POE6 – Corrupted Innocence, Elysium Skins & Apparel, ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, Xen’s Hats, Shellac, Wicca’s Wardrobe

How do you like your POE?


That old song from the 70′s is running through my head…you know the one…More, More, More how do you like it, how do you like it, How do you like your…..POE! There are so many gifts to find. If you have been following the blogs you know. You’ve seen the amazing designs and you know the quality. Today I have several more items to show you, from top to bottom, I’m in POE 6 today.

POE6 Picture 5

Corrupted Innocence – Zipper Dress – POE6
Elyisum – Billie pumps – POE6 /green&red pumps
Xen’s Hats Alva Headband Right Brown Wool POE6 Gift
Shellac – Frost Fest Red
POE6 Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses

POE6 Picture 5 Closeup

Corrupted Innocence – Zipper Dress – POE6
Xen’s Hats Alva Headband Right Brown Wool POE6 Gift
Shellac – Frost Fest Red


POE6 – Blush Skins, Elemental Jewelry, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway’s, Nexus Arts, PixelCat Textures, PRIME, Wicca’s Wardrobe

POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway’s, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca’s Wardrobe

POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 1

I thought, with a disguise, I would be able to get out of the house while the Schmelf was distracted.  He knew it was me right away.  He said I have a distinct perfume of “trouble” about me.  I don’t blame the mask from NyuNyu Kimono of NYU.  It is a great mask.  Just the elf is greater.

No-one tricks the elf.

 POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 2

I put on the lovely skin from Marie Whitfield of Blush, which comes in four skin tones with again the options of boobilage or not. I just find that so amusing. Like who turns down an extra helping of boobilage – it’s not like turnips of brussel sprouts – boobs are ice cream for crying out loud. Bodza Mubble created this darling little red and gold party dress for the holiday season. I love her new creative effort, Living Imagination. She has a bit of a different eye which is really refreshing on the design scene.

I added the Holly and Ruby jewellery set by Contessa Lacombe of Elemental. Even the Schmelf liked this look and he is not good with the compliments. I would think someone in charge of logging the naughty and nice efforts would have been required to at least attend some motivational classes so he could be encouraging. He’s not.

We did not have a good day.

As evidenced by him being stuffed into the bookcase provided by Sway Dench of Sways. You can have them empty or decorated and together or separate. I recommend decorated and together if you are planning on squishing an annoying elf into the cubby hole. Good thing Reven Rosca of Prime provides extras with her furniture and there was a cup of tea for me to calm my nerves. Well there was actually more than just tea in mine as my nerves really needed calming.

Wicca Merlin of Wicca’s Wardrobe provides a collection of poses for when you need to look awesome as you pose in your special Christmas outfits.

 POE 6 Post 7 Blush, Elemental, NYU, Living Imagination, Sway's, Nexus Arts, Prime, Wicca's Wardrobe 3
Cinders Vale of Nexus Arts provides the art work with a sense of humour – always a good gift for the smart ass in your family, or yourself if you are the king in that arena. The Schmelf insists that wherever he is, he is king.  Even without a crown.  He wants me to learn how to bow properly.  My head should be lower than his.
I want him to get stuffed.
Oh wait, he already is ….
SKIN:  [BLUSH] Rae Skin for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Elemental Holly and Ruby Necklaces for POE 6
MASK:  NYU Half Face mask for POE 6
DRESS:  *Living Imagination* Spirit of Christmas for POE 6
BOOKCASE:  Sway’s Shelf [yin yang] for POE 6
ARTWORK: Nexus Arts for POE 6
TEXTURE:  PixelCat Textures – PoE6 Fabric for POE 6
CHAIRS: Prime for POE 6
POSES:  Wicca’s Wardrobe Poses for POE 6

POE6 – Mohna Lisa Couture, {{BSD Design studio}}, [ROCKBERRY], ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, *SoliDea FoliEs*

Mohna Lisa Couture – BSD Design Studio – Rockberry – Elemental – Solidea Folies – Zinner Shapes

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is a great event in the Second Life. The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talent designers, across a variety of communities, bringing them all together during this most festive season.
There are sponsors who have generously donated their advertising and there is no fees charged to any involved.  Started Dec 01 till Jan 06.
I will show many these wonderful works. Stay tunned!

Mohna Lisa Couture – POE6 #066 – Allure – Amazing mesh outfit.
O  conjunto de saia e micro top em mesh, super elegante, é o prêmio nº 066 da loja na POE6.

BSD Design Studio – POE6 #40 – It Girl Shinning Black In – Mesh sandal with hud.
A linda sandália em mesh que vem com hud para troca de cor de skin e unhas é o prêmio nº 40 da mesma Caçada.

Rockberry – POE6 #077- Bailey Skin – 4 skin tones – Always beautiful skins!
A bela skin vem em 4 tonalidades de skin é o prêmio nº 077 da POE6

Elemental – POE6 #110 – POE Holly 2 Necklace – 2 types.
O colar natalino vem em 2 tipos. Prêmio nº 110 da POE6.

Solidea Folies – Lil Snow Headpiece
A tiara com motivos de neve é prêmio da POE6.

 by Cristina Santos às 12/03/2013 02:42:00 AM

POE5 – CERO & Elemental Jewelry


Cero presents, as their hunt gift, this gorgeous dress. The dramatic combination of the black and white colors are accented with daisies coming from the right shoulder back to across the front bodice and there are even daisies for the hair! The sweeping black and white lace train completes the look, which you also can detach and just wear the dress without. You will draw attention for sure in this dress!

Elemental Jewelry presents to adorn your neck…Falling Snow Flake Earrings and Snow Necklace. This exquisite set will look gorgeous on all who wears it. Such a delicate look to the set..as light and as beautiful as a snowflake! The color combination just so ethereal looking….you will be very happy when you find this gift!