POE5 – An Lema

An Lema has created the amazing Swanhaven Day Bed and matching table. The sofa has a menu drive animation hud inside and a nice menu selection of cuddling functions. I love the color combination of the Blue and Gold. It is beautifully crafted and have fun finding it on the hunt!

Time to sharpen up those sleuthing sklls! Amazng gifts to be had by all…have fun!


POE5 – [domus]


Domus has designed a very festive holiday themed table set.  The table has 6 chairs, 6 plates, cutlery, 6 Crystal Glasses,  a Poinsettia Candle Center Piece, and a Poinsettia themed cloth covered table.  You can have a very pretty dinner table to gather friends around for your holiday parties and just in case you need extra tables, chairs, etc., everythng  is copiable! This looks utterly fantastic  outside, in my gazebo….who said your dinner has to be indoors…lool

This and so many other wonderful gifts are available from the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt.

Happy Hunting

POE5 – CERO & Elemental Jewelry


Cero presents, as their hunt gift, this gorgeous dress. The dramatic combination of the black and white colors are accented with daisies coming from the right shoulder back to across the front bodice and there are even daisies for the hair! The sweeping black and white lace train completes the look, which you also can detach and just wear the dress without. You will draw attention for sure in this dress!

Elemental Jewelry presents to adorn your neck…Falling Snow Flake Earrings and Snow Necklace. This exquisite set will look gorgeous on all who wears it. Such a delicate look to the set..as light and as beautiful as a snowflake! The color combination just so ethereal looking….you will be very happy when you find this gift!

POE5 – Greenwood Homes, Furnishings & Curiosities and MOLiCHiNO

Greenwood Homes, Furnishings & and Curiosities, have generously provided 3 sizes of Christmas beds, Poinsette Rugs, shadows, and Red Mushroom lamps, that actually work just by clicking them on and off. The beds are so charmng…felt lke Goldie Locks, of the three bears fame, with three beds to sleep in…loool They have a sleep animation and you look so cute as you toss and turn in the bed.

Molichino has designed this sweater dress named Chrissy. Love the color red and it has a deer on the front. You can wear boots with this, leggings, layer it with a jacket, throw on a scarf..so many looks you can get using this sweater dress! i am using it as sleep wear for the picture and it fits perfectly!

POE5 – Glitterati by Sapphire


Glitterati by Sapphire is a heavenly looking dressed named Peace Angel. i had the honor to meet the designer and she was soo nice and looked just lovely in this dress. You will be an angel fallen from heaven in this ethereal looking dress. The dress can also be worn without the feather cape. Very pretty dress!



I am baaaacccck with more previews from the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. The hunt will take place from December 1st to January 6th. There are so many awesome gifts and want to cover as many as possible! The designers have been so generous with their time and efforts in the creations of the fabulous gifts that will be found on the hunt. With no further adieu….

Blush skins have made a very pretty skin exclusive to this hunt! I wore as little makeup as possible so that the true beauty of the skin will show. I only have on Blackliquid Glitter Green Eyeshadow, Blackliquid Just Gloss, and letluka lashes. There are 6 skins included and the one I am wearing is one of the pales. lool…I am a babe in this!!!

Sterling Artistry has designed a very pretty creation called Tranquil. The Solitude Estrade was created as personal retreat space, a notable landscape highlight, and could be used for a romantic interlude. For those planning a winter wedding, this would be fabulous to decorate and stand under to exchange vows. So many uses!!! Also, just beautiful alone on your land. Silver Trees not included.

Tres Beau Reindeer Sweater, Leggings, and Boots are so colorful and stylish that you will be a hit any place you wear them this winter season! The stripe leggings perfectly accents the sweater and those sexy matching boots, with the cute christmas ornaments on the sides is the topping on the ice cream!


Happy hunting!!!!