POE5 – EMO-tions, Zibska, Inga Wind

POE5  20  EMO-tions, Zibska, Inga Wind 2

You know those paint sets you got as a kid  last year from your grandma and you never knew what to do with them?  Think Face Painting.

POE5  20  EMO-tions, Zibska, Inga Wind 1

You can set up a little booth right next to the eggnog and charge your relatives to do a little face painting for Christmas.
I like to paint completely different faces on them so that I can live out my fantasy that I am adopted. My grandfather looked great as Donald Trump. I am not that crazy about him as a person but I figure the perks would be pretty sweet.
Some people like to go for butterflies and clowns and things and I guess all I have to say about that is that everyone has their own fantasies and I guess some people like the idea of eating leaves and having a nose that honks.
It’s Christmas … and with enough eggnog you will not even care because strangely enough … Donald Trump does look a little bit like a clown … if you fluff the hair I mean …

POE5  20  EMO-tions, Zibska, Inga Wind 3

Just make sure you use non toxic paints on account of it can look really bad for you if Santa comes, everyone is really sick and throwing up, and they are all painted up to look like clowns, butterflies, and Donald Trump.
I can’t be sure but I think that pretty much nullifies your position on the good list, no matter how high up you were …

HAIR:  POE5  – .:EMO-tions:.
COLLAR:  POE5  – Zibska
OUTFIT:  *IW* Kim in White for POE5
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