POE6 – Diamond Style, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 1

Cristal Triellis of Diamond Style has provide POE hunters this year with a lovely skin while Inga Wind has done what she does best – a beautiful Peace Angel outfit complete with the world in your hands and a dove for your shoulder.  I mean top that.

What did you get for Christmas?
The Whole World …. and a peace dove.  Stick that in your ear Mary Beth Anderson.

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 2
Love the jewellery by Kmbra McMillan of Beloved Jewelry.  It comes with options for a jewel or not.  Very versatile.Hey who is in charge of the whole elf assignment anyway?  I mean there has to be what, like a trillion of the little dudes?  How come I got Mr. RulesandRighteousness instead of a cool elf like Will Ferrell?  He would have been a fun elf.  He would have led me astray.  I wanna go to astray at some point in my life.  It is on my bucket list.  How come my dreams never come true?

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 3
You know they really stereotype birds.  Doves can be pretty vicious, especially if you question them on exactly how they plan on accomplishing all this peace the world attributes to them.  Like don’t get me wrong, white and fluttering wings can be pretty and soft and dreamy and shit but we kind of need like laser rays that can penetrate idiotic political brains at this point.  But kudos on your handling of the yappy elf although … it wasn’t very peaceful … there was a lot of screaming ….

SKIN:  *Diamond Style for POE 6
ANGEL OUTFIT:  Inga Wind *IW* Angel of Peace for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Beloved Jewelry : Noel Jewelry Set for POE 6


POE5 – DCNY, Diamond Style, AlaFolie

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt

December 1, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt brings together generous and creative designers with gifts of clothing for men & women, furniture & homes, toys, furnishings, accessories, and too much to list all.

Here is a look at some of the gifts being offered to you by generous designers.


From Diamond Style – Skin MISHA



DCNYWhite Fur Stole

For more information on the POE Hunt please visit the web site


POE5 – Diamond Style, Lustre Designs, Dahlinks, Tres Beau

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 2

Lots of people think outdoor areas are just for those warm countries like Australia where people gather around the barbeque, or the patio bar and celebrate Christmas with good friends.

Well I am here to tell you that the frozen Northland has its own rendition of outdoor areas complete with barbeques and patio bars where they also celebrate …

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 3

It’s just that we party with whoever is stupid enough to be out there with us and seldom do any of us make it back inside to tell about it.

POE5 - 9  Diamond Style, Dahlinks, Tres Beau, Lustre Designs 1

(and you wondered how they could get those “ice sculptures” so life-like ..)

SKIN:  POE5Diamond Style  JEWELLERY:  POE5 (Dahlinks) Holiday Peace Jewelry Set OUTFIT INCLUDES BOOTS:   POE5Tres Beau Designs

POE5 – Diamond Style, !Elemental, & Snowpaws

From Saturday 1st of December till the 6th of January here is again the fifth edition of the Peace on Earth hunt ( POE5) the traditional Christmas event taking place all over the grid . More than 2 hundred designers in this special occasion have created high quality exclusive gifts. Here you can see some of them and prepare for this fabulous grid wide hunt.

In fact I am wearing three of the gift that will be available in the hunt,  the Diamond Style skin called Misha , the jewel set called Falling Snowflake from !Elemental and this lovely dress called Serenity Ballet from Snowpaws.

Credits (POE5) !ELEMENTAL – Falling Snowflake (POE5) SNOWPAWS – Serenity ballet dress ( POE5)