POE5 – The FAQTORY, Fatal Ecletic Fashion, Dot-BE, LD, the Strawberry Box, Inga Wind Clothing, DCD, the Muse Poses

The POE hunt offers some incredible furniture  for decorating your home,  but here I will show you what you can do with your land.

LD Wood Gazebo with cloth canopy, snow roof and ground, reindeer, all kinds of animations and fun things inside.

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_004

Tranquility Island by the Strawberry Box, the Island is a large piece of snow and an iceskating rink.  The island is also decorated with trees, a snowman and a park bench.

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_005

I mixed my look with some items from the hunt, from Fatal Ecletic Fashion Horizon Jeans,  My cardigan is from Dot-B and my shoes from IW, as part of  the Theo outfit.

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_003

The necklace is from DCD called Malala

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_002

The back of the Dot-B jacket “Peace”

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_001

Here’s another look at the island, I placed the gazebo on it and it made an awesome addition.

POE 2_001

The Muse is offering up 5 fun poses as well.

[FAQ] Campfire_001

I started a nice little fire with the campfire gift  from The FAQTORY.  There’s a number of different animations on this set.

Thanks to all the designers that have put all these great gifts out.


POE5 – Fatal, Wings of Enchantment

POE5 18 Fatal Ladies, Wings of Enchantment 1

Are you thinking the same thing I am?? I know, right?

POE5 18 Fatal Ladies, Wings of Enchantment 2

Why on earth hasn’t someone thought of putting mushrooms in Fruitcake? I mean it can’t taste any worse AND it might make the whole season a little more “magical” if you know what I mean. Can you imagine the grandparents orbiting with the fairies? That HAS to be a family dinner you can get behind.

POE5 18 Fatal Ladies, Wings of Enchantment 3

I just think this Christmas you should embrace you inner ‘shroom … let go and become a “funguygi.”

TREE:   POE5  – Wings of Enchantment
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POE5 – Fatal

The ideal outfit to sit in the house and relax. This outfit from Fatal in the POE hunt is perfect. The mesh jeans and mesh cardigan gives you comfort. The Mens Christmas Comfy from [d.l.s.] as advent calender gift on 18 december makes you feel at home.

POE5 box #106FATALFatal duover cardigan – fatal horizon jeans



POE5 – Fatal, Dahlinks, Circa

From Dahlinks Holiday Peace Pendant set comes with earrings too


FATAL Duover Cardigan FATAL Horizon Jeans


CIRCA – “Boho Winter” Lounger set -includes table and tree over 14 animations