POE6 – Timelines Vintage, Lutricias Luxuries, Exquisite Jewellery, 1 Hundred, Dahlinks, KittyCatS!, Sterling Artistry, HPMD, Nailed It

POE6. Empezó el espectáculo II


Espectáculo de fantasía. Me acompañáis ha hacer algún recorrido mas?



Y es que tantas tiendas en el recorrido da para esto y mucho mas que espero iros mostrando… pufff

Yo lo intentaré, ya veremos como va mi Rl para hacerlo 🙂


Caza POE6:

Botines_ Timelines Vintage _#134

Skin_ Lutricias Luxuries _ #203

Collar, pendientes y pulseras mano dcha_ Exquisite Jewellery _ #152

Vestido_ 1 Hundred _ #090

Pulsera mano izda_ Dahlinks _ #070

Gatito volador_ KittyCatS! _ #09

Ojos_ Sterling Artistry _ #117

Troncos navideños_ HPMD _#140

Uñas_ Nailed It _ #130


POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, The Greenwood: Homes, Furnishing & Curiosities, Vendome, New York Couture, FuLo,Ooh-la-licious Skins,Orquidea,Hasi’s

POE5 or the Peace On Earth hunt is halfway over. Many of the gifts will never be offered again on the grid, so if you haven’t checked it out, then there’s still some time, but not a lot! Below are gifts I’ve picked up along the way. I must add that there are so many great gifts (for men and women alike) that there is no way to choose which to show either first nor last, but to just show what I can for now!

Whether it’s gowns, fur or sequins.. whatever you love the POE 5 hunt has something for you…



~Prize #002, Sascha’s Designs – gown w/flexi skirt

~Prize #064, The Greenwood: Homes, Furnishing & Curiosities, gift comes for full-sized avatars, petites, and tinies: Xmas bed, shroom, stump & poinsetta rug

~Necklace by Vendome, Prize #unknown


~Prize #129 – New York Couture, black dress

~Prize #184 – FuLo, earrings (also comes with necklace, not shown)

~Prize #122, Ooh-la-licious Skins, “cranberry panached” comes in 3 tones; Honey tone shown

Now for something more casual and ready to go out and about..

poe5 gifts post3.casualparty-001


~Prize #174, Orquidea, blue coat and leggings


~Prize #063, Hasi’s, Mesh Mini & Leggings – pink sequin

~Prize #139, Diamond Style, Misha skin

If you’re just joining this hunt, then make sure to begin at the starting point at Sequoia Style.

.<3tekila v.