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The last day of the Peace On Earth Hunt and a lovely Room

POE ROOM 1_005

Poe House_003

T’was the month following Christmas, my true love said to me, undeck the halls, and put away the tree! The Peace On Earth Hunt has been amazing!!! Where has the time gone!!! Today is the last day of the hunt and there were over 200 gifts this year…such generosity! While I was out today, hunters were too, some asking if the gifts were still out where I was and of course they were! I wanted to do a final room with some of the POE6 furnishings to show how lovely they looked together. You do not have to limit yourself to having them out only at Christmas time! I was trying to tell a hunter this, and decided the best way was just to show! The POE designers are among the best in Second Life and made high quality gifts for us all to enjoy and most importantly, to use!

Poe House_004

Poe House_005

Poe House_006

Look how well the room flows together..it has such an lovely warm eclectic look!  If you have no money in Second Life for things, to make you feel at home, just look at the designs within this room. There is still some time left before the end of the day to locate these awesome gifts!

I wish to thank you, Sequoia, for caring enough to have this phenomenal annual hunt each year! You work so hard to bring this to the residents of Second Life and make it look effortlessly! You have no idea how many people you actually help, with the Peace On Earth Hunt! Some people come to Second Life who do not have much in real life, and because of you and the fabulous designers, who give generously of their creations and time, allow people to have dignity and a amazing sense of style, with the beautiful clothes, accessories, furniture, homes, home decor, and so many things that have been part of the Peace On Earth Hunts throughout the years that you and they so unselfishly give! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

This room contains furnishings and decor found on the POE6 HUNT…
eXplicite Designs POE6 BED / Cuddle menu
Holiday Peace Lily ~ Original Art by Special Jewell
..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Arm Chair [Plum]
[PP] Cottage Dining Table & Decor, rug by An Lema
[Park Place] “The River”
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace and Candles
Art Deco Xmas Glass Plate, Bowl, and Vase by Melu Deco
MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants
POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
Peace on Earth Lamp and Table by An Lema
*Dench Designs* POE Sofa
..::IDC::.. “Looking For Santa” Timekeeper Clock
LM Malaspina “Peace on Earth MMXIII” Rococo Cabinet
Christmas Chairs (Red) for PoE6 by PRIME
..::IDC::.. Vintage Holiday Radio and Table
Sway’s Shelf [yin] (with decoration)
Joyus Living POE6 Gift Mesh Harp
Peace on Earth Player Piano by True North Designs
This is as festive as I get Signs, by Nexus Arts
[WS] Wishing Window Christmas by Weekend Salvage

I used my LeeZu Singleroom Skybox and everything looks just like….home!

I wish you all, the best of healthy, to be safe and to prosper in this new year 2014!





POE6 – Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 1
I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the SocElfMonkey has abandoned his responsibilities and is now just living the good life .. at my expense.  I mean, unless the naughty and nice patrol involves a whole lot of being naughty yourself.  Now he has a girlfriend .. some other sock he picked up out of my dirty laundry and then got into my make-up.

He suggested a threesome.  Does that sound like any Christmas story you have heard about anywhere???

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 2
I passed out on the couch from Amanda Dench of Dench Designs.  She gave me Christmas contained in a living room which is a complete set with furniture and poses that give you nifty things like wine, Christmas tree and decorations, fireplace and snow falling outside the window.  You don’t even have to shovel it which is a good thing.  Right now I am up to my neck in shovelling monkey BS.
My dress from Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero was completely wasted on the Sock Elf fake monkey dude and his date.  They kept promising me they had a blind date for me but a sock without button eyes is not my idea of a good time.
POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 3
All I ended up doing all night was chaperoning. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of them they just stayed forever and ever no matter how many subtle hints I gave … finally I just threw them both in the washing machine, lit some candles, told them to think of it like a hot tub/white water rapids/tornado type of experience and went to bed.  I know that by the time I throw everything into the dryer and then go to sort my laundry at least one of them will be missing.
DRESS:  [VM] VERO MODERO / Earth Gown and Dress  for POE 6
SET:  Dench Designs  for POE 6

POE6 – Dench Designs

Blog post #138 *Dench Designs*

I adore Christmas. I love nothing more than putting on some Christmas music and decorating my home in the style of an old fashioned Christmas. But let’s be honest, deciding what and where to place each piece of decor, is time consuming. What if i told you that you could get a small room that is already decorated for Christmas? Don’t believe me? Take a look.

For more information about the Peace On Earth Hunt, please check out :  https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – K Collection, Bliensen + MaiTai, GlamDammit, Dench Designs

Two weeks until Christmas


It is two weeks until Christmas. What will you be doing right now? Baking? Wrapping present? Or finish up the living room decoration?

What I’m wearing…

Dress : K Collection – Busy Coat Dress  (Mesh) (from POE6

Earrings : Bliensen + MaiTai – Ison – Earring   (from POE6)
Brooch : GlamDammit Jewelry – Christmas Tree  (from POE6)

Furniture and picture set up : Dench Designs – POE Gift   (from POE6)


POE6 – Dench Designs, PRISM Designs, Fulo

Dench Designs – Prism – Fulo

click pic to see full image

Dench Designs – POE6 #015 – POE Christmas Set
A sala completa com árvore, estante, presentes e sofás são os prêmios da loja para a Caçada POE6.

Prism – Babe in Goldie – Gorgeous dress!
O lindo vestido em mesh é o prêmio da Caçada POE6.

Fulo –  POE6 #122 – Tangled set (necklace, earrings)
O conjunto de colar e brincos é o prêmio nº 122 da Caçada POE6.

POE6 – Dench Designs, Wish List, True North Designs, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

…but the fire is so delightful in this festive fireplace with bookshelves by Dench Designs.

#015 - Dench Designs - Holiday Fireplace and Christmas Tree, #200 The Wish List Shoppe Holiday Plaid Pajamas#015 – DENCH DESIGNS – HOLIDAY FIREPLACE AND CHRISTMAS TREE

Perfectly decorated for the holidays with a framed wintery scene, garland, wreaths, and stockings hanging from the mantle, this is a must have from the POE hunt. The complete set includes the fireplace with bookshelves, Christmas tree with gifts, rug, sofa, chair, and a side table decorated with a candle and festive greeting card.

Special Jewell's Fine Art #148 Holiday Peace Lily  #015 - Dench Designs Sofa, chair, and side table#148 SPECIAL JEWELL’S FINE ART HOLIDAY PEACE LILY

Again, I pulled from various designers to show how well the items work together in your home decor.  Special Jewell’s Fine Art has gifted us with this beautiful Peace Lily artwork.  I couldn’t resist getting into these comfy plaid pajamas offered by The Wish List Shoppe and settling in for a good read.

Peace on Earth Player Piano - True North Designs #194#194 TRUE NORTH DESIGNS – PEACE ON EARTH PLAYER PIANO

And finally, a family gathering room wouldn’t be complete without some music. This cute player piano offered by True North Designs is perfect for your holiday entertaining with animations in the bench and several holiday tunes to “play” for friends and loved ones.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoying the Peace On Earth hunt.  A special thank you to the designers for their generosity.  You all rock socks.

❤ Saz

POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, +:+WTG+:+, Amacci, Shattered, PurpleMoon Creations, Dench Designs

The Post With No Name…

Sorry was stuck for a title, I figure that would work for today.  I have a few more items from the Peace On Earth Hunt that I wanted to show you.  I wish I could say that I am all done the hunt and will be doing nothing but going through the items, unpacking boxes, trying stuff on or out depending on what the item is, but I will be going right back out there the find more globes after this post.  So let’s just get to it, shall we?  : )

First off, let me say this, “I am freezing my butt off.”  But it so worth it with this outfit.  Stop by ::MASH:: Fashion and find the globe to get this lovely Paige long skirt and top.  The wonderful necklace, bracelet and earrings are a POE gift from CHOP ZUEY.  The turquiose stones of the Lazy Mist set are absolutely stunning.  [BLUSH] Skins gives us Rae in their globe.  Rae comes in 4 different tones with natural cleavage or enhanced cleavage.

Isn’t Caroline breath taking?  This wonderful mesh dress is the POE gift from Leri Miles Designs.

Make sure you stop by * Debutante * and find the globe there to own the gorgeous Grecian in gold.  Plus you also get this formal dress in silver.

Now who hasn’t ever wanted to walk among the stars?  This stunning, gorgeous Starlight Glitter mesh dress is the POE gift from Romance Couture will give you that ability.  You are surrounded by stars on your waist and again around you head.  Every girl will make an amazing entrance to the dance floor in this dress.

That’s it for me for tonight.  I am going to go and hunt down more globes and be back tomorrow at some point to show you more.  Until then, take it easy.

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POE6 – Dench Designs

Dench Design’s “After Christmas Dinner” Peace On Earth Hunt Gift




The Peace On Earth Hunt has started!!!! The Hunt will run until January 6th. Oh gosh, there are so many hunters out today with over 200 gifts this year, this will be the best year yet!!! One of the very talented POE Designers, Amanda Dench, has delved into her personal memories to share a traditional Christmas gift with you for you to create your own fond memories here in Second Life. She has very cleverly made a inviting and cheery Living room, named “After Christmas Dinner“,  that you can easily insert into another dwelling, use it as it is, or however you wish! This room invites you to come in and sit awhile and is meant to be enjoyed with someone you like/love for conversation, catching up, or just making new memories! Even by yourself you will get much enjoyment from this cozy room. What I also like is that you can use this room after the holidays. Just remove the tree! Look, it is even snowing outside the windows! I just love the red walls! The couch and chair have fantastic sitting menus and just look so darn inviting beckoning you to come and have a seat! The menu also give you items for enjoyment, like a glass of wine, a book, and even chocolates! If you happen to fall asleep in the chair, laughing, your snoring can be heard quite loudly.



When you first rezz the *Dench Designs* POE gift’, it will be linked temporarily, after you have rezzed it you can move all the pieces separately. What an awesome gift!!!

Thank you Amanda for this very welcoming and colorful living room scene!

Happy Hunting!



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My POE6 Home…A Picture Essay


I wanted to show you a completely POE6 Home! All of the furnishings and clothing and outdoor items can be found at POE 6. You will find a complete list of everything I used below:

*Dench Designs* POE Gift
True North Designs Peace on Earth Player Piano
*K* Snowflake Tree – POE6 gift from Kismet
LM Malaspina POE6 Gift – Rococo Cabinet
LUXus gift POE6 Train Set
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
-Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack
IDC”Vintage Holiday” Home Decor Clock, Side Table and Old Time Radio
~Dreamfall ~ FS: POE6 Gift – Christmas Recipe Book
Piddler’s Perch Home & Garden Cottage Dinette for Two
-JoHaDeZ- Classic Table “Peace”
*Holiday* Console Table – Dreamscapes Art Gallery
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Accessories
Special Jewell Holiday Peace Lily  ~ Original Art
+:+WTG+:+ **Holy Gold** set
~ghee~ POE 6 Satin Burnout Set
SHF Believe Bench for POE
LivGlam K Collection Busy Coat Dress SP
*FT* Angel of Peace Sanctum
HPMD* Decorated Stump
Cat & Dragon Candle & Wreath















POE5 – Dench Designs, Fantasy China, Kismet, & Stonewood Interiors

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There are a lot of super amazing home gifts you can get as well in the 5th annual POE hunt. Here I bring you pictures of the cute gifts you can get from Dench Designs, Fantasy China, Kismet and Stonewood Interiors :) 

The cute furniture is from Dench Designs and the adorable Dove mesh Sculpture is from Fantasy China Ali’s Textures and Sculptures.

The adorable fountains are from Kismet and the cute snow people island is from Stonewood Interiors :)  So much fun! Thanks for reading