not need a intimate set to sit with a friend or a love one to talk and make good memories, especially in such a chic style!  The table has a texture changing table cloth and chair cushions.  Even the candle, with  its off/on flame, can be changed to accent your decor!  This beautiful set even has a trio of amazing  prints that compliments the style of this cafe set.  It wll add to the style of any decor.  Thank you Finishing Touches for this very chic set and adding to the grace and style of our homes!

POE5 – Finishing Touches, Crystal Line, Blush Skins

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There is a lot of cute furniture in the Peace on Earth hunt. Here I show you a preview of the adorable set you can get from Finishing Touches. This store is beautiful and has so many lovely items for your home. I paired it with this fabulous outfit from Crystal Line. I am wearing another one of the skins that come on the gift from Blush and shot a few pictures at my house with the poses built into the chair :)

The set you get by itself :)

Adorable :)

POE5 – Finishing Touches, [ROCKBERRY], & Kitty from Paris

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt will bring together generous and creative designers with gifts of clothing for men & women, furniture & homes, toys, furnishings, accessories, and too much to list all.

December 1, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

Here’s a sneak peek at 3 of the hunt items

Need home furnishings?  This table, chair and wall picture set is the hunt gift *Finishing Touches* by 24Karat Roux

The candles and table clothes change colors with the click of your mouse.  The chair has multiple sitting and standing positions.

Rockberry gives you the Skyler skin, if you find this goodie box you get over 20 different skin variations.

Kitty From Paris designs offers you the Lucia Christmas outfit which comes with pullover, pants, socks, leg and arm warmers, hip bow skirt and poncho

Have fun on the hunt and have a Merry Christmas from POE staff & bloggers