POE5 – [CIRCA],DCNY,TST,U&R DOGS,FATAL Eclectic Fashions

So did some more POEs……i love love love all the beautiful clothes, roomsettings, poses and more this hunt offers. So this time i played around with a perfect glam party look for the after Xmas partys or even a great look for New Years, for me the perfect winter party or New Year look,is all about the Glam and Glitter…. And the DCNY_POE Sparkle Dress is perfect for just that,you get the dress in 4 awesome colors i picked the purple for this post is i love the color purple hehe…… The Fur stoles adds just the pop you need to be the queen of the party,and to make a lasting impression i put on heavy metallic make up that matches the color of the dress.

Skajjs Xmas look is the awesome mens outfit from FATAL Men’s POE gift ….is the season to be woolly and i really love the novelty xmas sweathers for men and women is just cozy and nice looking.

Wearing :

Dress – DCNY_POE Sparkle Dresses & Fur Stoles  
Earrings – TST  Peace on Earth HUNT GIFT

Ring – :+*R*+: Gerda Ring (POE) U&R DOGS

Skajj Wearing
Outfit – FATAL Eclectic Fashions Mens gift  (POE)
Room is made out of [CIRCA] – “Boho Winter” set for the POE hunt


POE5 – DCNY, Diamond Style, AlaFolie

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt

December 1, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt brings together generous and creative designers with gifts of clothing for men & women, furniture & homes, toys, furnishings, accessories, and too much to list all.

Here is a look at some of the gifts being offered to you by generous designers.


From Diamond Style – Skin MISHA



DCNYWhite Fur Stole

For more information on the POE Hunt please visit the web site


POE5 – RNB, Amacci, DCNY, Beloved Jewelry

*RnB* Christmas Library Bench comes with  20 Animations and wall decor.

RNB Designs Xmas Library Bench_001

Mohna Lisa Couture love is Dotty dress Beloved Jewelry Chantelle Gold.  Earrings and Necklace, gift also has silver version of the jewels DCNY_White Fur Stole_Cranberry Ribbon Amacci Skin – Oleana (Pale) – Peace

RNB Designs Xmas Library Bench_002


POE5 – Ear Candy, DCNY

POE5 11 Ear Candy, DCNY 2

You will note that there are no men, no children, and no mother-in-law wagging her finger at you in this picture. That is because this is a fantasy picture.
It is make believe.
Just like Santa and “let’s have a quiet sensible Christmas this year.”
Don’t do it. DO NOT take your eyes off the computer and glance over at your tree. You know it is either:
a) still in the box next to the broken ornaments your husband said he carefully packed away for you last year … OR b) standing there missing 3 branches and looking like someone vomitted tinsel and cheap ornaments all over it .
You looked anyway didn’t you?
You need to put all the pretty magazines away, turn off those Christmas shows and tell the Avon lady to shove it. People will tell you there will be lots of time for beautiful perfect trees when you are older and your husband has progressed in his schooling of how to obey the wifey and not try to be creative on his own without supervision. They will tell you once your children are older it will all be better. Well I am here to tell you the truth.
When you are older you will be too tired to spend hours making pretty crafts and putting up a tree.   Your husband gets worse not better and your kids get older and they move away and you will cry about it.
I know … it may seem inconceivable right now while they are out on Christmas holidays, have decked the house with bowls of cheerios, have managed to shove cookie dough up the neighbour kids nose, and are re-enacting the little drummer boy with all your pots and pans …

*Editors note*… Yay Second Life !!! Merry Christmas!

POE5  11 Ear Candy, DCNY 3

OUTFIT:   DCNY   POE Sparkle Dresses & Fur Stoles


This is the fifth year for the annual Peace On Earth Hunt, put on by Sequoia Nightfire.  This is a huge event on Second Life that began on December 1, 2012 and runs until January 6, 2013.  The hunt features some well known designers along with some up and coming designers – 200 designers altogether.  Gifts range from clothing for men and women, furniture and homes, toys, hair, accessories, and many more.

DCNY “Sparkle Dress” for POE2012

In this blog, I featured DCNY “Sparkle Dress”, which comes in cranberry, evergreen, celebration, and gift wrap color.  For more information on a hunt guide or if you are interested in becoming a blogger or having your designs in the event, click here: https://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/