POE5 – Baboom, Paisley Daisy,

“How come we play war and not peace?” ― Bill Watterson

I have put together these styling from Peace On Earth hunt gifts.  These are gorgeous and they are free!  Okay, to make things a teeny bit easier … they are between gift #075 to #100.  There are still about a hundred gifts to hunt and we have 3 more weeks until January 6th, 2013.  Hunt five a day and you will hit the finishing line!

I am wearing …
Peace On Earth hunt gifts: Top:  Baboom ~ Peace On Earth Top Pants:  Baboom ~ hose-guertel-3 Bangles:  Baboom ~ Bangles Bracelets Set

I am wearing….
Peace On Earth hunt gifts: Dress:  Paisley Daisy ~ Cavalli Inspired Winter Gown Tiara:  Paisley Daisy ~ Hair Tiara


POE5 – Sascha’s Designs, Dulce Secrets

Are you in the hunt yet?  It’s day 3.  If you want to get all the 200 hunt gifts in 37 days, you should hunt 5 items average daily.  Check the hunter’s guide here for hints.  Or take this SLurl to go to the starting point.
Here are two of my hunt gifts to begin with.  I will try to blog the hunt gifts in ascending order and hope that I can cover as much as I can so that we will move forward together, a few at a time.

I am wearing …. POE (Peace On Earth) Hunt Gifts at L$0 : Dress:  Sascha’s Designs  Skin:  Dulce Secrets ~ Glo.Sangria.

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